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Your Farming Experience:
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RuneScape   Old-School RS   Fresh Start

27Check-Health Apple Tree1199.5Yes
33Check-Health Banana Tree1750.5Yes
77Check-Health Barberry Bush1600Yes
55Check-Health Cactus374Yes
22Check-Health Cadavberry Bush103Yes
72Check-Health Calquat Tree12096Yes
42Check-Health Curry Tree2907Yes
36Check-Health Dwellbery Bush177Yes
48Check-Health Jangerberry Bush285Yes
75Check-Health Magic Tree13769Yes
45Check-Health Maple Tree3403Yes
15Check-Health Oak Tree467.5Yes
39Check-Health Orange Tree2470Yes
68Check-Health Palm Tree10150Yes
57Check-Health Papaya Tree6148Yes
51Check-Health Pineapple Tree4606Yes
70Check-Health Poison Ivy Bush674Yes
86Check-Health Potato Cactus2700Yes
76Check-Health Prickly Pear Tree2250Yes
10Check-Health Redberry Bush64Yes
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83Check-Health Spirit Tree19302Yes
59Check-health Whiteberry Bush438Yes
30Check-Health Willow Tree1456Yes
96Check-Health Wishing Well2200Yes
60Check-Health Yew Tree7069.5Yes
1Fill 1 Bucket with Compost4.5Yes
1Fill 1 Bucket with Super Compost9Yes
8Harvest 1 Asgarnian Hop12Yes
3Harvest 1 Barley9.5Yes
7Harvest 1 Cabbage11.5Yes
79Harvest 1 Dwarf Weed192Yes
91Harvest 1 Fellstalk315.6Yes
95Harvest 1 Grape330Yes
4Harvest 1 Hammerstone Hop10Yes
75Harvest 1 Harmony Moss155Yes
13Harvest 1 Jute Fibre14Yes
21Harvest 1 Krandorian Hop19.5Yes
14Harvest 1 Marrentil15Yes
5Harvest 1 Onion10.5Yes
1Harvest 1 Potato9Yes
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80Harvest 1 Snape Grass80Yes
20Harvest 1 Sweetcorn19Yes
19Harvest 1 Tarromin19.25Yes
12Harvest 1 Tomato14Yes
85Harvest 1 Torstol224.5Yes
47Harvest 1 Watermelon54.5Yes
28Harvest 1 Wildblood Hop26Yes
16Harvest 1 Yanillian Hop16Yes
77Harvest Barberry Bush50Yes
88Harvest Butterfly Flower280Yes
93Harvest Fly Trap50Yes
86Harvest Potato Cactus93Yes
76Harvest Prickly Pear50Yes
78Harvest Reeds190Yes
87Harvest Sunchoke95Yes
96Harvest Wishing Well50Yes
23Make a Scarecrow25Yes
27Pick 1 Apple8.5Yes
50Pick 1 Avantoe61.5Yes
33Pick 1 Banana10.5Yes
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63Pick 1 Belladonna512Yes
53Pick 1 Bittercap Mushroom57Yes
55Pick 1 Cactus Spine25Yes
67Pick 1 Cadantine Herb120Yes
22Pick 1 Cadavaberry7Yes
72Pick 1 Calquat48.5Yes
68Pick 1 Coconut41.5Yes
42Pick 1 Curry Leaf15Yes
36Pick 1 Dwellberry12Yes
70Pick 1 from Poison Ivy Bush45Yes
29Pick 1 Gout Weed45Yes
9Pick 1 Guam Leaf12.5Yes
26Pick 1 Harrlander24Yes
44Pick 1 Irit Leaf48.5Yes
48Pick 1 Jangerberry19Yes
56Pick 1 Kwuarm82Yes
73Pick 1 Lantadyme151.5Yes
26Pick 1 Limpwurt Root40Yes
2Pick 1 Marigold47Yes
24Pick 1 Nasturtium111Yes
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39Pick 1 Orange13.5Yes
57Pick 1 Papaya27Yes
51Pick 1 Pineapple21.5Yes
32Pick 1 Ranarr Weed30.5Yes
10Pick 1 Redberry4.5Yes
11Pick 1 Rosemary66.5Yes
62Pick 1 Snapdragon98.5Yes
31Pick 1 Strawberry29Yes
38Pick 1 Toadflax38.5Yes
59Pick 1 Whiteberry29Yes
25Pick 1 Woad Leaf38.3333Yes
27Plant 1 Apple Sapling22Yes
8Plant 1 Asgarnian Hop Seed2.5Yes
50Plant 1 Avantoe Seed54Yes
3Plant 1 Barley Seed2.25Yes
63Plant 1 Belladonna Seed91Yes
53Plant 1 Bittercap Mushroom Seed41Yes
7Plant 1 Cabbage Seed3.33333Yes
55Plant 1 Cactus Seed66.5Yes
67Plant 1 Cadantine Seed111Yes
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22Plant 1 Cadavaberry Seed18Yes
36Plant 1 Dwellberry Seed32Yes
29Plant 1 Gout Root105Yes
9Plant 1 Guam Leaf Seed11Yes
4Plant 1 Hammerstone Seed2.25Yes
26Plant 1 Harrlander Seed21.5Yes
44Plant 1 Irit Leaf Seed43Yes
48Plant 1 Jangerberry Seed51Yes
13Plant 1 Jute Seed4.33333Yes
21Plant 1 Krandorian Hop Seed5.83333Yes
56Plant 1 Kwuarm Seed69Yes
73Plant 1 Lantadyme Seed134.5Yes
26Plant 1 Limpwurt Seed22Yes
2Plant 1 Marigold Seed8Yes
14Plant 1 Marrentil Seed13.5Yes
24Plant 1 Nasturtium Seed20Yes
5Plant 1 Onion Seed3Yes
70Plant 1 Poison Ivy Seed120Yes
1Plant 1 Potato Seed2.66667Yes
32Plant 1 Ranarr Weed Seed27Yes
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10Plant 1 Redberry Seed11Yes
11Plant 1 Rosemary Seed12Yes
62Plant 1 Snapdragon Seed87Yes
31Plant 1 Strawberry Seed8.66667Yes
20Plant 1 Sweetcorn Seed5.66667Yes
19Plant 1 Tarromin Seed16Yes
38Plant 1 Toadflax Seed34Yes
12Plant 1 Tomato Seed4.16667Yes
47Plant 1 Watermelon Seed16.1667Yes
59Plant 1 Whiteberry Seed78Yes
28Plant 1 Wildblood Seed5.75Yes
96Plant 1 Wishing well Bush Seed220Yes
25Plant 1 Woad Seed21Yes
16Plant 1 Yanillian Hop Seed3.75Yes
33Plant Banana Sapling28Yes
77Plant Barberry Seed175Yes
88Plant Butterfly Flower Seed210Yes
72Plant Calquat Sapling129Yes
42Plant Curry Sapling40Yes
79Plant Dwarf Weed Seed170.5Yes
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91Plant Fellstalk Seed225Yes
93Plant Fly Trap Seed225Yes
95Plant Grapevine Seed62.5Yes
75Plant Harmony Moss Seed165Yes
75Plant Magic Sapling145Yes
45Plant Maple Sapling45Yes
15Plant Oak Sapling14Yes
39Plant Orange Sapling35Yes
68Plant Palm Sapling111Yes
57Plant Papaya Sapling72Yes
51Plant Pineapple Sapling57Yes
86Plant Potato Cactus Seed205Yes
76Plant Prickly Pear Seed170Yes
78Plant Reed Seed45Yes
80Plant Snape Grass Seed58.3Yes
87Plant Sunchoke Seed208Yes
85Plant Torstol Seed199.5Yes
30Plant Willow Sapling25Yes
60Plant Yew Sapling81Yes
1Remove 1 Weed4Yes
1Treat Patch with Compost18Yes