Our opinion on Elite Slayer Monsters, thoughts on the lack of livestream listeners, and fresh discussion of the crops that will be required for the Quest Point Master Cape.

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[Informer] Some More Summer

posted by King Kulla on 1 August 2015 at 01:57

Hello again everyone, King Kulla here to deliver upon you all the latest and greatest news that have happened in the Rsbandb world this past month. I hope this fine day finds you all well, and hopefully your summers are going well!

Let's start off with Informer, where we had lots of great articles published by the team. Colton kicked off the month with his take on Heroes' Welcome and The Over-Ambitious Nature of Today's Quest Developer. Next, Duke Juker went over a bunch of Games That Should Be Movies! Mr Bistro's entry this month was simply titled Raids, whereas Alex feels that the world is Running out of Room! Mason gave us his Top 5 Elite Skill Ideas, and Tanis showed us how Jagex Shows Its Conservative Side! Finally, Shane really really wants all of us to get Windows 10, so he showed us 10 Reasons for Windows 10. Hopefully you all check out these great articles!

In Skill of the Month news, we see that Tim has magicked his way through the Magic competition, amassing 8.3M XP! The closest competitors were Flash with 4M XP and Metalmaniac9 with 2.2M XP. Congratulations Tim, here is your trophy:


Hope everyone enjoys the rest of August, and I'll see you all soon!

King Kulla

Jagex is showing off their conservative side again this year by once again teaming up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This time WWF wants to encourage awareness about the most threatened Big Cats. From July 20th to August 17th the conservationist will be in Burthorpe. I respect Jagex for their support of worthy causes and it shows why Jagex and the RuneScape community is a different breed in the gaming community. Let’s take a look at what is going on during this event and then we can delve a little further into the plight of the Big Cats.

Stop by the conservationist in Burthorpe to participate in the activities. First up, Jagex has brought back ‘The Drop’, a trivia game this time centered on Big Cat trivia. Other improvements have also been made to The Drop. It’s offered twice an hour now and is instanced, which is very convenient. In addition, it seems to be running much smoother than in the past and hasn't been plagued by the problems we saw in previous iterations. The object is to answer twelve questions about Big Cats with the first week’s emphasis on Jaguars and the second week's focus on Tigers. For every question you get right the first week you earn a point. The first week you can earn twelve points and the second you can earn up to twenty four. The points can be spent at the conservationist's sanctuary. You can adopt a tiger cub or a jaguar cub for nine points each. There are also three new titles: Snowy Assassin, Stealth Predator, and of course King of the Jungle, each costing you two points. The drop is only available for two weeks so stop by and check it out.

You can donate bonds to the conservationist as well. Donating one bond will allow you to adopt a lion cub. It’s important to note that for the duration of the event you can use a Beast of Burden pouch on your cub to turn it into a Beast of Burden just like your legendary pets. Five bonds will get you the snow leopard cub and every bond donated will get you a present containing seven treasure hunter keys. For every bond you donate, Jagex is donating $2.85 to WWF. As of today July 29th, 24,002 bonds have been donated bringing the total money raised to $68, 405.70. That’s not chump change and we're only one week into the event. Nice job to Jagex and the players.

One thing I have noticed when talking to players in game is in spite of the drops' efforts to raise awareness it seems that there is some confusion about just how threatened Big Cats are. Last year no one disputed the dire situation the black rhino was in. Contrast this with the perception I've heard from many players that Big Cats are of course threatened but not like the rhino. This really couldn't be further from the truth and had I not looked at the numbers myself, I'm not sure I would have believed it either. All of the following numbers on population come from the WWF's website. For example the black rhino has an estimated population of 4,848. Compare this to the estimated number of snow leopards at 4,080 and you can see these animals are in trouble and need of conservation efforts. Tigers are in even more dire straits at an estimated population of 3,200. You might not think about tigers being so bad off because well, every zoo has a tiger and you've seen them but in the wild they are all but gone. This brings us to the Jaguar. The Jaguar is so hard to track; we don't even know what the population is. We know they are endangered but their remoteness makes it very difficult to estimate. The African Lion is probably doing the best of all of these but even at that is looking at an estimated decline of 30% over the next few decades. It also depends on what part of Africa we're talking about. The African lion once covered nearly all of Africa and is all but extinct in West Africa with its largest populations in East Africa where conservation efforts are strongest. It just goes to show that our wildlife is disappearing and without serious efforts could disappear in our lifetime. Can you imagine reading a book with your grandchild and showing them pictures of elephants, rhinos, and tigers and talking about them like they're dinosaurs because they went extinct before they were born? That’s the kind of scenario that could happen.

I have to hand it to Jagex; they put their money where their heart is. They could have made a killing off of those pets (no pun intended) but they chose to help a worthy cause. I think it says a lot about the kind of company Jagex is. If you look at who they have done this for in the past, it’s been kids with disabilities and some of the most endangered animals on the planet. They've stood up and sacrificed some of their bottom line to actually help something - we don't see enough of that these days. Not only that, but time and time again RuneScape players have shown their generosity. I'm not judging other game companies or their game communities but I can say that I’ve played a lot of games and I've been in a lot of communities and there's no other company and community like this one. Major thanks to all that have donated and participated in this event. One final note to any of the naysayers out there. Giving nearly $70K away to charity in just the first week is not something a struggling company can do. No, the state of our game is strong, the number of our players is high, and the compassion in our hearts is overflowing. Until next time, Happy RuneScaping.

Skill of the Week #4

posted by Magicking610 on 29 July 2015 at 18:24

Hello everybody!

This week's competition is in Attack!


To clarify: This competition will begin at Midnight RSBANDB time (11pm PDT, 12am MDT, 2am EDT, 6am UTC) on Wednesday, August 5 and end on Midnight (11pm PDT, 12am MDT, 2am EDT, 6am UTC) on August 12.

PLEASE NOTE: If you change your in game name during the competition, your progress WILL NOT be tracked.

Good luck!

10 Reasons for Windows 10

posted by Shane on 29 July 2015 at 17:25 | Discuss on our Forums

Windows 10 is here! It’s an upgrade that greatly increases the usability of Windows and heralds a new direction for Microsoft. Windows releases are typically loved or shunned by the community for arbitrary reasons, true or not. What is true is that I’ve got 10 solid reasons for you, the reader, to upgrade to Windows 10.

  1. The upgrade is free
  2. Windows 10 brings a modern OS to Windows users
  3. It will be last Windows update that is hard to install
  4. The update will be painless
  5. Windows 10 will be stable
  6. A unified Microsoft platform
  7. Microsoft has made development tools freely available
  8. A great new interface + Cortana
  9. Game streaming from Xbox
  10. Edge

Windows 10 Desktop
1. The upgrade is free.
The bulk of Microsoft’s revenue comes from enterprise customers. This in turn means that Microsoft takes a smaller amount of revenue from consumer services (Office subscriptions, Xbox, etc.) Windows 10 is probably the most important Windows release since Windows 95. Microsoft wants everyone to upgrade and they can accomplish this by making Windows 10 free (for a year) and it won’t hurt the bottom line in any noticeable way. Besides, people like to pirate Windows, this gives them a reason not to.

2. Windows 10 brings a modern OS to Windows users.
Why does Windows 10 need to be free? Microsoft has had a rough go in terms of consumer perception over the last decade. Vista didn’t go over well in the beginning, 7 was a breath of fresh air, but 8 brought doubt to the standard user once again. Vista created a modern OS for the mid-2000s and 7 refined it. Windows 8 attempted to create the next generation of desktop operating systems tying in the desktop, notebooks, mobile, and gaming. For an unknown reason to myself the standard user does not cope well with change. Windows 10 lets you be whatever you want. Want to use Windows as you used Windows 7? You can do that. Want to use the new style of interface introduced in Windows 8? You can do that as well. Windows 10 brings a top of the line modern operating system to the public while presenting an incredible amount of choice.

Windows 10 Start Menu

The Windows 10 Start Menu, combining the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8
3. It will be the last Windows update that is hard to install.
We’ve heard from Microsoft and in various media that this will be “the last version of Windows.” We should believe Microsoft when they say this. The same code base will also be running on Microsoft’s Surface tablets and Windows Phone devices and the expectation for mobile devices is that upgrading be simple. There’s no reason this can’t happen on the desktop. This has the added benefit of decreasing the amount of potential problems that can occur during the update process. Going forward, updating your Windows PC will be as simple as updating your smartphone to its newest operating system!

4. The update will be painless.
Since Windows Vista the plumbing that makes Windows work hasn’t changed all that much aside from optimizations. In fact, every version of Windows since Vista has run on relatively the same kernel (a kernel bridges the gap between hardware and software). Microsoft heavily optimized the kernel for Windows 7 (version 6.1) and made smaller changes for Windows 8 (6.2) and 8.1 (6.3). Windows 10 (6.4) continues this glacial improvement of the kernel. As a result, almost everything that worked on 7 or 8 should work on Windows 10. No upgrade pains!

5. Windows 10 will be stable.
If there’s one thing that has been learned since the release of Windows 7 is that new releases from Microsoft are stable. There’s absolutely no reason to expect anything else from Microsoft with Windows 10. With that being said all operating systems whether they are for a desktop computer or a smartphone are prone to security vulnerabilities that will be patched in a reasonable amount of time. Windows 10 won’t be anymore vulnerable than its predecessors, this is because of the common lineage that it shares with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Moral of the story: aside from standard security patches Windows 10 won’t have that many bugs.

6. A unified Microsoft platform.
Where Windows 10 gets really interesting is the single unified platform it presents. For years the goal of Microsoft, Apple, and Google to a lesser extent has been to provide an experience that transitions seamlessly between devices. Microsoft accomplishes this with Windows 10. Desktops and notebooks run the Windows we all know. The Surface tablets can run Windows 10 in tablet mode or desktop mode. Windows Phone devices will run Windows 10 in a shrunk tablet mode. And of course, the Xbox will also present an interface that is familiar but not exactly the same as the desktops, notebooks, Surfaces, and phones. There’s something to be said about applications look the same across all of your devices.

7. Microsoft has made development tools freely available.
Under previous versions of Windows publishing an application on the Windows Store meant that a developer would need to spend hundreds of dollars on Visual Studio to create the application. That’s gone with Windows 10 as the developer tools required are freely available. This means that we’ll see more application developers and ultimately more applications created for Windows 10. Applications can ultimately determine the success of any new platform. Windows applications are plentiful but the vast majority of them aren’t that great. With applications curated in the Windows Store and a whole new batch of developers moving to the platform means that we should see some great new applications for Windows 10. As a final note, developers will be able to write code once and have it work on desktops, tablets, and phones.

8. A great new interface + Cortana.
The Windows 7 interface was very popular. Windows 8 took this interface and modified it heavily, with mixed results. Windows 10 improves the interface bringing together the best elements of Windows 7 and Windows 8 (pictured above). The start menu is only a full screen entity if you are using a tablet or phone. If you are on a desktop or notebook computer it functions much like the start menu of Windows 7. While this similarity exists it also brings exciting new features. The start menu can now show live tiles from applications that are installed (weather, news headlines, social updates for example), the start menu can also search the internet, and Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, has arrived in the start menu. Cortana has many of the same features of Siri and Google Now but is described as more human than Siri and not as information hungry as Google Now. Cortana marks the first time such an assistant has been present on a desktop operating system. It will definitely be interesting to see where Microsoft goes with Cortana on the desktop.

9. Game streaming from Xbox.
Furthering the idea of a single unified platform it is now possible to stream games from your Xbox to any Windows 10 device. Keeping in mind that Windows 10 provides the same experience across all devices this means that your tablet or notebook computer can access your Xbox games as well! The streaming works well and has very little noticeable input lag while running over a home network. The only downside of Xbox game streaming is that your Xbox will also display the game being played, that means no TV while gaming. This may change in a future update to Windows 10 and the Xbox. In the future you will also be able to stream PC games to your Xbox if you prefer a larger screen.

10. Edge
For all of recent memory the two browsers to use on Windows have either been Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. An operating system is a suite of core software, included in this software should be a browser that is actually decent. Microsoft delivered that with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Edge is a modern web browser that abandons most of what was known in the past with Internet Explorer, this is a good thing. Edge is fast and usable right now with the launch of Windows 10, give it a try. It will become even better when it gains support for Google Chrome extensions later this year.

There you have it, 10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. If you are having doubts, doubt no further. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the discussion topic. We are at the beginning of a transformation of Windows as we know it.