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 Post subject: Death's Door - Halloween 2014 Event Guide w/pictures
PostPosted: October 21st, 2014, 2:35 pm 
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I thought I would share this all with the community!

The 2014 Halloween Event is here, and ghosts have invaded Death's house! He needs your help to get rid of them, and if you do, you will of course be rewarded with immortality material gain.

Getting started

You can start the event near Burthorpe lodestone by talking to Muncher, Death's dog. Your character will make fun of the situation by referencing one of several real-life books, and then guess correctly that Death needs help getting rid of ghosts. You will then be given the opportunity to teleport to Death's house to help. Once there, talk to Death and arm yourself with a Proto Pack GZFxtSz.png and you're ready to dismiss ghosts!

Location of Muncher:

and on the World map:


Dismissing Ghosts, Fear, and Points

Dismissing ghosts is not difficult, and unlike in Ghostbusters, there's no need to worry about crossing the streams! You first need to step over the chain link fence (click) from the initial area. Simply make sure you are wielding the Proto Pack and click on a ghost to start firing away. The ghosts will take damage and display a health bar on top as any other combat NPC would. Once all their health is gone, they will be banished for good and you will be awarded a number of points, depending on what type (and hence how strong) the ghost was.


Of course, it wouldn't be much of a challenge if the ghosts couldn't fight back! They have several special attacks of varying damage, but the bottom line is that they are so terrifying that they will literally instill fear into the hearts of adventurers. You will see purple hitsplats indicating that you are taking "fear" damage (pictured below), and a bar with your current fear at the top. If it gets to 100%, you will be scared to Death (haha Jagex, pun). You will not lose any items or die for real - it's a safe death. So indeed the only thing you have to fear is fear itself! This will result in you returning to the starting area with fear back down to 30% and cost you 20 reward points.


There are two ways to combat fear. One method is to find a window with moonlight shining in and stand in it to "heal" 5% fear rapidly (every game tick). The other is to consume items that will reduce fear. There are chocolate bars, teddies, and nightlights Image, which lower your fear by 20, 30, and 40%, respectively. However, the general consensus is that this pursuit is not worthwhile and it is simply better to die and take the 20 point sacrifice, since the cost is nominal compared to the hundreds or thousands of points one can rack up before reaching full fear.

You are also awarded points every time you dismiss a ghost. The first 2,000 of these will be doubled, and you can see how much of those you can use in the minigame HUD, pictured below.


Finding/Summoning ghosts

That's all very well but how to you find ghosts? And what are demonic ghosts? Due to the popularity of the event you likely will not have an issue finding weaker ghosts, but if the place seems to be a ghost town, all you need to do is search various objects, and you may well find a ghost! You can then proceed to attack and dismiss it. All of the ghosts have a chance of appearing from searching locations, save one: the demonic ghost. You will need to use five demonic traces from your inventory to create one (more on that in the next section). Be warned though: it has a lot of health so you may need a bunch of friends to help tackle it!

Dismissing a ghost will yield you reward points varying by type: the stronger the ghost, the more points you'll get. See the diagram below for a comprehensive list. You also get a trophy for dismissing your first ghost of the day, and unlock cosmetic overrides for claws, crossbows, and daggers at 50 total kills.


Demonic Traces and Active Ectoplasm

You have two more items to help you in your quest against ghosts, namely demonic traces and active ectoplasm Image. Using one active ectoplasm will supercharge your proto pack for two minutes, allowing you to deal more damage to ghosts. There is a timer included in the minigame HUD to aid you in keeping track.. Using five demonic traces will summon the most powerful ghost of them all - demonic ghost. It has a lot of health but dismissing it will reward you with a healthy 170 reward points. You can find these items by searching through Death's mansion or by picking them up off the floor as a drop for helping to dismiss ghosts.


Of course it would not be an event without rewards! Note that you are capped at 15,000 reward points at once, but you can spend a few and then earn more. The rewards are the following:

-up to 5 large xp lamps per day (5,000 reward points each)
-Cremation ability (ability to burn bones on fires, yielding 200% fm xp of bone and 250% prayer xp), which also grants a free large xp lamp. This DOES NOT count against your quota for the 5 daily lamps.
-Ghost hunter armor (5,000 points for goggles, 8,000 for body AND backpack, both given in one shot, and 6,000 for legs). It has three tiers at 20/50/70 Defense.
-Ghost Hunter title (3 trophies)
-Large xp lamp (3 trophies). It is currently unknown if this counts against your quota for the 5 daily lamps.
-Proto pack emote (3 trophies) - more info is not currently known, presumably an 'emote' option added onto the interface in worn equipment.

The reward interface is obtained by talking to death about rewards, or simply right-clicking him and selecting 'Rewards Death.'


Miscellaneous Tips & Ticks

DO NOT destroy your ghost hunter equipment if you intend on keeping it around! Like other world events, you will have to buy another pair if you get rid of it.
It's generally not worthwhile to try and avoid "death" by fear, so just ignore it and collect points.
You cannot dismiss a ghost while you are sheltered by moonlight, so if you are by a window and not seeming to do anything, you may have to move! Occasionally your character will move into moonlight while chasing down a ghost as well.
You will get notifications at 10, 20, 30, 40, and finally 50 kills to help track your progress toward unlocking the cosmetic Proto Pack.
Ironman players cannot redeem lamps as rewards. However, they still get a free lamp with the purchase of the Cremation ability.

Happy haunting! Let me know of any corrections/additional information that I should incorporate!

Image Image

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