RSBANDBUpdate! 688 - Skillers Win

posted by Shane on 14 September 2018 at 16:54 | Discuss on our Forums

We run through the changes to the Player Owned Farm and it can now become a huge supplemental to Farming XP. Also skillers win in the Mining and Smithing showcase with reworked drop tables and tier 90 and 92 smithable power armour!

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
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Alex's Analysis - Relying on Rares

posted by Alex 43 on 14 September 2018 at 01:27 | Discuss on our Forums

Player-Owned Farms is here. Yay.

I remember the hype for Player-Owned Houses. It was an anticipated update since Runescape Classic, where a fenced off plot of land taunted us with the potential for years until they were finally removed, which made us think it was impossible. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, boom. Construction skill, player-owned houses that you could customize. It was a mind-blow, and more or less the reason I hold construction as one of my more favorite skills.

Then Player-Owned Ports came out, and now Player-Owned Farms is out, by popular demand. And with it...


Now, I'm a casual gamer. I don't care about having the best armor or weapons in-game. I don't care about being filthy rich or having all the rares. I don't care about getting 400mil exp on every stat (you just have to believe).

I just care about the game's story. The quest series. The lore. I care about trying the new things the game has to offer. I care about having fun and funny and funniness.

And I care about dragons. I like dragons. I want them in my farm making more dragons.

Even if it can be a little suggestive sometimes...

How do I get dragons? Do I follow a skill tree? Do I start with rabbits and somehow cross breed them to the point they spawn dragons? Do I need to do a quest or have a certain skill?

I gotta buy them for a bazillion coins- NOPE! No thanks. Not caring about in-game wealth usually involves me being super poor. Trading is out of the question.

So how do I really get them? Granny tells me I get them by fighting dragons.

They are a rare drop.


... [Insert your favorite expletive here]!

OK, it could have been worse. It could have been one drop every 1000 Queen Black Dragon kills with a fly swatter. But no, I fight dragons and get a dragon egg after about four hard clue scroll drops. Not that bad.

But having to rely entirely on a rare drop just so I can have something that I want is just the worst. Seriously.

And here's why.

First, it's not fun. Once again, I'm a casual gamer. I don't devote days and weeks at a time into a game. I just play whenever the time is available, and do whatever appeals to me in that moment. Sometimes I learn how to raid, and sometimes I take a fellow clan-mate up on a group activity. Do it for the experience, you know.

So, when I have to go for a rare drop, I'm doing something monotonous. Something I don't find as appealing as most other things I'm doing. And I have to keep on doing it over and over just to get the thing I want. More than likely, it's something that allows me to do something fun. Like grinding for Magister keys just so you can fight the boss.

Second, there is little to no skill involved. It is entirely luck based. Meaning that once you do get the rare drop,there is no true feeling of accomplishment. You have not bettered yourself in any way. All you have done is waste time, and perhaps by some miracle, you have wasted slightly less time than somebody else doing the same thing. Whoop-dee-do.

Third, it's stressful. As each rare-less drop happens and supplies run low, hope begins to diminish as well. Frustration occurs and impatience sets in. One wonders if the universe has forsaken them or they are caught up in some kind of karmic retribution. Not a pleasant experience.

Fourth, once you finally do get it after a long haul, there is no real joy. There is merely the relief that you don't have to do it anymore. But this doesn't even apply here to getting dragon eggs.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it's not about just getting one? You have to get at least two. And I say "at least", because if they're not opposite genders, you have to get another one. And dragons can take days to breed, so in order to maximize the potential profit, you need to collect even more.

Fifth and finally, I'm not being forced into it. I actually have to will myself to do this. I want dragon eggs because I think dragons are cool and I should have more. I'm the one subjecting myself to the torment of having to fight blue dragons over and over until my minuscule amount of good lifetime karma finally throws me a bone. And I cannot blame the game for anything because it's simply a mechanic, and there is the option of saving up and taking the effort to purchase a dragon egg from a player who is more ambitious than me. Which, at this point, really isn't worth it.

Luck is not my most favorite way to achieve something in a game. However, not everything can be solved with skill. Otherwise newer, greener players wouldn't nearly get as much leeway as those who put in whole years to perfecting the art. Sometimes, with a little bit of luck, a newer, less experienced player can also reap benefits to make any master of the game jealous. Jealous enough to keep trying themselves. It's all a part of the experience. One of the many diversities that make Runescape fun to play as a whole. One just needs to balance out the good and the bad.

And I got my dragons. It didn't take too long, and I made a lot of profit from the dragonhides after using porters. I'm content.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

The Player Owned Farm arrives, we get you started and we run the rabbits through their paces in optimization, both in beans and experience. Plus, why the farm has a chance to become a true supplemental to Farming. And a recap of Double XP weekend!

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Hosts: Shane and Tanis
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And on that farm we had a...

posted by Shane on 7 September 2018 at 11:00 | Discuss on our Forums

The Player Owned Farm is set to become RuneScape’s headlining update for September 2018. Farming was released in July 2005, I remember that day, as well as the mystery of the new skill. Over time skill releases and updates have become less mysterious to suit the growing and evolving player base. The Player Owned Farm brings back that feeling of mystery and intrigue to what is RuneScape’s most unique skill.

Since 2005 Farming has consisted of tying together wood and fruit tree runs with the occasional calquat or spirit tree thrown in. Supplemental experience could be earned from watermelons. Later on the combat types found Warbands, running into the wilderness to retrieve totems of Farming experience. The unique aspect of the Farming skill is that for the most part the player puts the seed or sapling in the ground, goes away, and then comes back later for more experience. This is Farming and this is what made it truly unique content for skilling in RuneScape.

The Player Owned Farm proudly continues this tradition and owns it. Upon starting with the Player Owned Farm, the player will start with a pair of rabbits.

These rabbits form the basis of the tutorial that teaches the player about traits, when to sell, and how to breed animals. Each animal can have up to three traits that affect a variety of characteristics. The RuneScape Wiki has an exhaustive trait list as well as lists for selling and breeding. Animals can also be sold to roving merchants who will appear looking for the animals you have. Sell at adolescent phase for the best bean rate. A male and accompanying female can be plopped into the breeding pen and later you’ll have a new baby animal of your chosen species.


The Player Owned Farm brings the original mystique of Farming back by raising the questions of: what is optimal, what is best for me, and do I go slow or fast? When Farming was first released we had no idea how long trees would take to grow, we had no idea this week how long or how much XP dragons would give. If I choose I can optimize my farm for bean output or I can optimize for experience or I can optimize for produce given (i.e. dragon hides, fungi, etc,) or I can optimize my breeding to try to achieve shiny animals or elusive traits. The trend here that wasn’t known on day one is that the Player Owned Farm plays exactly how the player wants to, but they need to make that decision.

Animals can have traits that optimize the amount they’re sold for (Fortunate & Lucky). They can also have traits that optimize the amount of produce given (Producer). Animals can also have traits that increase the amount XP given when harvested (Giver). This means that if you’re going for the Master Farmer title you’ll likely want to breed a lineage of dragons, zygomites, and chinchompas that have some combination of Fortunate and Lucky. This will take time but at the end of the day it comes down to choosing your own optimization path. You may also choose to split your path by focusing half on experience and half on beans. Currently we only have one breeding pen but this may change soon and if it does, we could be in a potential situation where multiple dragon offspring are bred per day. If this were to happen and continue daily, a player would be in a situation where they’re netting at least 300,000 experience from the Player Owned Farm. This also has interesting ramifications for bean gathering as the singular title costs 250,000 beans. At the end of the day optimization will factor into how the Player Owned Farm plays out and it’s entirely up to the player what that path will involve.

The Player Owned Farm was criticized in the first couple of days because it wasn’t immediately clear what was best. With Deep Sea Fishing you would go to Sailfish for the most gp per hour earned or fish frenzy for the best experience rates. There was also concern that the illusive Completionist cape was locked behind several music unlocks. The music tracks are unlockable with the seasonaliser wheel purchasable for 5,000 beans. Most of the early rush was to net the necessary beans to unlock the seasonaliser and this turned the Player Owned Farm into a combat update. Black Dragons were hovering at roughly 40 million gp earned per hour. Araxxor spiked to about 100 million gp per hour. Why? Combat creatures drop eggs. Eggs are of course necessary for most creatures: chinchompas, spiders, yaks, and dragons. While this made obtaining creatures like dragons and spiders cost prohibitive for most, it had a net positive of shining the light on the Farming skill across all RuneScape player types.

We’ve talked numerous times on the podcast about the 2018 success story that Jagex has been writing (for the most part). This has of course centred mainly around clue scrolls, Deep Sea Fishing, Safecracking, and Elite Dungeons but now we can add the Player Owned Farm to this list. All of these updates have provided a solid foundation with many choices for players. The Player Owned Farm continues this as it maintains the core of the Farming skill but modernizes it, brings all players in (yes, even if it was due to the completionist cape and expensive PvM drops), provides new training methods and rewards, and tops it off with a choice cherry on top.

Overall this update has increased my engagement with the Farming skill, a skill I interact with daily, and has ignited the spark that got me going on Farming back in 2005. We’ll have full analysis of XP, bean, and animal optimization on this weeks RSBANDBUpdate! which you can find here. And on that farm we had an update that sparks passion no matter the season.

[Informer] Dragon Our Way Out of August

posted by King Kulla on 3 September 2018 at 02:04

Hello RsBandB community! Hopefully everyone's summer has been awesome, as somehow we're now already heading into fall! We had a busy August over at Informer, so let's head right on in. Cireon started us off this month with Dungeons & Dragons, peering into the world of the godfather of tabletop RPGs, and the fascinating nuances that goes along with everyone's favourite geeky game: DnD. David kept the dragon theme going, and wrote about the new elite dungeon release, the Dragonkin Laboratory, and about how Dragons are Always Worth the Wait. It's true! Alex then bid farewell to Runescape Classic in a touching eulogy complete with pictures! Jagex recently shut down the last Runescape Classic servers, ending a chapter in the life of an early King Kulla's Runescape career. Finally, Tanis ended off the month with a look forward into Gaming's Fall Lineup, with a rundown of his most anticipated games to be released later this year, including the newest Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, and more!

In Skill of the Month news, the August Construction SkotM was won by Sorensen57, who was able to construct a win by amassing over 40M xp! In second place was Pyrnassius with 22M xp. Congratulations to Sorensen, here is your pixel based trophy of excellence!


Well that's all for us at RsBandB, we'll see you next month with another exciting episode of the Monthly Roundup!

Until we meet again,

King Kulla