Access RuneWire

You can display your latest RuneWire postings on a web forum by using a signature or badge. Signatures and badges include customization options such as the choice to display replies, display a certain post type, or limit posts to a specific hash tag. To get started please use the form below.


Advanced Access

You can also retrieve your latest posts by using JSON or XML. If you are wanting to read RuneWire in a RSS reader simply navigate to the page you want to subscribe to and your reader should automatically fetch the feed. If you're wanting to get more creative with your data, read on.

As you hopefully know you can use the JSON or XML data to create your own representation of RuneWire for your website. We make no guarantee that the structure of the JSON objects or XML files will not change. No warranty is provided. No write access is provided nor will it be provided in the future.

Please use the following URL format:[format]/[username]/[type]/[replies]/[count]/[tag]

  • format - json or rss, required.
  • username - if blank the public timeline will be retrieved.
  • type - one of the post types, all, text, images, videos, or replies.
  • replies - on or off to display your replies in stream.
  • count - number of posts to retrieve, between 1 and 20.
  • tag - optional hashtag to include, do not include #.
An example url: