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 Post subject: Nomad Requiem- work in progress
PostPosted: November 11th, 2011, 12:42 pm 
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The dark underbelly of Soul Wars is visible to anyone who looks hard enough: souls are collected and filtered through a giant obelisk; avatars of both nature and destruction are called into being and then slaughtered; a single man benefits from the exploits of dozens of adventurers.

Zimberfizz is aware of this, and has also noted a change in Nomad. He's been spending more and more time in his tent, and Zimberfizz wants you to investigate just what Nomad is up to.

Start point: Zimberfizz on the Soul Wars island
To Start: Speak to Zimberfizz
Quest Length: Medium
Minimum Requirements:
King's Ransom, including the Knight Waves
Level 75 Magic
Level 70 Prayer
Level 66 Mining
Level 65 Hunter
Level 60 Construction
Completed the Soul Wars tutorial
Completed at least one game of Soul Wars

defeat: Decaying avatar (Level 525)
Nomad (Level 699)
items needed: pickaxe (can be obtained during quest)
runes for fire wave, good armor, great food and prayer pots.
highly highly recommended, normal prayer, stat restore option, super/extreme sets. Ruby bolts if ranging.

1. Talk to zimberfizz who suspects that Nomad is up to something evil. When you are finished talking search his tent.

2. Nomad will be attacked by 3 dark npcs which he will destroy very fast.

3. Next to the ladder is an adventure who met an unfortunate end. Search his pack for a pickaxe if you did not bring one already.

4. Go through the south west door and you will enter the water channeling room. But first spend the time killing the attendants and use protect from melee. They will not respond when you kill them.

5. When you have defeated the attendants on the bottom, head up the ladder in the south-east corner and finish off the rest one the 2nd and 3rd floor. When you have killed them all, push the pillars over the drains to start the water floor, and go back to the second floor and pull both levers.

6. Head back down stairs and pull the lever to the north. Make sure the water flows west onto the floor below. You can clear the rubble on the east side for later use. You need to have the water flow south to the machines. Push the pillars to make room, and any water flowing to the flowers does not matter. Do your best to get the cross pillars to the north next to the machine.

7. After the machine has been destroyed, head back up stairs and turn the lever so that it goes he spectral tender are none aggressive, and you do not have to kill them. Head south-east and fill your inventory of elemental fuel. Use them as bait to lure 3 elementalist to the waterfall to the west. Go get food and prayer pots if need be and get ready for a fight.

8. Go back to the main room, and head north through the arcane doorway. The worships in the area are aggressive and use protect from melee if you are attacked. Once inside, go through the west door.

9. You should see to the north a machine protected by vines. You cannot do anything about it so keep going west. Kill the monsters along the way if you like or run pass. You should see roots by themselves in the area. destroy them. After you have destroyed the vines, you will hear a loud roar. Prepare for boss fight.

10. The boss is pretty easy to fight with protect from melee unless you are ranging or maging in the safe spot. There are 3 roots that pop up when it is at ¾ ½ and ¼ health which you must destroy before it gets to it. If you do not, he will heal back to full health. The roots pop up in order from the NW, then SE, and then NE. Position yourself between these three points when fighting so you are able to get to the roots faster. Once you have killed it, leave go to your bank.

11. Bring runes for fire wave and make sure you are on your normal spell book with restore prayer and food and have 4-5 empty space.
Return to the arcane door but head east and talk to the dying knight. After the knight is dead search him and it is a clue that if you turn on piety you will not be harmed by the environmental effects of the room.

12. there are 5 stone slabs scattered around and you must use them to build a bridge across the pool. If you are running low on prayer, you can either drink a prayer pot or kill a corruption beasts to restore your prayer to full.

13. use the slabs and cross over to the other side. Cast a fire wave on the barrels to destroy the machine. Now head back upstairs and prepare to fight nomad.

14. Fight nomad, going to be another guide for defeating ut.

15. after he is dead you’re done and collect your reward.


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PostPosted: November 11th, 2011, 12:42 pm 

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