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 Post subject: While guthix sleeps
PostPosted: April 8th, 2010, 11:46 pm 
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A power grows in the north, and an efficient spy network reports all that transpires to its master. The long, dark fear buried in the back of everyone's mind is starting to grow. That which was once overlooked has now become hard to ignore.

For what nefarious purpose are there spies in Draynor? Exactly what is Movario looking for in the Lumbridge Swamp caves? What of the ancient power of the Mahjarrat and the dragonkin? Has something been missed? The ancient powers of the gods - where did it come from, and what would happen if a mortal could tap its power?

Any interested parties should contact Radimus Erkle for what may prove to be the most challenging experience of their entire career.

Difficulty: Grandmaster

Quest Requirements:
Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light)
Dream Mentor
Hand in the Sand
King's Ransom
Legends' Quest
Path of Glouphrie, The
Recipe for Disaster
Summer's End
Swan Song
Defender of Varrock
Skill/Other Requirements:
23 Summoning
55 Hunter
60 Thieving
65 Defence
65 Farming
65 Herblore
75 Magic
Be eligible for entry to the Warriors' Guild
Have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels
270 Quest Points

Items Needed to Complete Quest: Log (any type), Knife, 5020 Coins, Lantern lens, 1 Snapdragon seed, Seed dibber, Charcoal, Papyrus, Bronze med helm, Iron chainbody, Unpowered orb, Runes to cast one charge orb spell, 1 Death rune, 1 Law rune, Sapphire lantern, Ring of charos (a), Food, Armor, and a Weapon.

Items Recommended for Quest: Antipoison, Prayer potions, and Super restore potions.

part 1. khazard
items needed: taverley teleport, varrack teleport, ardougne teleport, 1 of each elemental rune, 1 mind rune, knife, hatchet, ring of charos (a) or 5000 coin, lunar staff, anti poison.

1. talking to radimus at the legend's guild. he wants you to go to tavevley to meet ivy to discuss a way to make a place of worship in karamja.

2. put on your armor and weapon and head to taverley. go to the building with the dragonstone chest, ivy will be on the ground floor. tell her the password then heading upstairs.

3. two assassins will attack you but they are low level and easily killed.

4. after the battle talk to the man again, and he'll want you to talk to reldo in varrock.

5. equip your lunar staff and dial in AKS to talk to the hunting expert north- west of oo' glog.

6. you have to use a pitfall trap, so chop down a log and set it up to the west of the hut. he'll give you a mushroom to bait the wild broav.

7. he would train it for you. teleport to ardounge and head to khazard laundry building between the gnome village and the fight arena.

8. you need to grab his clothes either by using the ring of charos or paying the man 5000 coin.

9. drop your broav and use the shirt on it. it will take you near the center of the khazard battlefield. if he starts spinning around in circles use the shirt on it agian. bring food, and anti poison, super antipoison is better.

10. inside the broken tower you'll find a table with a trap door under it.

11. the area has level 95 khazard warriors, keep heading north down a flight of stairs.

12. search the door and this part is different for everybody. look at the world 'prohibited'. there will be a letter that is placed with a symbol, that symbol matches with one of the elemental runes.
* D - Water
* E - Air or Fire
* H - Earth
* O - Mind
WARNING! after placing the rune there is a trap on the door! disable first. also the rune you use will change if you fail to disable the trap and leave.

13. you'll enter a room filled with electricity running through the wires to different bookcases. you need to search every bookcase with power running toward it, and switch it to another bookcase. if you look closely at the power cords some will be brighter and be vibrating. keep following the active power line and turn them off at the bookcase until the gate has been turned off. after you enter the gate,
SEARCH the staircase for traps.

14. do not grab the treasure or you will get a shocked to your system.
search the table for his notes. on the side of the table, pick up the waste basket for a ruby key. use the ruby key on the bookcase on the west side of the room and get a secret stairs case.

15. go on up search the bed. you'll find a chest, search it again to disable the trap. use the ruby key on the chest and you should get more notes, key loop, and key teeth.

16. after that go back down to the first floor and search the painting to enter a small room.

17. look at the thermostat. the number is the weight that you need to put on the statue upstairs.

in my example it says 47 tickits. with my current weight at 54 the difference is 7 kg. so grab 7 kg of weight on the side of the thermostat and place it onto the statue upstairs.

18. Do not pick up any other items or drop any for that changes your weight and you'll have to figure it all out again. go through the door near the statue and then head back to taverely and give the notes to Thaerisk. after talking to him head to seer village.

part 1 complete.

part 2 capture
items needed: quest items, falador teleport, seer teleport (if you're not there)
1. when you get to seer village, head west toward the back of the McGrubor's Wood.

2. you will have to fight 2 level 88 assassins and a lvl 48 mage.

3. search their bodies and then talk to the wounded guardian. he wants you to go find Idria on the top floor of Forester's Arms pub in seer village.

4. talk to her and have her trust you. when you are done talking head to falador park and talk to sir tiffy.

5. after you talk to him, head to the castle on the ground floor and talk to Akrisae and you will be given a teleorb.

6. keep talking to them and they will teleport you to draynor village. once there use the teleorb on the shady stranger. after you plant it, head back to falador and talk to akrisae.

7. they will teleport the stranger into the cage.

8. a cutscene where the truth serum breaks and you'll have to make a new one.

part 2 complete.

part 3 recruitment.

items needed lantern lens, Snapdragon seed ( can be bought at npc), 20 coins, Seed dibber, charcoal and papyrus, 1 Astral rune, 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Air runes
lunar magic.

1. sine the truth serum is broken you have no choice but to make another one. they will want you to go see betty in port sarium to make another serum. if you do not have a snapdragon seed, they will sell you one for a reduced market price. they can also teleport you to port sarium when you are ready.

2. betty will take your seed and place it on the counter. you need a rose tinted lens to make it enriched. also grab the truth potion from betty and buy a pink dye from her for 20gp.

3. stand and the doorway and use the lens on the counter. when it is done grab the seed and head back to falador. on your way good idea to grab your seed dibber if you don't have it already.

4. talk to Thaerisk and will tell you to plant the seed on the top of the castle. head to the west part of the castle and go up the winding staircases until you find the patch on the top floor. plant the seed with a seed dibber.

5. when you come back down, talk to idria who wants you to go on a special assignment. you have to go and recruit your own teammates.
* Duradel - In Shilo Village above the fishing store
* Mazchna - In Canifis at the bridge
* Hazelmere - On the second floor of his house on the peninsula east of Yanille
* Turael - At Burthorpe
if you have lunar spells on, you can use npc chat and talk to the slayer masters leaving only you to go to hazelmere. when you have recruited everybody go check on your seed.

6. use your enriched snapdragon seed with the truth serum and make super truth serum.

7. talk to idria again and then head inside the cage and use the serum on the stranger. be sure to have charcoal and papyrus ready.

8. you'll draw a picture of dark squall. talk to idria again and she wants you to recruit a few more people

* Sloane - Upstairs at the Warriors Guild
* Ghommal - Outside the Warriors Guild
* Harrallak - Main entrance to the Warriors Guild
* Cyrisus - Can only be contacted using the NPC contact spell

9. after you recruited everybody talk to idria again your next assignment will be to find dark squall.

part 3 complete.

part 4 infiltration.

items needed: Unpowered orb, Charge Air Orb runes (30 airs and 3 cosmics), Bronze med helm, Iron Chainbody, food, and melee and ranger gear, falador teleport/ quick teleport.

1. put on the bronze med and iron chainmail and head to black knight's fortress.

2. right in front of you, push through the wall and down the ladder.

3. there is a tile on the ground. cast a charge air orb with the unpowered orb in you inventory.

4. when you enter the trapdoor, run east until you get the eastern bridge. there is only 1 elite black knight by himself that you must kill. he will use prayer to block your attacks. switch between melee and prayer to kill it faster.

5. you must kill it 3 times to get all parts of the black knight armor. after that nobody down there will attack you.

6. after you put on the armor, head west to the other bridge and jump over it.

7. head northeast, and climb up the wall. keep going until you get to a fork in the tunnel.

8. when you get to the fork, head west to the cell and talk to silif. he needs a restore potion, and some food. head back the fork, and through the door to the north.

9. in the room, search the desks for a lobster, potion and a teleorb. there is also a key on the wall as well as another set of black knight armor and mage armor.

10. open the door and use the lobster and potion on him. he'll put on the second set of the knight armor and then head back to the previous room.

11. near the entrance, there is a map on the wall, bring silif close to it and talk to him and he'll give you another teleorb.

12. head east and use the teleorb on dark squall. you will be caught and dark squall will turn into surok. the enemy will attack you. if you have a a quick teleport use it or run out of the room, then back in so they become nonagressive. head back to falador for your next assignment.

part 4 complete

part 5: assault

items:Strange teleorb, one Law rune, one Death rune, and Dagon'hai robes.
Optional: Elite Black Armor, and teleport runes (use falador if possible).

1. talk to akrisae and she wants you to find lucien's base. put on the mage armor with the law and deatah rune. keeping black knight armor may be handy.

2. when you are ready, walk into the cell and you'll be teleported back to that room.

3. head up the ladder to the east. when you're up there activate the strange teleorb.

4. you'll enter a snowy area. head northeast to climb an ice wall and jump to the balcony of the shrine.

5. when the cutscene is finished. jump back to the ice ledge and teleport back to falador.

part 5 complete.

part 6: stone of jas
items needed: sapphire lantern, Dagon'hai robes.
optional: tinderbox (in case lantern goes out), prayer and energy potion.

1. talk to idrias in falador. she wants you to spy on mavario.

2. head to tears of guthix cave and talk to mavario. then use the lantern on one of the light creatures.

3. when you get down below, search the 3 skeletons for a sivler sickle (B), druid pouch, spade, hammer and chisel. there is a rock near one of the skeletons that you can search. use the spade on it then use the chisel to get a fire orb.

4. on the west side, there is also another rock containing the earth orb. the air and water orb are at the other braziers on the side. when you have them all head south.

5. examine each of the recesses on the skull caves and use the corresponding orb on them. when you have the 3 keys, climb up the wall to reach the 4th skull.

6. climb back down and make sure you have no weapon or shield equip. head into the skulls and place one of the elemental keys at the end of the cave. do the same for the other two on the bottom.

7. climb back up and use the fire key on the hole. then search the block behind you for a new cave.

8. inside the temple is a large round table. head to any of the side tunnels and use the druid pouches on the druid spirits to release them. they will drop herblore ingredients to be used. if you are running low on pouches, use cast bloom with the sickle on the vines to get flowers to fill them.

9. depending on which altar, you will need the herb and the ingredients to make the potion with. so with a prayer statue, you need to use the ranarr herb and snape grass on the statue for a dolmen.
IMPORTANT: do not make potions out of the ingredients. and if you have toadlegs for the agility statue, be very careful NOT TO EAT it. if you lose any of the items, you will NOT get another set and must get them your own.

this is what you need for each statue:
Agility: toadflax and Toad's legs
balance: harralander, Red spiders' eggs, Garlic, and Silver dust
Attack: guam and Eye of newt
Combat: harralander and Goat horn dust
Defence: ranarr and White berries
Super defence: cadantine and White berries
Energy: harralander and Chocolate dust
Super energy: avantoe and Mort myre fungus
Fishing: avantoe and Snape grass
Hunter: avantoe and Kebbit teeth dust
Magic: lantadyme and Potato cactus
Prayer: ranarr and Snape grass
Range: dwarf weed and Wine of zamorak
restore: snapdragon and Red spiders' eggs
Strength: tarromin and Limpwurt root
Super strength: kwuarm and Limpwurt root

10. after you have 8 dolmen. use them on the round table for a door. when it is open, head back to the surface and prepare for your final battle.

part 6 complete.

part 7: final battle.

item needs: melee, ranger gear, sapphire lantern, quick teleport (just in case), prayer potions, super restore, food.
optional: dds p++, super set

1. head back down to the temple with the round table.

2. head to the end and touch the mysterious stone for the battle.

3. the balance elemental will attack you with all 3 combat styles. you can poison him to get a slight edge over the battle. depending on his weapon, he will attack you with it. if he brings out a fire bow, use protection from range, if he brings out an arm, use protection from melee, if he it throwing something use protection from magic. his magic attack drains stats, so good idea to drink your super restore.

**if you are very worried about fighting the elemental. one tip is to use your poison weapon and during the battle, he will enter a dialog. do not do ANYTHING and as long as you stay in the dialog box, it will slowly poison itself to death. this happens 2 times during the battle. **

4. after you defeat it, search the stone again. a cut scene will occur

5. lucien will come and summon 2 tormented demons. idira will send some help to you, and you will have a huge boost to your combat stats. kill the demons with range and melee, then talk to idria to teleport back to falador for your reward.

all done!!


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Ahhhhh thank you. Almost as complete as runehq and MUCH better than :mrgreen:
Thanks for the poisoning tip btw. I am VERY worried about fighting that thing.

Perhaps say which items to bring for elemental and demons? And curses to use?

4/5, 1 point docked for neatness :P


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