We make our video debut in the lack of an apparent RuneScape update. Nonethless we got the quest point shop, player owned farms, and an update on clans. Plus is Google being monopolistic?

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The Hood to Rule Them All

posted by Shane on 18 July 2018 at 14:43 | Discuss on our Forums
This guest article comes to us courtesy of Choto at Clan Quest. Choto is Clan Quest's lead editor the Questaholic monthly magazine.

Imagine this situation: Shane comes forward, and asks me if I want to write an article for Informer.

-Why of course, mate!– I said. What am I writing about?

-The Hoodian Faith.

To be honest, I…I didn’t expect that. Not because it’s an illogical request, but because I’m still wondering what the hell the Hoodian Faith is.

Let’s rewind a bit.

Hoods everyone! I’m Choto, Content Editor of Clan Quest. You might have had the fortune (or disgrace, whatever you prefer), of listening to my lovely voice talking about luck in a RSBandBUpdate! episode. If you haven’t, maybe keep it like that and avoid the pain, Argentinian accent isn’t that nice. Anyway, stop distracting me, I’m here to talk about the Hoodian Faith.

It’s still a mystery for me how something like this comes to life. I am however certain that it was born because every single planet in the universe aligned. It was the exact time, at the exact place, and read by the exact people. It took a mere typo, a mere mistake for the Hood revolution to take its first steps.

-Wait, a mistake? – You are certainly wondering.

Well…yes. I tried to say “Good morning”. Take a look at your keyboard. Focus on the “G”, ignore the dirt. If you are a perceptive person, you’ll notice the “G” is next to…the “H”. Congratulations, you just created a cult.

You’re still wondering if that was a solid argument. I see. And I here hoping you’d get it and I could go to bed.

Don’t you see? In any kind of community where people like me (I’m not a serious person at all) are not allowed to join, probably no one goes beyond the idea that “Hood morning” was just a typo. Maybe even the sender just edits the mistake. Maybe if someone hadn’t just woke up, I wouldn’t have tried to answer with a “Good morning”. But no sir, nothing like that happened. I wish I could throw you some enlightening statistics, but I don’t have them. All I can tell you is that one day I woke up to see a great deal of people hooding each other. But that’s not the (most) amazing part of it all.

When playing RuneScape, I’ve relentlessly tried to inject the “Hoods” in other clans and friends chats, but to no avail. For you see, the planets will never align the same way they did almost two years ago. Maybe someone says “morning” and I answer with “hood morning”, but there won’t be someone to notice the typo. Or maybe someone answers with “food morning”, and we now could have the Foodian Faith in one community and the Hoodian Faith in another one. And that’s the amazing part. It was something that not only will never happen again, but that wouldn’t have happened in different circumstances.

When I put some actual thought to the matter at hand, I believe there is virtually no way that the Hood meme spreads to other clans or games, even if I pray for it day and night. And I also realize that it would’ve been impossible for it to originate anywhere else. You know Cireon, right? Well, when he wrote a 2017 review back in January, he said “Partly thanks to this [the clan Discord], 2017 gave birth to some authentic Clan Quest memes, like the Hoodian Faith, wishing Sirapyro good night, and Xenon.” As I said before, planets just aligned in an unpredictable way, a one-in-a-billion-years moment, if you want, and the Hood was born .

-Ok so it’s just a clan meme, where’s the “Faith” in it? – You probably want to ask me.

Imagine Clan Quest as a democracy. You have the Clan Council, which is the legislative body, the Guild Council (executive), and the Honour Council, which acts as the judicial branch. Those have been the three councils for almost 9 years. We now have 4, because the Hoodian Council has joined the party. Yes, it’s unofficial. Yes, not even the councilors know what they are supposed to do. Yes, it makes no sense at all. But it exists. And there we find the “Faith” in this whole nonsense.

The Hoodian Faith, the Council, the Hood, and everything that was born from a typo, exists because there are people that believe in it. Not literally, because no one really thinks there’s a big Hood in the sky. It’s the same sort of belief that gives power to Clan Quest’s councils. If nobody believed in them, they wouldn’t adhere to the decisions made by those bodies. The Hoodian Council doesn’t serve any actual purpose, but it’s about as realistic as any of the councils, since all are just fabricated groups made by people of Clan Quest on RuneScape. And if you go full philosopher mode, you can even say the same for governments, religions, societies and so on. Yes, it’s true, governments have real power, but only a bunch of them can enforce it outside the nation’s frontiers. The very same analysis can be made about the clan’s councils.

Wow, I lost it there, back to the Hoodian Faith. So what is it?

I asked for help to the current Head of the Hoodian Council (HoHooC for short) to help me answer that. He said: “It’s a fun meme group that evolved from a typo into a running inside joke.” Probably right, he’s the leader, he’s supposed to know. At that point, however, curiosity bit me. So I started asking around. This is the Hoodian Faith to the mere mortals:

“The worshipping of the misspelling of ‘Good Morning’?”

“A group to stand against the tyranny of the Pawfia” (We’ll talk about what the Pawfia is some other day)

“I...guess it's about the willpower to say "hoods" instead of "hello" every day.”

“A weird cult.”

“The Hoodian Faith is the Ying to a Yang, the Day to a Night, the Hood... to a Cloak. Always challenging the ways of the Pawfia and ensuring that everyone has a proper choice when it comes to religion.

Also a CQ meme.”

“It is the belief that if you have a piece of cloth covering your head, you are protected from the elements and all the dangers around you. Akin to the bunker, blankey and large stuffed animal faiths, but for a slightly more mature audience.”

“A religion loosely based on a piece of clothing everyone has but nobody wears, only created to compete against the ruling faith in Pawfia.”

“The Hoodian Faith is a unifying force: all Hoodians are one within it. Whenever the sacred word of Hoods (or any variant thereupon) is spoken, one cannot help but feel a blossoming sense of pride. It is the feeling of being part of something bigger than oneself, of being immersed in a greater whole, of being one with Hoods. The Hoodian Faith does not ask much of you, just that you keep its sacred word alive. Once you do so, the Hoodian glory shall repay your effort a thousandfold.”

“To be honest I just pay the faith lip service and chant hoods wherever possible. But Google sites some prominent Hoodians other than you (obviously) [she means me, the writer]. It mentions Thomas Hood who wrote poems that measured Victorian society against Christian Values. There is The Site of Hoodians which clearly must have some religious significance to virtual Hoodians everywhere. And then of course there is the Hoodian Council, clan quest and the unanswerable question of why the colour of hoods don't match the capes.”

All those answers above were all right. But the one that nailed it was the following:

“The Hoodian Faith is a secret-not-so-secret society. As I understand it came about because of a mistake made long ago, but ¿What great discoveries throughout history were not the result of something not going as planned?

Many a society has risen and fallen, but this one has withstood the test of time, because what greater power is there that binds us together than the power of an inside joke?”

You’re still looking at me. After all my ramblings, you still don’t get it?

The meme, the inside joke, the Hoodian Council, the fraudulent elections that were held, the typo and everything that makes up the Faith…also makes us now. If you come into our clan chat and say “Hoods”, you’ll understand. Clan Quest is our internet home, and the Hoodian Faith is our family joke, our secret, our treasure in this messed up world.


What is Membership Really?

posted by Cireon on 16 July 2018 at 01:47 | Discuss on our Forums

The monthly RuneScape membership has been around since 2002. For most people, the distinction between free players and members has been part of the game since the dawn of time. For the longest time, being a member was the only way to support the game, and it gave you access to all the game’s features.

But everything changed, almost exactly ten years after the introduction of membership, when Yelps made his way into the game with the Squeal of Fortune. While being a RuneScape member gave you an extra spin per day, even those paying for a subscription now had a piece of content that was time-gated, which could be circumvented by buying spins with more real-life money.

In the same year, Jagex introduced Solomon’s General Store. Again members were confronted with not having direct access to new content: the new aesthetic overrides cost RuneCoins, where previously members got their cool-looking stuff through gameplay or the loyalty program.

At the end of the same year, RuneScape first introduced the premier club. A special version of three, six, and twelve month memberships that gave additional spins and RuneCoins. It was presented as an all-in-one package, and it seemed to take over the position of membership of the highest tier subscription.

Since then, the premier club has stopped to include RuneCoins, and new types of subscriptions have been included: RuneMetrics Pro and temporary events, including the latest RunePass. These changes cause controversy across the community. A lot of this is probably still rooted in the idea that membership is the full access package of RuneScape. From that perspective, it seems that Jagex has slowly chipped off features from membership and brought them under in other types of subscriptions, meanwhile increasing the monthly price of the original subscription service.

Even though it may be difficult, it is worth considering what “membership” actually means. The word itself doesn’t mean much, which in itself may be in need of a good PR pass. Membership is in fact a content pass for all member’s content, which is very regularly updated and added to. Membership also has some advantages feeding into the other subscription models: an extra Treasure Hunter key a day and a 10% discount on Solomon’s General Store. They are significant, but not the main attraction.

Looking back in the past, membership has always just given access to the full content package, yet it always seems to be advertised as more. With the introduction of alternate monetization methods, that just no longer really true. This is the most likely cause of the community’s response.

The gold premier membership was introduced as a tier on top of that. It started with some advantages across different monetization models, but it seems to now mostly be a slightly shinier version of membership. Jagex has admitted that they should consider including RunePass in the premier memberships, so it may be that we will see a return to a premier membership that is more of an all-round coverage.

Of course we all want to pay as little as possible and get access to as much as possible. This is what we got with membership, but it is no longer what we get. There is a good reason for Jagex to not go with this one all-or-nothing subscription. Among game developers that depend on in-app purchases for profit, it is reasonably common knowledge that the majority of the revenue comes from a small core of players. The exact numbers vary by research and platform, but a good ballpark number is that 10% of the players spend 90% worth of the revenue [1][2].

If you’re a big fan of RuneScape, you’re willing to spend some money on it. However, once you get membership, there used to not be a way to spend more money. Premier club, Treasure Hunter, Solomon’s General Store, they were all introduced to cater to the group of players who are willing to spend more on the game, while allowing the wider player base to stick to a relatively cheap membership (RuneScape membership is still cheaper than the membership of many other online games). This is why I like Solomon’s General Store so much: it allows players that spend more on the game to subsidize the game for other players in a way that does not break the game, since it’s primarily visual overrides.

The reason I am writing this article because I believe it is important to understand the context when entering the discussion on microtransactions and monetization. The different monetization models have been designed in such a way that people can spend nearly a limitless amount of money on the game if they so desire. If we want the game’s main core of content to remain affordable, we need to accept that other monetization methods are required. While these “whales” (the actual technical term for big spenders) subsidize the game, we can enjoy the majority of the game at a reasonable price.

This is not to say we shouldn’t keep Jagex honest. There being alternative money-spending methods while we are already expected to pay a monthly price is a bit sour, and RuneScape is quite unique in that respect. Most games having similar monetization methods have either just an entry price, or are free entirely. This is a balance that has traditionally appeared to be hard to solve. Rethinking what a premier membership means is a good first step, and there is also a lot of PR Jagex could improve to explain the context that I have explained in this post. However, we, as a community, should always assume Jagex’s best intentions for the game, and hopefully this post goes some way in facilitating a constructive discussion.

A rundown of account security and how to use authenticator without a phone. An update on RS mobile, summer weekends are on the way, and a bug to end all bugs on Old School RuneScape. Finally, a neutrino that left long ago from a galaxy far far away.

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
Duration: 1:56:54

Give Jagex a Pass

posted by tanishalfelf on 13 July 2018 at 02:10 | Discuss on our Forums

Jagex launched an experimental promotion this week called RunePass. Needless to say, it hasn't gone well. RunePass has been called everything from a cash grab to the beginning of the end of RuneScape. Unfortunately, this narrative has been driven home by posts on Reddit and YouTube videos. In fact, some players in the community ran to grab their pitchforks with one hand while threatening to cancel their subscription with the other before Jagex even had a chance to put a statement out. In typical Jagex tradition, the launch of this promotion was failed both in its timing and its explanation. This resulted in the fumbled PR response and ultimately trotting Mod Osbourne out to do a live stream that looked more like a hostage video. Nothing can set the community off quite like micro-transactions can, and it's easy to see from statements that were taken out of context why some players have a real problem with RunePass. This month let's all have a tall glass of settle down as we take a look at what RunePass is and what Jagex says they want to accomplish with it.

RunePass is a progression achievement focused promotion. That means you have to work through certain achievements to progress through the pass and get rewards. There is a free pass and a gold pass that gives better rewards including a legendary pet. The gold pass costs 400 rune coins and can be purchased from Solomon's General Store. The RunePass is similar to the currency collecting or bingo card events we've seen over and over the last few years. At first glance, it doesn't seem any different than any other promotion Jagex has thrown out there so why is this one getting such a different response from part of the RS community?

The biggest and most credible criticism of RunePass is that Premiere Club members should have received the gold tier for free. This is 100% true and I agree with this sentiment. Why then did Jagex choose to not do this? The answer boils down to it being an experiment. In an effort to minimize variables as much as possible Jagex chose not to give it to Premier Club members so they could accurately see how the promotion was being engaged in. This was a mistake, but it wasn't a mistake that was made in order to get every last dollar out of your wallet. Limiting variables is an important step in any experiment but Jagex in this situation should have either controlled for that data or just thrown out Premier Club participation altogether. Unfortunately not doing this gave some of the vocal minority a foothold on bashing Jagex's nearsightedness.

The next major criticism is that Jagex included a paid path but there is no way to receive the same rewards without paying. It is true that lately, Jagex has been including a way to obtain promotional rewards without paying. The currency and bingo card events are good examples of that. A player can buy treasure hunter keys and have a chance to receive an item that speeds the whole process up. The fact that a cosmetic item is only obtainable from purchasing Rune Coins is not new. In fact, players have repeatably said they are fine with cosmetic MTX. The problem this time is players thought that Jagex had moved into a direction where the items could also be obtained through gameplay. In these players eyes, this is the worst case scenario because you not only have to pay but you also need to put in gameplay to get the items. When it comes to a skilling outfit then, of course, it should have an avenue to obtain it through gameplay, however, we aren't talking about skilling outfits here. In fact, cosmetic items are the best way to make something like RunePass work. The way someone is dressed affects no one else's game. FashionScape is a very real thing and players take a lot of pride in how their character looks. This is where Jagex can make some additional revenue and not cause too much commotion. Games like Fortnite and Overwatch have been doing this for some time and been very successful at it. Oh, and did I mention bonds can be bought with RuneScape gold and redeemed for Rune Coins? So uh, ya...

Lastly, there is the argument that Jagex just raised membership. This is true but the two things are completely unrelated. RunePass is an experiment and Jagex probably never thought about the optics of releasing RunePass so soon after a rise in membership cost. Once again the folly comes by not realizing that some players would consider this a cash grab. The most damaging criticism of all wasn't Jagex's fault at all. In their live stream where they were responding to RunePass a J-mod who was unfamiliar with the issue had stated do you want smoldering lamp promos or RunePass? This was then transcribed and there was no context for the statement. Many players took it as Jagex saying you are getting one or the other rather you like it or not. This actually wasn't what the J-mod was saying at all. He was talking about it being an experiment and which kind of promotion players preferred according to their engagement, however that statement added gas to the already raging fire. Finally, there are some players that just hate MTX of any kind no matter the circumstance. All I can say about these players is at least you are consistent and while I don't agree with that position I can respect it. Those are the major criticisms, but what is Jagex saying in response?

Jagex has repeatedly said that RunePass is an experiment and we may never see it again. They also have expressed that RunePass could replace treasure hunter promotions, Dailyscape, and currency/bingo events. The critics either tuned out by this time or just ignored this part because it doesn't fit their narrative. This is the most important statement Jagex has put out about the whole issue. The players can help develop this in a way they are most comfortable with and is most beneficial to all parties. Jagex has acknowledged that they would include Premier Club if RunePass was to move forward. They have also said they should have provided more information about RunePass before its launch. Those are wins for the players and we can achieve more wins if we provide the kind of feedback that can be constructive instead of flaming.

What we should be pressing Jagex to do is make RunePass's free track more lucrative. Make the paid pass cosmetic only. Make the pass replace Dailyscape and Treasure Hunter for the entirety of the pass's duration. Premiere Club gold members should get the new passes and the old gold passes for free and silver premiere club should get all the current gold passes while bronze could pick a certain number of the gold passes. There are many ways to improve RunePass if we can be constructive. My fear is that now RunePass will be considered a failure and we will be stuck with treasure hunter for the foreseeable future because of a knee-jerk reaction by some in the community.

I want players to remember that Jagex has been working hard to give us updates that we want. By all accounts, they have been doing pretty good this year. As a community, we can't jump all over them when they make a mistake, especially one as small as this. At the end of the day as players you want Jagex to make money and be a successful company. The alternative is not having RuneScape. If Jagex can find additional revenue through things have no detrimental outcomes for the game then we need to suck it up and give Jagex a pass. Until next time, Happy RuneScaping.