RSBANDB's Christmas Spectacular!

posted by MageGuy08 on 15 December 2014 at 15:53

Hello everybody!

It's holiday time! As it is the time of the year for giving, we have decided to host an event where you can do just that; RSBANDB's own Secret Santa! To enter, you just have to post in this topic, please be clear if you want take part in Secret Santa. Shane will take down your names and will randomly assign you somebody else from this topic Thursday night, which will be sent to you in a private message.

Before this though there will be more events!

First, we will be going to God Wars Dungeon for a Boss Takedown on Thursday night at 10PM Eastern (8PM MST, 7pm PST)! We will be on World 72, and YOU will pick what boss we face! The poll for this will be running until Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday, we will have a live recording of RSBANDBUpdate!, followed immediately by a Christmas-themed bingo game in Mumble! The live show is set to start at 10PM Eastern, or 8PM MST.

Gifts will be exchanged on Saturday, December 20 at 5PM Eastern (3PM MST, 2PM PST, 10pm UTC) on World 72 behind the Seers Village bank. At this time, we will also be hosting a costume contest! The winner will receive a prize. Please note that there will be NO COSMETIC OVERRIDES ALLOWED.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays everybody! Hope to see you all this weekend!

[Informer Article] No Nonsense November

posted by King Kulla on 1 December 2014 at 15:39

Hello everyone! I'm back again to show you all the cool things that we got up to last month at RSBandB!

To start us off this month, Duke took a trip to Retrotown in his article "Out with the New, In with the Old" where he extolls the virtues of older games, something we should all remember! In Runescape related areas, Alex just couldn't wait to say that "Prifddinas is Awesome!" Mr Bistro detailed what the "New God Wars Dungeon" might look like, whereas Mason discussed what problems were causing the "Runescape's Divine Energy Crisis". To round out the month for Runescape, Tanis detailed his "Top Five Updates of 2014". To bridge the gap to other games, Jason had a long look at the "Awesomely Inefficient: Dual Wielding in Games". Finally, Shane sparked great debate with his Digg-centric article entitled "The Great Social News Experiment"

This past month's Fishing Skill of the Month competition saw a fierce battle between Pyrnassius and Flash, both of whom raced down the stretch neck and neck into the last week. In the end, Pyrnassius took the gold, with 5.61M experience, edging Flash who ended at 5.47M experience. Congratulations to Pyrnassius, here is your trophy!


Thank you everyone for following along with me, hope you all had a great month, and hopefully you have a good December as well!

King Kulla

This was originally posted as an Informer FrontPage article.

Trouble Brewing - 29 November 2014

posted by Earth on 27 November 2014 at 16:27

Hi everyone!
This weekend we're having another event with The RuneScape Wiki!

We're doing Trouble Brewing!

The event is on Saturday, November 29th at 12 PM (noon) RSBandB time: we will be meeting at the Mos'LeHarmless Bank on World 39; please join Megadog14's friends chat!


  • Completion of the Cabin Fever quest.
  • At least 40 Cooking

Recommended items:
  • A good hatchet (hatchets stored on the toolbelt do work, so no need to bring a separate one if you have a good one stored there)
  • A butterfly net or magic butterfly net, to catch the pirate implings easily (level 76 Hunter required)
  • A Monkeyspeak amulet from the quest Monkey Madness
  • Weight-reducing clothing. E.g. boots of lightness or a spotty cape
  • Some method for curing poison as we will encounter poisonous snakes on the way to the activity

If you have not played Trouble Brewing before, please read this guide!

NOTE: Sabotaging makes the game harder for the opposing team while not gaining you anything. For this reason sabotage is not allowed, and may get you removed from the event.