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 Post subject: King's Ransom
PostPosted: July 24th, 2007, 12:25 pm 
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Quest Requirements
Black Knights' Fortress
Merlin's Crystal
Holy Grail
Murder Mystery
One Small Favour

Skill Requirements
Level 45 Magic
Level 65 Defence

Item Requirements
Black Full Helmet
Black Platebody
Black Platelegs
Iron Chainbody
Bronze Med Helm
A piece of Granite(any size)

To start this quest, talk to the Gossip outside the gates of the Sinclair mansion. He will tell you that the rest of the Sinclair family have disappeared.
Tell the Gossip that you will investigate what happened, he will then tell you to talk to the guard in the garden.

Talk to the guard and he will say the Sinclairs left their mansion at the same time King Arthur and his knights disappeared.
Tell the guard you will help him gather evidence from inside the mansion.

To get in the mansion, go to side of the house where the dog is located and break the window.

Go to the dining room and take the Scrap paper located next to the fireplace. Next, go upstairs and go in the centre room with the dragon's head in it. Take the Address form on the table. Then search the bookshelf next to the one nearest the dragon's head and you will find a black full helmet.

Go back to the guard and he will then ask you to look into the family's history. Talk to the Gossip and ask him about Anna Sinclair, he will tell you that she is being held at the Seers' Village Courthouse. (Where the party hall used to be.)

Go the the Courthouse and talk to Anna in one of the cells. She will ask you to defend her in court in exchange for a secret passage into Camelot.

Once you've accepted the offer, Anna will give you some thread. Go back to the Sinclair mansion and talk to each of the servants there. Talk to all of them and go through all options.

Once you have enough evidence go to the Courthouse and go down the stairs. You will be in court. The prosecutor will be explain his evidence to the Judge. When it's your turn to speak call all of the servants to the bench and ask them each question again, this time you will start making points to convince the Jury that Anna is innocent.

Once you've shown enough evidence that Anna was innocent the Judge will say that he's heard enough and will then ask the Jury for their verdict.
They will state that Anna is innocent. Talk to Anna and you will ask for your part of the deal. She will tell you to go back up to the Courthouse and she will tell you there.

Go upstairs and talk to Anna, she will tell you to go round the east side of the castle until you find a statue and then pull the statue's arm to find a secret way into the Castle.

Once you get in you will see Anna and David there. Turns out Anna betrayed you. They used you to free Anna before luring you into Camelot.
Morgan Le Faye will show up and throw you into her dungeon.

Talk to Merlin and he will say that Morgan has stripped him of his magical abilities. You will start to discuss a plan to help Merlin escape and save King Arthur. Go to the back of the cell and reach for the vent at the top, shortly after... The knights will form a human pyramid and Merlin will crawl out of jail.

You will then need to escape yourself... Talk to all the knights until you get 1 air rune and 1 law rune. Use the telekinetic grab on the guard brushing his hair. You will get a hairclip, use that on the door and you will have to figure out the right combination.

Once you're out of jail the knights will be fighting the guards. Go to the top floor and search the shelf. You will have to solve a riddle to get the Holy Grail back. If you don't fancy that just search the pink box instead.

Now head of the Ardougne and talk to Wizard Cromperty in the building with the blue tiles. You will now need to get:

Some granite
An iron chain
A bronze medium
A black full helmet
A black platebody
Black platelegs
All along with the holy grail and the magic scroll that the wizard gave you.

Go to the Black Knight Fortress and equip your bronze medium and iron chain, once you're in equip the black armour. Push the wall and go down the ladder, you will be in a dungeon with a statue of King Arthur. Go up and free him and he will tell you to meet him back at Camelot, he will take your bronze medium and iron chain as a disguise to escape the fort.

Go back to Camelot and he will reward you with 5,000 Magic xp, 33,000 Defence xp, a 5,000 xp reward lamp and access to the Knight Waves training ground.

End of Quest

Happy to answer any questions.


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PostPosted: July 24th, 2007, 2:11 pm 
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Hey, Thanks for the guide, i was kinda stuck on the court part, i had the information but i couldnt get out of it :)

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 Post subject: Re: King's Ransom
PostPosted: April 27th, 2010, 11:24 am 
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You should add pictures, just to help people visualize it. Also, just a suggestion, you could also add a Knight Waves guide to it. I know it's not part of the quests, but since it is a relatively difficult miniquest and it comes after this quest...


 Post subject: Re: King's Ransom
PostPosted: April 30th, 2010, 11:08 pm 
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well also realize that this guide is over 2 years old.

if you like, you may also make more guides for the site if you like


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