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RuneScape   Old-School RS   Fresh Start

LevelLvlNameExperienceXpNumberEquipment NeededLocationMembers
1Crimson Swift34Bird SnareFeldip Hunter AreaYes
1Polar Kebbit30Noose WandTrollweiss Hunter AreaYes
3Common Kebbit36Noose WandPiscatoris Hunter AreaYes
5Goldern Warbler47.5Bird SnareUzer Hunter AreaYes
7Feldip weasel48Noose WandFeldip Hunter AreaYes
9Copper Longtail61Bird SnarePiscatoris Hunter AreaYes
11Cerulean Twitch64.5Bird SnareTrollweiss Hunter AreaYes
13Desert Devil66Noose WandUzer Hunter AreaYes
15Ruby Harvest24Butterfly Net + JarPiscatoris Hunter areaYes
19Tropical Wagtail95.5Bird SnareFeldip Hunter AreaYes
23Wild Kebbit128Knife and LogPiscatoris Hunter AreaYes
25Sapphire Glacialis34Butterfly Net + JarTrollweiss Hunter AreaYes
29Swamp Lizard152Net TrapSwamp Lizard Area in MorytaniaYes
31Spined Larupia180Knife, Log, and Teasing StickFeldip Hunter AreaYes
33Barbtailed Kebbit168Knife and LogFeldip Hunter AreaYes
35Snowy Knight 44Butterfly Net + JarTrollweiss Hunter AreaYes
37Prickly Kebbit204Knife and LogPiscatoris Hunter AreaYes
39Wimpy Bird167Bird SnareOo'glogYes
41Horned Graahk240Knife, Log, and Teasing StickKaramja (near Cairn Isle)Yes
43Spotted Kebbit104500gp to use FalconFalconry AreaYes
44Diseased Kebbit225DeadfallOo'glogYes
45Black warlock54Butterfly Net + JarFeldip Hunter AreaYes
45Penguin250Noose WandPenguin Hunter AreaYes
47Orange salamander224Net TrapUzer Hunter AreaYes
48Platypus205Box TrapOo'glogYes
49Razorbacked Kebbit348Noose WandPiscatoris Hunter areaYes
50Penguin250Butterfly NetPenguin Hunter AreaYes
51Sabre-Toothed Kebbit200Knife and LogTrollweiss Hunter AreaYes
51Penguin210Knife and LogPenguin Hunter AreaYes
53Chinchompa198.5Box TrapPiscatoris Hunter areaYes
55Sabre-Toothed Kyatt300Knife, Log, and Teasing StickTrollweiss Hunter AreaYes
56Penguin156Box TrapPenguin Hunter AreaYes
57Dark Kebbit132500gp to use FalconFalconry AreaYes
59Red salamander272Net TrapRed Salamander Area, south-west of ArdougneYes
63Red Chinchompa265Box TrapFeldip Hunter AreaYes
66Pawya400Box TrapIsafdarYes
67Black Salamander304Net TrapBlack Salamander Area, level 20 WildernessYes
69Dashing Kebbit156500gp to use FalconFalconry AreaYes
71Imp450Magical Imp BoxWorldwideYes
77Grenwall1100Box TrapIsafdarYes