Stealing Creation Event with the RuneScape Wiki!

posted by Earth on 10 September 2014 at 15:41

Hi everyone!
This Saturday, September 13th, at 1:00 PM RSBandB time (12 noon pacific, 3pm eastern, 7pm UTC, 8pm BST), we are having a joint Stealing Creation event with the RuneScape Wiki!

The event will be taking place at the Gamers' Grotto on World 39

We will be meeting in Megadog14's friend chat.

There are no requirements, and you do not need to bring anything.

We will determine whether or not we will be doing non-combat Stealing Creation at the event.
If you have never played Stealing Creation before, these links may be of use to you:
Main Article

Here is the link to the event page on the RuneScape Wiki.

A Slight Update to the Skill Comparison Calculator

posted by Shane on 7 September 2014 at 14:04

Yesterday we released an update to our Skill Comparison Calculator. This is a tool that allows you to check on your current progress towards your RuneScape goals. By default the calculator will show you the amount of experience and your current progress towards your next level for all your skills. This update brings the ability to enter in goals for the various skills. Want 120 Farming and 99 Divination? No problem. The calculator now supports multiple usernames meaning you can work on goals for one of your characters then enter another character and your progress will be saved for both. Finally, the results can be ordered without the need to reload the page, a time saver indeed.

The Skill Comparison Calculator has been a tool that has been around at RSBandB through the ages and we are excited to be able to bring some new life into this tool once again. With the Elf City just around the corner and maybe some level 120 goals in the works now's the perfect time to revisit the Skill Comparison Calculator!


[Informer Article] Stepping into September

posted by Earth on 2 September 2014 at 06:12

Hi everyone!

Everyone's favourite editor of RSBandB Informer is back for this month's roundup!

JasonMRC started off the month with a commentary on the clutter followers cause, and Alex tells us that everyone is entitled to a do-over. We have two boss-related articles this month, one coming from Mr. Bistro about "less trashy bosses" (and not in the way you're thinking!), and our second one coming from Mason, analyzing the evolution of boss drops in RuneScape. Rounding out our RuneScape article this month is Tanis, talking about how RuneScape has a Twitch, and what that means for us. Duke takes us through the fine print of private policies, and our Dear Leader Shane spreads more not-propaganda about how important a positive outlook in gaming is!

In our August Skill of the Month, we had a very, very disappointing show from Brian. Brian was destroyed by Blethorskite, even after holding a fairly decent lead for the first half of the month. Blethorskite gained 13 million experience, while Brian gained only 11.5 million experience. Imperial came in the third with 1.7 million experience.

Blethorskite, congratulations on your victory! Here is your trophy:


Now, in other news:

Some of you may have noticed that I have been promoted to a Global Moderator. Under my reign ( You can't use that word - Shane) supervision, the Community Ambassador program is going to expand greatly. I have already added Shwa, a long time RSBandBer, to help me out with events. Additionally, in a month or two I will be changing my default user group back to Ambassador, as that will be my chief focus!

A perk of becoming a Global Moderator is that I don't have to stay in the RSBandB Dungeon with all the other Informer people all the time now! I get five whole minutes of sunlight per week! Hey! I see a person over there! Maybe they can help me...

Gotta run!

Earth and the Informers

This was originally posted as an Informer FrontPage article.