Experience required at Desired Lvl:
Experience Needed:

Your Herblore Experience:
RuneScape Name:
RuneScape   Old-School RS   Fresh Start

99Supreme Overload Salve700Yes
79Grand Defence Potion146.3Yes
77Grand Magic Potion155.7Yes
76Grand Ranging Potion144.4Yes
75Grand Strength Potion123.8Yes
94Prayer Renewal190Yes
93Super Guthix Rest59Yes
93Super Zamorak Brew180Yes
93Super Saradomin brew180Yes
94Super Prayer270Yes
92Extreme Ranging260Yes
91Extreme Magic250Yes
90Extreme Defence240Yes
89Extreme Strength230Yes
88Extreme Attack220Yes
85Super Antifire210Yes
84Recover Special200Yes
78Grand Attack Potion93.8Yes
81Super Melee Potion281.3Yes
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85Super Warmaster's Potion500Yes
99Perfect Plus Potion1000Yes
98Supreme Overload Potion600Yes
97Searing Overload Potion350Yes
97Overload Salve500Yes
97Holy Overload Potion350Yes
96Super Prayer Renewal Potion208.2Yes
94Brightfire Potion300Yes
93Supreme Strength Potion266.3Yes
93Supreme Ranging Potion217.5Yes
93Supreme Magic Potion316.9Yes
93Supreme Defence Potion292.5Yes
93Supreme Attack Potion240Yes
93Extreme Warmater's Potion500Yes
91Extreme Sharpshooter's Potion367.5Yes
91Extreme Battlemage's Potion367.5Yes
89Wyrmfire Potion275.7Yes
87Replenishment Potion256.9Yes
30Identify Toadflax8Yes
59Identify Snapdragon11.8Yes
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36Combat Potion84Yes
45Super Attack Potion100Yes
38Restore Prayer Potion87.5Yes
30Defence Potion75Yes
22Stats Restore Potion63Yes
12Strength Potion50Yes
5Anti-Poison Potion37.5Yes
3Attack Potion25Yes
75Identify Torstol15Yes
70Identify Dwarf Weed13.75Yes
65Identify Cadantine12.5Yes
54Identify Kwuarm11.25Yes
48Identify Avantoe10Yes
40Identify Irit Leaf9Yes
25Identify Ranarr Weed8Yes
20Identify Harralander6Yes
11Identify Tarromin5Yes
5Identify Marrentill3.75Yes
48Super Anti Poison Potion106Yes
50Fishing Potion113Yes
55Super Strength Potion125Yes
53Hunter Potion120Yes
57Magic Essence Potion130Yes
81Saradomin Brew180Yes
35Weed Herbs - On Miscellania0.1Yes
8Relicyms Balm40Yes
67Identify Lantadyme13Yes
15Serum 20750Yes
52Super Energy Potion117.5Yes
76Magic Potion172.5Yes
26Energy Potion67.5Yes
63Super Restore Potion142Yes
34Agility Potion80Yes
78Zamarok Potion175Yes
72Ranging Potion162.5Yes
69Anti-Fire Breath Potion158Yes
66Super Defence Potion150Yes
60Weapon Poison Potion137.5Yes
3Identify Guam Leaf2.5Yes