August SKOTM Signup

posted by Fred Bot on 25 July 2016 at 00:00

Signup for the new Skill of The Month has started! The skill this month is: Mining. Please signup at, you will need a valid forum account to signup. Signups close on the first day of the month. The competitions begin as soon as signups close.

The July competition continues until August 1st.

PC Gaming - Revamped

posted by Earth on 29 July 2014 at 21:37

Hi everyone! This will now be the official thread for our weekly PC Gaming Event!

We are in the process of redoing our PC Gaming Event; if you have any suggestions for what we might do, post here!

When: Every Tuesday, 8PM RSBandB Time/MDT (7PM PDT, 9PM CDT, 10PM EDT, 2AM UTC, 3AM BST)

Where: Our servers are hosted at Add us to your favorites!

Started: April 30, 2009

Run By: Pfkninenines and Earth

We are switching up the games each week so that we don't have duplicate games in a row anymore.

Event Winners & Prize:
9/16/14 - artofdvorak - Surgeon Simulator 2013
10/28/14 - Col. Sanders - Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel
11/18/14 - Vladimir Putin - Not Claimed
1/13/15 - MageGuy08 - Cave Story+
1/20/15 - Apathy - Not yet claimed

System Requirements:
Minimum: Potato from 2008
Recommended: Better potato from 2012
Mac: Minimum: Tin-foil-wrapped potato from 2012+

If you're wondering if your computer can handle any of these games, please refer to the 'Can You Run It' site. It should give you an idea as to your system specs, and what they can do. It's not 100% accurate, though it should give you a baseline.

Other Info:

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch can be found here on Steam.

Our very own Duke Juker wrote a guide for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch here!

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is free and can be downloaded from Steam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be found here on Steam.

We now have an official Steam community page. Join it to keep up to date on the current weekly event.

CSGO vs. TF2 - next winner will be TF2

Event List:

Past Events:
8/5/14 - TF2
8/12/14 - TF2
8/19/14 - TF2
8/26/14 - TF2
9/2/14 - TF2
9/9/14 - TF2
9/16/14 - CS:GO
9/23/14 - HL2:DM
9/30/14 - TF2
10/7/14 - HL2:DM
10/14/14 - TF2
10/21/14 - HL2:DM
10/28/14 - TF2
11/4/14 - CS:GO
11/11/14 - TF2
11/18/14 - GMod:TiTT
11/25/14 - CS:GO
12/2/14 - TF2
12/9/14 - HL2:DM
12/16/14 - GMod:TiTT
12/23/14 - TF2
12/30/14 - GMod:TiTT / Prop Hunt
1/6/15 - TF2
1/13/15 - GMod:TiTT / Prop Hunt
1/20/15 - TF2
1/27/15 - GMod:TiTT / Prop Hunt
2/3/15 - TF2
2/10/15 - HL2:DM
2/17/15 - TF2
2/24/15 - CS:GO
3/3/15 - TF2
3/10/15 - GMod / CS:GO
3/17/15 - TF2
3/24/15 - HL2:DM
3/31/15 - GMod - Prop Hunt
4/7/15 - TF2
4/14/15 - CS:GO
4/21/15 - TF2
4/28/15 - HL2:DM
5/5/15 - TF2
5/12/15 - HL2:DM
5/19/15 - TF2
5/26/15 - GMod
6/2/15 - TF2
6/9/15 - HL2:DM
6/16/15 - TF2
6/23/15 - HL2:DM
6/30/15 - TF2
7/7/15 - HL2:DM
7/14/15 - TF2
7/21/15 - TF2
7/28/15 - HL2:DM
8/4/15 - TF2
8/11/15 - HL2:DM
8/18/15 - TF2
8/25/15 - TF2
9/1/15 - HL2:DM
9/8/15 - TF2
9/15/15 - CS:GO
9/22/15 - TF2
9-29-15 - TF2
10-13-15 - TF2
10-20-15 - TF2
10-27-15 - TF2

11-3-15 - TF2
11-10-15 - TF2
11-17-15 - TF2
... TF2
1-5-16 - TF2

Image Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Image Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Image Team Fortress 2

Image Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town / Prop Hunt
Image Counter-Strike: Source [GunGame]
Image Left 4 Dead 2
Image GoldenEye: Source

With more and more players reaching endgame in RuneScape, we ask the question, what skills are really useful today and of those that are not, how can they be reworked? Our tally my surprise you.

Download Now
Direct Download - 64 Kbit MP3 (Full Show Notes)

Hosts: Shane (@_ShaneA) and Dave with Special Guest Prynassius
Duration: 1:49:23
  • Are our non-combat skills useful?
  • The hypothesis
  • Defining usefulness
  • The influence of PvM
  • What can be done to rework this skill?
  • Dissecting the skills
  • RSBANDBUpdate! Returns to our regular schedule next week with a new co-host!

Chinese iron ore mining company Shandong Hongda has successfully acquired Jagex Games Studios. The big question on everyone's mind is what does this mean for RuneScape over the next few years. I will go over some details and then predict the changes that will be coming to the game here. I want to note before I go any further for RuneScape fans that I will be stating my opinions and have no intentions to fear monger. I am going into this acquisition with an open mind.

To start the deal to was around $300 million. This seems to be a fairly heavy investment for Shandong Hongda especially factoring in the low margins that Jagex has been putting up over the past few years. Right away, this could mean a few things. I want to point them out and explain my reasoning. First, the game has been growing as far as the technical and content side exponentially over the past few years. This requires money in order to do and that may explain the low profit for Jagex as of late. I can expect that now that some of the largest portions of the game have now been released (Evolution of Combat, NXT client, Chronicle, etc.) That the focus would have switched to something else monumental. Now that new investors are in charge I can expect a new form of increasing profit to start driving the game. Reducing cost. This could mean layoffs, pay reductions, fewer content updates, a different content release schedule or reducing technical debt like the Java client.

That sounds kind of scary. But the fact is that besides an update schedule being changed, I would highly doubt that the community would really feel the effects from this. Jagex had intentions to remove the Java client, I feel that the timeline for this will be moved upwards to reduce technical debt which can greatly reduce cost for development of the game. This is where the bulk of the savings will probably come from.

The fact that many of these large updates have been released and the other games such as Chronicle and Idle Adventures are near a point of maintenance and a smaller deal to work on updates will also reduce cost. I can see why Shandong Hongda jumped at the opportunity to acquire the company before the release and at the early release of Chronicle. The Idle adventures will be a cash cow without question. Mobile games for Jagex was a fantastic idea and the company is about to reap the rewards from this. Chronicle I could see being pushed to mobile devices to increase its relevance in comparison to Hearthstone from Blizzard.

So with that being said, is this deal going to be the reason Jagex goes under? No. In fact I think the profits will dramatically increase which could lead to some really cool things for RuneScape. Does this new company however put the game on shaky ground? That question I would say is too early to have a possible answer for. My educated guess would be a yes.

More focus on pay to play and pay to win models is likely. Why? The idle adventures will surely prove this to be a worth-while investment and I am sure it’s because the new side games offer this that Jagex looked like such a good buy. I can expect to see increased micro transactions across the board. It’s also possible that the grand fathered memberships will be increased either slightly or completely removed so there is a flat rate. This may make some players mad, but I do not think it will hurt the game as much as people think.

Will there be more RuneFest events in the future? I don’t know for sure. The cost may have a good return to run as they have been very well received. I would argue that yes there will be more of these in the future or at least one more following the current scheduled RuneFest.
It was said that the acquisition will have minimal impact on the game. I know that is not true and anyone that has seen acquisitions before should feel the same way so here is my prediction for the new direction RuneScape will be taken in.

Jagex will open itself to the eastern markets bringing in new player bases. This will be the most crucial time for the game and the company. If they fail, the company may be sold off again to cut losses. This is a hard market to get into by western companies as proven by Microsoft with the Xbox franchise again and again. A Lot of the cuts to other areas of the company will be used to put effort into entering this new player base. Chronicle will play a big role in getting into the new market. I think that if this game makes it’s way to android anytime soon, it should be just fine.
If Shandong Hongda is able to push Jagex through the first two shaky years and sticks to their guns, I am sure the revenue from all three main games will start to improve to numbers far better than 2015. I can see big updates coming around for the game in the distant future, but as for the next couple years, there will be a strong focus on getting the game up and functional for the east.

I have very mixed feelings about all of this but I am hopeful that this acquisition is a good thing for Jagex. I want to stress again that change will come and that change is not necessarily bad. Players need to give Jagex a chance with future updates as there may be a bigger picture to them. With that being said, Happy Gaming.

Examine text may seem like an ancillary feature to the overall game that is Runescape to a more casual onlooker. However, for those of us steeped in what has become a culture of its own, most recognize the fact that the ability to examine an object adds a good deal to the depth and uniqueness of the game experience. Recently, however, graphical updates and new quest/content areas added to the game have seemed to come with far fewer examinable objects. Players have begun to take notice, discussing the issue on all forms of social media, and has even been given recognition by Jagex staff.

Apparently, the reason that all this new content comes with little to no new examinable objects is the argument that translation and localization is too much of a hassle and takes time away from other development. To this I say, “really?”.


Rarely is the argument of “you used to do it this way so you should always do it this way” a valid one. For example, arguing that because the early years of the game saw several quests released each month is not a solid point to argue the stance that we should get more quests because quests have changed since then. They have a much higher graphical budget, include more branches in dialogue trees, have deeper lore implications, and a ton more. Examine text, on the other hand, has not changed at all since 2009, and that’s only counting the fact that German, French, and Portuguese language servers were added to the game 2007-2009. Other than that, examines are the same. Right-click, “Examine [object]”, [insert simple description and/or witty text here]. I understand that this is a vast over-simplification of the actual process of implementing examines for environmental objects, but if you’re telling me that it’s more complicated than adding the GE buy price to every tradable object upon examine, I’ll have a hard time believing you.

Now I know that it may sound like I’m whinging for my own pleasure right now, but I really feel there’s a point to this. Examine text is part of Runescape’s heritage. It’s the perfect spot to plant Easter eggs for observant players, to offer subtle hints and clarification during questing (especially during Haunted Mine), and to inject a bit of bright British humour into the everyday object. Examining an object to get a surprising or witty snippet of text is as synonymous to Runescape as the ol’ “Nothing interesting happens” line.


Not only that but making objects able to be examined prevents new areas from feeling so “flat”. If a building is constructed with a blacksmith’s sign out front, an anvil, bellows, a furnace, and some crates along the wall, yet none of these objects are able to be examined, what separates them and their function from a simple room that is empty. Nothing is capable of interaction in any way, and thus these seemingly pretty environment objects are nothing more than a mirage. Being given the option to examine each object (even if it isn’t overly creative or witty) makes the room feel more real. I know that bench is a bench because I can “Examine Bench”. The object bursts forth from the background and becomes a real object. Examine text adds depth, immersion, and so much more that makes an area more valuable than it’s initial “ooh, pretty!” value.


New areas without examine texts are like the blonde beauty queen with nothing going on in that pretty little head. Adding examine makes it more than just a beauty contest, adds meat to the sandwich, puts text on the pages between the pretty covers. If you’re not convinced by now that examine text is crucial to the game, and maybe worth taking that “extra time” from moving on to other content, here are my personal Top 10 Examine Texts in Runescape:

10. Upon examining any Camouflage clothing: “Examine what?”
9. Examining Horseshoes: “These would make fine shoes for… um… unicorns.”
8. Valve: “It releases when it’s ready”
7. Rock: “and roll.”
6. Wilderness Sign: “Stop examining signs! You’re in the wilderness now!”
5. A terribly bad pun when examining Huge Mushrooms: “These fat fungi take up so much room”
4. Gnome Ball Cheerleader: “Cheerleading is a real sport!”
3. Timbo’s Tree southeast of Yanille’s bank: “Never let Mod Timbo near a thing of beauty.”
2. Head Chef: “Despite his name, rarely actually cooks heads.”
1. The Examiner: “Upon examining the Examiner, you examine it is indeed an examiner!”

If there’s anything to take away from this article, it’s the fact that it seems like examine texts are becoming increasingly rarer in new content because developers may not feel they are truly necessary. I would suggest that the opposite is true, and it’s our job as players of this game to support the idea that examine texts are a tradition to be preserved. I’m not saying we all have to spam the forums, Twitter, Reddit, what have you, but it’s important to keep in mind how important the small things can be in a game like Runescape. Like using objects on one another and cringingly cheesy puns, examine text options are part of Runescape’s history that’s worth protecting.