Experience required at Desired Lvl:
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Your Farming Experience:
RuneScape Name:
RuneScape   Old-School RS   Fresh Start

15Check-Health Oak Tree467.5Yes
57Plant Papaya Sapling72Yes
51Check-Health Pineapple Tree4606Yes
51Pick 1 Pineapple21.5Yes
27Pick 1 Apple8.5Yes
27Plant 1 Apple Sapling22Yes
67Pick 1 Cadantine Herb120Yes
67Plant 1 Cadantine Seed111Yes
29Pick 1 Gout Weed45Yes
57Pick 1 Papaya27Yes
57Check-Health Papaya Tree6148Yes
72Check-Health Calquat Tree12096Yes
72Plant Calquat Sapling129Yes
70Pick 1 from Poison Ivy Bush45Yes
70Check-Health Poison Ivy Bush674Yes
70Plant 1 Poison Ivy Seed120Yes
68Pick 1 Coconut41.5Yes
68Check-Health Palm Tree10150Yes
68Plant Palm Sapling111Yes
29Plant 1 Gout Root105Yes
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63Pick 1 Belladonna512Yes
39Check-Health Orange Tree2470Yes
39Plant Orange Sapling35Yes
39Pick 1 Orange13.5Yes
33Pick 1 Banana10.5Yes
33Check-Health Banana Tree1750.5Yes
33Plant Banana Sapling28Yes
60Check-Health Yew Tree7069.5Yes
60Plant Yew Sapling81Yes
42Plant Curry Sapling40Yes
42Check-Health Curry Tree2907Yes
63Plant 1 Belladonna Seed91Yes
55Pick 1 Cactus Spine25Yes
55Check-Health Cactus374Yes
55Plant 1 Cactus Seed66.5Yes
53Pick 1 Bittercap Mushroom57Yes
53Plant 1 Bittercap Mushroom Seed41Yes
51Plant Pineapple Sapling57Yes
42Pick 1 Curry Leaf15Yes
72Pick 1 Calquat48.5Yes
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73Plant 1 Lantadyme Seed134.5Yes
77Harvest Barberry Bush50Yes
77Check-Health Barberry Bush1600Yes
77Plant Barberry Seed175Yes
95Harvest 1 Grape330Yes
95Plant Grapevine Seed62.5Yes
78Harvest Reeds190Yes
78Plant Reed Seed45Yes
91Harvest 1 Fellstalk315.6Yes
96Plant 1 Wishing well Bush Seed220Yes
96Check-Health Wishing Well2200Yes
75Plant Harmony Moss Seed165Yes
86Harvest Potato Cactus93Yes
86Check-Health Potato Cactus2700Yes
86Plant Potato Cactus Seed205Yes
76Harvest Prickly Pear50Yes
76Check-Health Prickly Pear Tree2250Yes
76Plant Prickly Pear Seed170Yes
96Harvest Wishing Well50Yes
91Plant Fellstalk Seed225Yes
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88Harvest Butterfly Flower280Yes
85Harvest 1 Torstol224.5Yes
85Plant Torstol Seed199.5Yes
83Check-Health Spirit Tree19302Yes
79Harvest 1 Dwarf Weed192Yes
79Plant Dwarf Weed Seed170.5Yes
75Check-Health Magic Tree13769Yes
75Plant Magic Sapling145Yes
73Pick 1 Lantadyme151.5Yes
59Plant 1 Whiteberry Seed78Yes
59Check-health Whiteberry Bush438Yes
88Plant Butterfly Flower Seed210Yes
93Harvest Fly Trap50Yes
93Plant Fly Trap Seed225Yes
87Harvest Sunchoke95Yes
87Plant Sunchoke Seed208Yes
80Harvest 1 Snape Grass80Yes
80Plant Snape Grass Seed58.3Yes
59Pick 1 Whiteberry29Yes
75Harvest 1 Harmony Moss155Yes
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15Plant Oak Sapling14Yes
1Remove 1 Weed4Yes
13Harvest 1 Jute Fibre14Yes
16Plant 1 Yanillian Hop Seed3.75Yes
8Harvest 1 Asgarnian Hop12Yes
13Plant 1 Jute Seed4.33333Yes
19Harvest 1 Tarromin19.25Yes
19Plant 1 Tarromin Seed16Yes
14Harvest 1 Marrentil15Yes
1Fill 1 Bucket with Compost4.5Yes
26Plant 1 Harrlander Seed21.5Yes
21Plant 1 Krandorian Hop Seed5.83333Yes
30Plant Willow Sapling25Yes
26Plant 1 Limpwurt Seed22Yes
31Plant 1 Strawberry Seed8.66667Yes
26Pick 1 Harrlander24Yes
21Harvest 1 Krandorian Hop19.5Yes
10Plant 1 Redberry Seed11Yes
28Plant 1 Wildblood Seed5.75Yes
16Harvest 1 Yanillian Hop16Yes
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12Harvest 1 Tomato14Yes
9Pick 1 Guam Leaf12.5Yes
9Plant 1 Guam Leaf Seed11Yes
2Pick 1 Marigold47Yes
3Plant 1 Barley Seed2.25Yes
5Plant 1 Onion Seed3Yes
1Harvest 1 Potato9Yes
2Plant 1 Marigold Seed8Yes
1Plant 1 Potato Seed2.66667Yes
1Treat Patch with Compost18Yes
5Harvest 1 Onion10.5Yes
11Plant 1 Rosemary Seed12Yes
7Harvest 1 Cabbage11.5Yes
4Harvest 1 Hammerstone Hop10Yes
14Plant 1 Marrentil Seed13.5Yes
11Pick 1 Rosemary66.5Yes
12Plant 1 Tomato Seed4.16667Yes
7Plant 1 Cabbage Seed3.33333Yes
4Plant 1 Hammerstone Seed2.25Yes
3Harvest 1 Barley9.5Yes
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8Plant 1 Asgarnian Hop Seed2.5Yes
25Plant 1 Woad Seed21Yes
24Plant 1 Nasturtium Seed20Yes
45Check-Health Maple Tree3403Yes
47Harvest 1 Watermelon54.5Yes
47Plant 1 Watermelon Seed16.1667Yes
27Check-Health Apple Tree1199.5Yes
1Fill 1 Bucket with Super Compost9Yes
20Harvest 1 Sweetcorn19Yes
44Pick 1 Irit Leaf48.5Yes
23Make a Scarecrow25Yes
24Pick 1 Nasturtium111Yes
62Plant 1 Snapdragon Seed87Yes
56Pick 1 Kwuarm82Yes
56Plant 1 Kwuarm Seed69Yes
50Pick 1 Avantoe61.5Yes
50Plant 1 Avantoe Seed54Yes
48Pick 1 Jangerberry19Yes
48Check-Health Jangerberry Bush285Yes
48Plant 1 Jangerberry Seed51Yes
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45Plant Maple Sapling45Yes
20Plant 1 Sweetcorn Seed5.66667Yes
32Pick 1 Ranarr Weed30.5Yes
32Plant 1 Ranarr Weed Seed27Yes
28Harvest 1 Wildblood Hop26Yes
25Pick 1 Woad Leaf38.3333Yes
22Plant 1 Cadavaberry Seed18Yes
26Pick 1 Limpwurt Root40Yes
31Pick 1 Strawberry29Yes
10Pick 1 Redberry4.5Yes
30Check-Health Willow Tree1456Yes
22Check-Health Cadavberry Bush103Yes
44Plant 1 Irit Leaf Seed43Yes
38Pick 1 Toadflax38.5Yes
10Check-Health Redberry Bush64Yes
38Plant 1 Toadflax Seed34Yes
36Pick 1 Dwellberry12Yes
36Check-Health Dwellbery Bush177Yes
36Plant 1 Dwellberry Seed32Yes
22Pick 1 Cadavaberry7Yes
62Pick 1 Snapdragon98.5Yes