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 Post subject: The Prisoner of Glouphrie
PostPosted: April 12th, 2011, 1:16 pm 
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An old letter is found in a disorderly storeroom, leading you to Lletya in the company of a gnome mother, using a path that no human - and only one gnome - has ever trodden before. Be introduced to Yewnock's most ingenious calibration device to date, and gain a unique insight into life within underground Arposandra, as you investigate the fate of the prisoner of Glouphrie!

64 Agility
62 Construction
61 Runecrafting
64 thieving

no items required

1. From inside gnome village, enter the maze into the dungeon. from the dungeon head went until you see glorie.

2. glorie will take you to his mother and will ask you to head right below zmi altar in an area of hill giants.

3. she'll get you passed a few plants, from there head north-west until you find a big tree you can search.

note!!!! mama is slow, if you do not wait for her to be at your side before you enter or exit the tree, you will have to go back to observatory to get her again.

4. once you enter search the ledge to the south. mama shall walk over to the side and throw you a rope to cross. keep heading south jumping over a few ledges until you get to the other side.

5. once you get through to the other side, go north until you see a small stream. to your right will be a small crevice where mama can get around. get through the stream and onto the other side to the exit.

6. when you reach the other side, to the south will be a study tree climb down to Lleyta.

7. you'll enter a cave where you must build a device. search around the room for parts. if you are not sure what you are missing, look at your quest log. once you're done you should have 1 minute crystal seed.

8. this is going to be SUPER SUPER confusing so pay attention.
if you click on your bench you will notice that the crystal must be calibrated to a specific color.

9. you will need 6 minute crystals for this to work. luckly right next to the singing pool is a create of the seeds (why didn't we just grab those...)

the number is dependent on the shape of the coin that you will make. by filling the singing pool with water you will be able to change the shape.
the color is by mixing 2 colors coins together to get the right color that you want.


10. this chart shows the value of the color shape that you have.
so for me, the first had a value of 54, with pure cyan for the color.
how do you make cyan, you need green and dark blue.
so now you know what colors you need, you must determine the value of your shapes. based on the chart, a blue hexagon has a value of 30, while a green hexagon has a value of 24. add those two up, and you have 54. repeat the process for the other two. it is recommended to just have 1 seed on you at a time, when making the shapes. otherwise, you will end up changing all of your seeds at once.

11. when you have completed the task mama shall take the remaining coins and ask you to meet her at the bank.

12. when you talk to mama, you'll be back at the sturdy tree. start heading east she stops you. on the rocks will be an air vent that you did not see before.

13. you'll enter a cutscene where you see gnome practicing and then you'll end up in a room with a mining tortoise. head up the stairs to the west.
14. when you get up, you'll notice some watchers on sticks, be careful not to be in their line of site, head east until you reach a jail cell. you can rotate the water in this area to face the wall before you go in. talk to the guard and say whatever you want to get him to leave.

15. pick the cell door and talk to bolrie. after some dialog he'll ask you a few questions to make sure that you are not somebody in disguise.
the elf he mentioned in his letter: Ilfeen.
The gnome the letter was adressed to: Gena
the number of possible combination with his machine: 42
and finally what was the picture on the wall of: the grand tree.

16. head back west passed the stairs into a small corridor. enter the room and you'll see mama again.

17. when you reach the top mama wants you to push a boulder to block the vent.

18. you'll enter a dialog where the two talk about the past until they call for gliders to go home. all done

finish later


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