Skill of The Month is a competition run by the RSBandB Events Crew. A new skill is chosen one week before the month ends. Users then sign up with their forum account. On the first of the new month everyone who signed up has their experience gathered and the competition begins!

You may signup for the May 2018 SKOTM. Upon signing up you will receive a confirmation email to the email address that you have signed up with on the RSBandB forums. You are only permitted to sign up once. Please be sure you enter the correct Runescape Display Name as once you sign up it can not be changed. Once you sign up if you change your Runescape display name your experience will not be gathered.

The skill for May 2019 is .

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Total Cooking XP gathered by all competitors for the month of November 2018: 168,035,160 xp.

This competition has ended. Congratulations to tanishalfelf. Here is your trophy:

tanishalfelf November 2018

Top 20 Competitors, Total Experience (November 2018, Cooking)

RankNameStart XPXP GainedAvg. XP
4Sunset Fish22,948,6866,654,695221,823
61 Stone Pwn15,408,931723,09724,103

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