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 Post subject: Forum Rules - Last updated March 8, 2012
PostPosted: September 15th, 2004, 8:37 pm 
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Rules for Runescape Bits & Bytes Forums

Latest updates:
  • March 8, 2012 - Rule rewording for readability in punishments section.
  • April 22, 2010 - Account review policy added
  • June 16, 2009 - Punishments for Runescape Rule breaches modified
  • May 11, 2009 - Reworded Runescape Official Rules in light of the May 11 Offence System Rework

  1. Runescape Official Rules
    • All admissions to violations of Runescape rules will result in official warnings.
    • Encouraging others to break rules will always result in a permanent ban from our community.
    • You may find the official Runescape rules here.

  2. Spam - Unofficial Warning
    Please do not spam. Things that may constitute spam are:
    • Posts in all capital letters.
    • Posts that only consist of images.
    • Posts with large amounts of emoticons.
    • Posts not related to the topic or in the wrong forum.
    • Quoting someone without adding a response to their message.
    • Excessively creating large amounts topics with little discussion value.
    • Posts in dark colours such as dark purples, dark blue, or black.
    • Double posting where not permitted. Please use the edit button if you wish to change or add on to a post. Double posting is currently permitted if you are posting in recruitment or goals and achievements if you are posting a new achievement.

  3. Flaming or Flame Baiting - Official Warning
    • Flaming is engaging in an argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more people.
    • Flame-baiting (a.k.a. trolling) is when one attempts to provoke a response that is classed as flaming.

  4. Questioning a Moderator or Admin Decision - Unofficial Warning
    • Do not question moderator or admin decisions in public forums.
    • If you have a question PM the moderator or admin in question instead of posting.
    • If someone is banned, they were banned for a breach of rules; we do not ban people randomly. Please do not ask about why people were banned.

  5. Backseat Moderating - Unofficial Warning
    • If you would like to help the moderating team, please report posts that break the rules. Please do not post on the topic, the mods will get to it ASAP.
    • Posts that should be reported alongside rule breaking posts are posts that involve answered questions.

  6. Plagiarism - Official Warning
    • Any Kind of plagiarism (taking content without asking) will not be tolerated. This includes graphics and written work. You must say where you got the info and credit it properly.

  7. Language - Unofficial Warning
    • Moderate swearing is allowed. If anyone is offended by this language, they can enable the language filter in the UCP.
    • Excessive swearing, racism, sexual language, references to illegal drugs, or bypassing the filter is forbidden.
    • Images or Videos with mild language may be posted only in a spoiler/hidden tag with a warning above it.

  8. Advertising - Unofficial Warning
    • Creating topics for the sole purpose of advertising other websites is not allowed. These types of topics have little discussion value. The only exception to this is clan sites, in the recruitment forum.
    • You may have links to personal websites in your sig only, as long as they are not rule violating in anyway.
    • Posting links to sites which collect personal data (name, email, address, etc) is not allowed anywhere.
    • You may not link to IRC channels, they are forbidden by the AUP of the company we rent our server from.

  9. Impersonation - Unofficial Warning
    • Impersonating other members on the forums or highscores is not allowed.
    • Any account used that is being used for impersonation will be locked.
    • Do not enter RS names that do not belong to you in the Runescape Name or Secondary Runescape Name section. If you do not wish to appear in the highscores simply leave these fields blank.

  10. Signatures - Unofficial Warning

Disciplinary Action
You will receive appropriate disciplinary action for breaking any rules. If you continue to break the rules after being told to stop (i.e. an Unofficial Warning), you will begin to receive Official Warnings which count toward more severe punishments such as a temporary ban, probation status, or a permanent ban.

  1. Unofficial Warning
    • A private message will be sent to you from a mod or admin warning you of your behaviour. This is essentially a "don't do it again" message.
    • These warnings do not count against your Official Warning count.
  2. Official Warning
    • A private message will be sent to you from a mod or admin warning you of your behaviour.
    • A warning count is kept of all official warnings issued against your account.
    • Receiving a fourth official warning will result in an automatic temporary (one week) ban and probation status. Receiving a fifth official warning will result in an automatic permanent ban from the forums.
  3. Temporary Ban
    • This ban is automatically issued after receiving a fourth official warning.
    • In special circumstances, a temporary ban may be issued by a mod or admin depending on the offence committed where an official warning is too lenient.
    • Temporary bans can range from one week to one month.
  4. Probation
    • After receiving your fourth official warning, you will be placed on probation for a month in addition to receiving a temporary ban. Your posts and behavior will be closely monitored by the mods and admins. Each post is subject to approval before appearing in a topic.
    • At the end of your month long probation, your case will be reviewed by the mods and admins. A decision will be made to either remove you from probation or permanently ban you.
  5. Permanent Ban
    • Permanent bans are issued ASAP when one of the specified Runescape Rules in Rule 1 is broken or anything illegal is posted on these forums.
    • Doing the following will get you permanently banned: posting links to scam/hack sites, posting links or talking about participating in illegal file sharing, posting pornography, excessive spamming, or threatening to hack other members.
    • Permanent bans are also issued after reaching a fifth official warning or after failing to pass probation.

While these rules will always be followed as punishing guidelines, extreme cases of rule breaking may require more extreme measures of enforcing as determined by a majority vote of owners and admins.

These rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Account Review
Once a year you are entitled to request an account review. Your account review will be undertaken by the moderators and owners. If you request a review you should clearly state which warning you think should be removed. Please be as clear and concise as possible in your explanation of what you did wrong and how you have improved.

If you are banned you are still free to request an account review by contacting us at with your forum user name. It should be noted that there is no guarantee you will be unbanned. At the minimum after being unbanned you will be subjected to a probation phase.

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PostPosted: September 15th, 2004, 8:37 pm 
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