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 Post subject: The dream of a little girl.
PostPosted: November 18th, 2020, 7:21 pm 
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I wanted to share this little tidbit since 2016, unfortunately I had to wait.

In 2003, I was in the hallway of high school (yes, I was a wee lad) I always got to school earlier due to the bus, and aside from finishing my homework in the hallway before class starts, I would read the San Francisco Chronicle.

One thing that I enjoyed doing, was reading the Dear Abby section, figuring it may give me some life advise among seeing what sport team won. One spring day I was reading a dear Abby column about a little girl wanting to become president one day, but her class and teacher laughed and ridiculed her for her idea. Obviously, the poor girl was devastated, and Abby gave a simple answer about don't give up.

No, the little girl was not Kamala Harris.

But for most readers, that was the end of it.... until something very magical happened. A few months later I was wrapping up my math homework before the bell rang, when I decided to pick up the paper again. When I got to the Dear Abby section, the writer brought this story back... with reprint letters from President Candidate John Kerry AND President George W. Bush. Both said something similar, to encourage the little girl to follow her dreams and never give up.

With the election as Joseph Biden as the 46th president of the U.S, we also now have the first female Vice president in history. A new momentous occasion.

To the little girl, who I remember reading all these years, I hope your dream of becoming president burns brighter after today. If you decide to have a career change after 17 years of life experience, I hope that you keep your ambition big and to never give up.

Below is a copy from the little girl, and the response from former President Bush. Sadly, I am unable to find the letter from John Kerry, but if anybody does find it, feel free to share.

Congratulations President Biden on your election. You have 4 years to do good, before the people decide your fate yet again.

Classmates Lower the Boom on Girl Who Has Lofty Goal

DEAR ABBY: I am a 13-year-old girl in the eighth grade. For my Health and Human Services class, I had to do an oral report about my future career.

I have wanted to be president of the United States since fifth grade. But when I said that, my teacher laughed at me. He told me I had very little chance of making it, although he didn't say why.

Then, "Jim," another student, started laughing hysterically and said girls aren't allowed to be president. I said, "Yeah, and I'll bet the idiots who came up with that idea were guys!" I was so upset I ran out of the room.

Now, a group of kids at school have started calling me names and spreading rumors about me. Jim even tripped me and made me bite my lip. I try to ignore them, but it's hard. They keep laughing at me, and my teacher is no help. I am losing sleep and feel horrible.

Abby, I didn't realize so much trouble could come out of revealing a dream. It's not like I am not ambitious enough. I'm in the National Junior Honor Society and my poetry has been published in the paper more than once.

I have tried talking to the guidance counselors, but they have done nothing. And when I mention my career ambition to my family, all I get from them is, "That's nice, dear."

Please respond, Abby. My dream is turning into a nightmare. -- I HAVE A DREAM

DEAR I HAVE A DREAM: Please clip this and show it to your male chauvinist teacher. Because a woman has never been president of the United States does not mean that it will never happen. Fifty years ago there was a saying, "A woman's place is in the home." Today, more women work outside the home than in it. And this year, for the first time, there were more female applicants to medical schools than male.

Please don't let your classmates get you down. If necessary, ask your parents to get involved to stop the harassment. The people who imply that you cannot fulfill your dreams are wrong. I expect to see a woman be elected president in my lifetime -- and who's to say it won't be you? Certainly not this columnist!

President Encourages Girl Who Has Her Sights Set on His Job

DEAR ABBY: Last March you printed a letter I wrote. In it, I told you I had expressed my desire to become the first female U.S. president, but my teacher and fellow students laughed at me.

Since writing to you, I have received a flood of support from friends, Dear Abby readers and you, yourself. But wait, there is more! I received a letter from Sen. John Kerry, and just recently, one from the White House signed by President Bush.

The fact that I received a response to my letter from that high up on the ladder of life has inspired me. I feel that I can now follow my dreams and help other young women my age to believe that they, too, can do whatever they want if they just trust themselves.

I have included a copy of what President Bush had to say, in case you want to print it, Abby. And thank you for your help. -- MARTA IN MARYLAND

DEAR MARTA: Thank you for the update, and for granting me permission to print the letter you received from President Bush. (I printed Sen. Kerry's letter last May.) That he would take time from his campaign schedule to offer you his support shows his belief in young people like yourself, who, in the years to come, will determine the future of our country. Read on:

"Dear Marta: I recently learned about your desire to be president of the United States.

"America is a great country, where people can dream big and achieve their full potential through hard work and determination. I encourage you to continue setting high goals, studying hard and helping others.

"The lessons you learn now will help you develop the character and values you need to succeed in life and become a responsible leader.

"Your idealism, hope and energy reflect the spirit of America and can help to build a better future for all our citizens.

"Mrs. Bush and I send our best wishes. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.

"Sincerely, George W. Bush"


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This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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