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posted by Earth on 29 July 2014 at 21:37

Hi everyone! This will now be the official thread for our weekly PC Gaming Event!

We are in the process of redoing our PC Gaming Event; if you have any suggestions for what we might do, post here!

When: Every Tuesday, 8PM RSBandB Time/MDT (7PM PDT, 9PM CDT, 10PM EDT, 2AM UTC, 3AM BST)

Where: Our servers are hosted at Add us to your favorites!

Started: April 30, 2009

Run By: Pfkninenines and Earth

We are switching up the games each week so that we don't have duplicate games in a row anymore.

Event Winners & Prize:
9/16/14 - artofdvorak - Surgeon Simulator 2013
10/28/14 - Col. Sanders - Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel
11/18/14 - Vladimir Putin - Not Claimed
1/13/15 - MageGuy08 - Cave Story+
1/20/15 - Apathy - Not yet claimed

System Requirements:
Minimum: Potato from 2008
Recommended: Better potato from 2012
Mac: Minimum: Tin-foil-wrapped potato from 2012+

If you're wondering if your computer can handle any of these games, please refer to the 'Can You Run It' site. It should give you an idea as to your system specs, and what they can do. It's not 100% accurate, though it should give you a baseline.

Other Info:

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch can be found here on Steam.

Our very own Duke Juker wrote a guide for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch here!

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is free and can be downloaded from Steam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be found here on Steam.

We now have an official Steam community page. Join it to keep up to date on the current weekly event.

CSGO vs. TF2 - next winner will be TF2

Event List:

Past Events:
8/5/14 - TF2
8/12/14 - TF2
8/19/14 - TF2
8/26/14 - TF2
9/2/14 - TF2
9/9/14 - TF2
9/16/14 - CS:GO
9/23/14 - HL2:DM
9/30/14 - TF2
10/7/14 - HL2:DM
10/14/14 - TF2
10/21/14 - HL2:DM
10/28/14 - TF2
11/4/14 - CS:GO
11/11/14 - TF2
11/18/14 - GMod:TiTT
11/25/14 - CS:GO
12/2/14 - TF2
12/9/14 - HL2:DM
12/16/14 - GMod:TiTT
12/23/14 - TF2
12/30/14 - GMod:TiTT / Prop Hunt
1/6/15 - TF2
1/13/15 - GMod:TiTT / Prop Hunt
1/20/15 - TF2
1/27/15 - GMod:TiTT / Prop Hunt
2/3/15 - TF2
2/10/15 - HL2:DM
2/17/15 - TF2
2/24/15 - CS:GO
3/3/15 - TF2
3/10/15 - GMod / CS:GO
3/17/15 - TF2
3/24/15 - HL2:DM
3/31/15 - GMod - Prop Hunt
4/7/15 - TF2
4/14/15 - CS:GO
4/21/15 - TF2
4/28/15 - HL2:DM
5/5/15 - TF2
5/12/15 - HL2:DM
5/19/15 - TF2
5/26/15 - GMod
6/2/15 - TF2
6/9/15 - HL2:DM
6/16/15 - TF2
6/23/15 - HL2:DM
6/30/15 - TF2
7/7/15 - HL2:DM
7/14/15 - TF2
7/21/15 - TF2
7/28/15 - HL2:DM
8/4/15 - TF2
8/11/15 - HL2:DM
8/18/15 - TF2
8/25/15 - TF2
9/1/15 - HL2:DM
9/8/15 - TF2
9/15/15 - CS:GO
9/22/15 - TF2
9-29-15 - TF2
10-13-15 - TF2
10-20-15 - TF2
10-27-15 - TF2

11-3-15 - TF2
11-10-15 - TF2
11-17-15 - TF2
... TF2
1-5-16 - TF2

Image Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Image Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Image Team Fortress 2

Image Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town / Prop Hunt
Image Counter-Strike: Source [GunGame]
Image Left 4 Dead 2
Image GoldenEye: Source

RSBANDBUpdate! 581 - But Why?

posted by Shane on 20 August 2016 at 16:03 | Discuss on our Forums

The beach and its absurd cosmetic overrides. We also look at changes to Lumbridge that are 3 years late. And finally, why The Arc trailer looks like a trailer for a mobile game.

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:46:25

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In the previous installment, we concluded with Zamorak putting the Staff of Armadyl into his ol’ buddy Zaros, declaring Zaros dead, and proclaiming himself a god before fleeing to Infernus to recover from his grievous wounds. Bewildered and unsure of what to do next, the Zarosians that remained, led by Azzanadra, managed to retake the city of Senntisten from Zamorak’s rebel forces. In Zamorak’s absence, and with the once strong Zarosian empire weakened, other gods and enemies planned to invade the empire over which Azzanadra had thinly spread his remaining forces. In an attempt to keep morale up, Azzy claimed that he had contact with Zaros and was being told what to do by the Empty Lord himself. However, even he knew this could not hold out for long…

While tensions rose on Gielinor, Zamorak was healed on Infernus and led an uprising of the subjugated demonic races against the Chthonian rulers, adding their numbers to his growing army. Now at full strength and with great numbers at his back, Zamorak now chose to return to Gielinor and declared war on all other gods with the intent of reclaiming the Stone of Jas for his own.

With a newfound common enemy being the Zarosian remnant, Zammy and Saradomin actually teamed up and systematically slaughtered and destroyed nearly all that had once been the Empty Lord’s empire. Many Zarosians, like Sliske, went into hiding, but the vast majority fell to opposing forces. Senntisten held out for millennia against invading armies, all the while Azzanadra tried in vain to somehow summon Zaros back into existence.

With the goal of gaining more power and forces, Zamorak made attempts to harness the Elder Kiln and the Dwarven race. Perjour, now following Zamorak, was sent into the Karamjan volcano to see what he would find. Unable to make his way further in, Perjour accidentally set off a security system of sorts, summoning creatures of the volcano which cooked the poor guy to a crisp. His remains can still be found within the city. The dwarven front fared much the same. Zamorak attempted to shape their anima to coerce them into following him, but his curse was flawed and wound up creating a mindless force of chaos dwarves. The Elders of Keldagrim sacrificed their magical power to halt the spread of the curse from eventually taking the entire race of dwarves.


Meanwhile, another force of Zarosians led by Nex made an attempt to reclaim the Mahjarrat Ritual Site. This attempt turned foul quickly, as Saradominist forces managed to trap Nex into a deep cavern, sealing her within. This was then the site for the construction of the Temple of the Lost Ancients, and would become the battleground known as the first God Wars Dungeon.

Eventually, however, even the Zarosian capital city fell. Azzanadra managed to flee and joined up with others in the Kharidian Desert to fight against Zamorakian Demons that sought to eradicate opposition there. Although he resisted long, the combined forces of Zammy and Papa Smurf overwhelmed Azzy. He was subsequently imprisoned in the Jaldraocht Pyramid where Zamorak had his power funneled and separated into 4 crystals. Each crystal was then entrusted to a warrior by Zamorak in an attempt to ensure Azzanadra would never return. Azzanadra made many attempts at escape but fell short each time.

Much later, talk of a legendary godsword being forged to kill Zamorak came to fruition. Zamorak telegraphed the transport of the godsword by Armadyl’s forces and confronted them at the site of the Temple of the Lost Ancients. Before long, Bandos and Saradomin also sent forces to attempt to take the sword for themselves, which rapidly escalated to an all-out battle between the four armies. Sliske, in the guise of a Guthixian druid, came back on the scene and managed to deceive several Saradominists to perform a “ritual to wake Guthix”. Little did his puppets know, Sliske’s ritual was actually a way to release Nex from her prison below. Broken loose, Nex wrought havoc on the other forces in the cavern and Sliske made his get-away. Again the four armies were forced to band together and managed to seal Nex once more.

Through unknown means, Zamorak came to find the Stone of Jas at last at the end of the Third Age. Empowered even further, he fled to Forinthry as the other three primary gods came down upon him at once with intent to kill him. Scared for his life, Zamorak pleaded with Armadyl and Bandos to leave Saradomin and aid him, claiming he had done more for the benefit of Gielinor as a whole. This was all to no avail, as Saradomin had already taken their loyalty and they were convinced that Zamorak had to be destroyed. Just as Saradomin reached out to slay Zamorak, Zammy channeled through the Stone in fear resolving to take them all with him if he was to die.


The massive blast that came from the Stone destroyed practically all that surrounded it, turning the once green plains of Forinthry into a blackened wasteland which would soon be known as the Wilderness. So much damage had been done by the shockwave that the anima cried out, and Guthix awoke. Emerging, Guthix froze the Temple of the Lost Ancients for all eternity, banished all the gods, and set up his edicts, preventing any god from returning or having any direct impact on the events of Gielinor.

With the Fourth Age beginning, the Zamorakian and Zarosian Mahjarrat both made attempts to summon their respective god, but no attempt ever succeeded. Khazard had been born and was being raised by Hazeel, and the divide between Zamorakian (Bilrach, Enakhra, Hazeel, Lucien, Zemouregal) and Zarosian Mahjarrat (Azzanadra, Akthanakos, Sliske, Wahisietel) continued to deepen. Only Jhallan and Kharshai managed to stay neutral through the polarization. It would be long before the Mahjarrat would re-emerge as a dominating force, but their story is yet unfinished.

Alex's Analysis – Running Wild

posted by Alex 43 on 14 August 2016 at 14:34 | Discuss on our Forums

The Wilderness Task set. Boy, was I dreading this day. We all knew it was coming sooner or later, and the thought of having to trudge that scary place performing tasks just to maintain our status of taskmaster is enough to petrify any avid treasure trail follower. It's long been one of the most dangerous places in Runescape, and having to perform achievements out there would make one second-guess how important the status even is to them.

... well, sort of.

Nowadays, if you just confine yourself to a two-handed weapon with chest and leg armour, you can pretty much do whatever you want up there risk-free. Add the new banks, all the teleport options, and the fact that the place is more or less deserted for the more tastier money-makers out there, and you end up with one of the easiest task lists to date.

Yeah. Easiest. Usually it takes me a week to get through an entire list. I pulled this one off in a couple evenings.

I'd say it's disappointing, but in all honesty, I'm actually relieved.

Revanant dragons look awesome, by the way.
Yes, this is very relieving to me!

Now, I love the achievement diary series. It takes already existing and familiar content and not only expands on it, but it also helps give you ideas for training methods and informs you of the existence of obscure areas. Then for persevering until entire sets of tasks are completed, it rewards you with equipment items that expand the area's benefits even more in a subtle, but useful way. Not to mention wearing the entire tier 4 set makes you look pretty darn rad.

The reason I love it is because it is simple. “Fish a shark at this spot.”, “Collect 5 Palm Leaves.”, “Use a multi-cannon to murder a chicken.”. Simple, mundane tasks given purpose and reason.

A lot of mundane tasks. Each one with different requirements for clearing; some even requiring levels you don't even have yet. This gives you the incentive to train your skill to the point you can complete the task and have one more check-mark in your list.

That's the key word for this analysis; Incentive. It's what turns us into professional PKs. It's what makes us incredible at fighting boss monsters. It's what makes us strive for that max cape. In most cases, the incentive is profit and experience. Sometimes it's equipment that will get us even more profit and experience.

That's what the achievement diaries are for. They're incentive to go around and experience what the Runescape world has to offer. Think of them as a very in-depth Runescape guide. Or a series of Runescape advertisements. They're good for adding substance to the game. Reasons to do all the simple things the game has to offer that one would usually pass by.

How do they differ from quests, then? Well, thing is, they actually don't. It's why they have almost the same icon. They are just like doing quests, except the goal is your own. The only way they differ is that quests actually take you to a specific set of places in the world, some quest-specific, in order to tell a story. All the achievements do is take you around the general areas to help you familiarize yourself with the world and allow you to create your own stories. Two sides of the same coin here.

With that in mind, I don't PK. Never really enjoyed it. I don't like dying and losing all my hard-earned stuff. I'm a bit of a hoarder by nature. It's in my personality.

And that's fine, Runescape's not all about PKing. There are plenty of things I can do otherwise. Otherwise I wouldn't bother playing Runescape. I'd play a different game. One I would enjoy playing. Kind of the point of computer games, you know, because you really don't get anything else out of them. What I like doing instead are quests. And achievements.

So, when the wilderness achievements came out, I was uncertain because I really wanted to do them, but they were in a location I didn't want to go. Bit of a conflict of interests there. Fortunately, none of the tasks involved killing another player. They were all about skilling, killing monsters, and going to places. And because the wilderness wasn't too overly populated and I was able to get around using my treasure trail gear, I was able to bring myself to enjoy this particular task set the same way as any other.

In general, this update is another set of tasks that are just as comparable with the others. Higher level tasks are harder to do and require more levels. As for the reward, the most you'll probably get out of the sword is its extensive teleportation network throughout the wilderness. Otherwise, none of its perks are super game-changing. Unless you like, eat, and breathe in the wilderness; then it's a god-send because of the many extra conveniences it gives, like teleportation to the Warbands camps, choosing your destination at the teleport obelisks (about time!), improved Forinthry dungeon drop rates, and the air obelisk shortcut. Otherwise, the sword itself just helps to complete the rest of the achievement diary outfit.

Charging the air orbs has never been easier!

All in all, a great update for something I initially wasn't looking forward to. Kept me busy and excited for a couple days at least. Danger aside, it was neat to explore the wilderness again and see how much it has changed since I was last there. And considering I was last there probably back in 2012... well, I didn't know where anything really was anymore.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

Wilderness improvements - do they bring wilderness activity to the level of old? And is the conversation about risk-reward relationship the key to enhancing skilling elsewhere?

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Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA), Cireon, and Tyco Elf
Duration: 1:53:54