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RuneScape   Old-School RS   Fresh Start

LevelLvlSpellMax Damage of Spell
1Enchant Vial (Legends Quest)No DamageYes
1Wind Strike2No
4Enchant Opal tipped Bronze BoltsNo DamageYes
5Water Strike4No
3ConfuseNo DamageNo
9Earth Strike6No
27Enchant Sapphire Mithril Tipped BoltsNo DamageYes
7Enchant Level 1 JewelryNo DamageNo
7Enchant Jade tipped Blurite BoltsNo DamageYes
13Fire Strike8No
11WeakenNo DamageNo
17Wind Bolt9No
15Bones to BananasNo DamageNo
66Cure PlantNo DamageYes
65Bake PieNo DamageYes
23Water Bolt10No
19CurseNo DamageNo
14Enchant Pearl Tipped Iron BoltsNo DamageYes
67NPC ContactNo DamageYes
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LevelSpellMax Damage of SpellExperienceNumberMembers
29Earth Bolt11No
21Low Level AlchemyNo DamageNo
39Crumble Undead15No
24Enchant Red Topaz Steel Tipped BoltsNo DamageYes
35Fire Bolt12No
25Varrock TeleportNo DamageNo
29Enchant Emerald Mithril Tipped BoltsNo DamageYes
27Enchant Level 2 JewelryNo DamageNo
41Wind Blast13No
77Superglass MakeNo DamageYes
31Lumbridge TeleportNo DamageNo
47Water Blast14No
33Telekinetic grabNo DamageNo
32Bounty LocateNo DamageNo
50Smoke Rush15Yes
71Cure MeNo DamageYes
53Earth Blast15No
52Shadow Rush16Yes
37Falador TeleportNo DamageNo
68Cure OtherNo DamageYes
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LevelSpellMax Damage of SpellExperienceNumberMembers
81Stat Restore Pot ShareNo DamageYes
56Blood Rush17Yes
69Moonclan TeleportNo DamageYes
59Fire Blast16No
82Magic ImbueNo DamageYes
70Tele Group MoonclanNo DamageYes
72Waterbirth TeleportNo DamageYes
58Ice Rush18Yes
50Magic Dart19Yes
75BarbarianTeleportNo DamageYes
73Tele Group WaterbirthNo DamageYes
62Wind Wave17Yes
43Superheat ItemNo DamageNo
78Khazard TeleportNo DamageYes
61Miasmic Rush18Yes
62Smoke Burst19Yes
75Tele Group BarbarianNo DamageYes
45Camelot TeleportNo DamageYes
65Water Wave18Yes
79Tele Group KhazardNo DamageYes
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LevelSpellMax Damage of SpellExperienceNumberMembers
64Shadow Burst20Yes
74Cure GroupNo DamageYes
49Enchant Ruby Adamantite Tipped BoltsNo DamageYes
49Enchant Level 3 JewelryNo DamageNo
70Earth Wave19Yes
68Blood Burst21Yes
83Fertile SoilNo DamageYes
66Monster ExamineNo DamageYes
51Ardougne TeleportNo DamageYes
84Boost Potion ShareNo DamageYes
70Ice Burst22Yes
75Fire Wave20Yes
54Paddewwa Teleport (Edgeville Dungeon)No DamageYes
60Claws of Guthix30Yes
85Fishing Guild teleportNo DamageYes
60Sardomin Strike30Yes
60Flames of Zamorak30Yes
55High Level AlchemyNo DamageNo
74Smoke Blitz23Yes
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LevelSpellMax Damage of SpellExperienceNumberMembers
68HumidifyNo DamageYes
73Miasmic Burst24Yes
56Charge Water OrbNo DamageYes
57Enchant Level 4 JewelryNo DamageNo
76Shadow Blitz24Yes
57Enchant Diamond Adamantite Tipped BoltsNo DamageYes
50Iban Blast25Yes
58Watchtower TeleportNo DamageYes
91Energy TransferNo DamageYes
61Trollheim TeleportNo DamageYes
71Ourania TeleportNo DamageYes
60Senntisten Teleport (Digsite)No DamageYes
60Charge Earth OrbNo DamageYes
71Hunter KitNo DamageYes
86Tele group Fishing GuildNo DamageYes
80Blood Blitz25Yes
82Ice Blitz26Yes
63Charge Fire OrbNo DamageYes
93Vengeance OtherNo DamageYes
64Ape Atoll TeleportNo DamageYes
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LevelSpellMax Damage of SpellExperienceNumberMembers
94VengeanceNo DamageYes
86Smoke Barrage27Yes
66VulnerabilityNo DamageYes
85Miasmic Blitz28Yes
66Kharyrll Teleport (Canifis)No DamageYes
75Stat SpyNo DamageYes
66Charge Air OrbNo DamageYes
88Shadow Barrage28Yes
68Enchant Level 5 JewelryNo DamageYes
87Catherby TeleportNo DamageYes
68Enchant Dragonstone Rune Tipped BoltsNo DamageYes
85Teleport BlockNo DamageNo
92Blood Barrage29Yes
88Tele Group CatherbyNo DamageYes
94Ice Barrage30Yes
72Lassar Teleport (Ice Mountain)No DamageYes
79DreamNo DamageYes
73EnfeebleNo DamageYes
80String JewellryNo DamageYes
74Lumbridge TeleotherNo DamageYes
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LevelSpellMax Damage of SpellExperienceNumberMembers
97Miasmic Barrage32Yes
92Heal OtherNo DamageYes
78Dareeyak Teleport (Lvl 22 Wild, West Ruins)No DamageYes
86Plank MakeNo DamageYes
80StunNo DamageYes
82Falador TeleotherNo DamageYes
84Carrallangar Teleport (Lvl 19 Wild, Graveyard)No DamageYes
89Ice Plateau TeleportNo DamageYes
81Wind Surge22Yes
87Enchant Lvl 6 JewelryNo DamageYes
87Enchant Onyx Tipped Rune BoltsNo DamageYes
90Tele Group Ice PlateauNo DamageYes
90Camelot TeleotherNo DamageYes
90Annakarl Teleport (Lvl 47 Wild, Demonic Ruins)No DamageYes
85Water Surge24Yes
96Ghorrok Teleport (Lvl 45 Wild, Ice Plateau)No DamageYes
90Earth Surge26Yes
95Fire Surge28Yes
95Heal GroupNo DamageYes
96Spellbook SwapNo DamageYes
80ChargeNo DamageYes

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