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 Post subject: summer's end
PostPosted: January 14th, 2010, 12:44 pm 
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RS Name: j1j2j3
RS Status: P2P
Description: The Spirit Beast is threatening to tear its way into RuneScape, so Summer and her family need your help to stop it once and for all. You must once more venture into the Spirit Beast's Realm and, together with the elders, take on the Beast to save them (and possibly all of RuneScape).

Difficulty: Experienced

Length: Short

Quest Requirements:
Spirit of Summer

Skill/Other Requirements:
23 Summoning
23 Woodcutting
35 Hunter
45 Mining
47 Firemaking
55 Prayer
High Hitpoints, Prayer and Woodcutting levels are recommended.
Must be able to evade and withstand attacks of a level 785 beast.

Items Needed at Quest Start: Ghostspeak amulet, Jennica's ring, any Blue charm pouch, and Food.

Items Recommended for Quest: Super energy potions), a Spotted/Spottier cape, Boots of lightness, Penance gloves, and a Games necklace.

1. from varrock head north to the ruins passed the graveyard and talk to summer.


2. a cutscene will occur telling you that you must trap the beast inside a cave.

3. use the ring to return to the real world and head north to the cave and go inside, loot the corpse to get the pickaxe, mith hachet, tinderbox and spade.

4. after you got the stuff head back out and collapse the cave. right now is also a good time to stock up your supplies if needed but leave around 5 open slots.
return to the spirit world and summon your blue familar but do not let the beast get to close to it since it can eat it and you will have to get another pouch. enter the cave and the beast will follow.

5. so now to kill it. turn on the volume for the surrounding in the settings since it will help you. after the cut scene you must use 15 logs around the cave and light 3 of the firepits in the area. go cut the logs and place them in the firepits but do not light them up. when you hear the beast firing it's spell or see the screen shaking run and dodge for the spells do a lot of damage. if you do happen to die, your gravestone will be outside the cave in the real world. after you have your 3 firepits ready, light them up and then the beast will go to the next area. restock on supplies if needed.

7. the next area you must lure the dark core from the beast to follow you. this happens every 1-2 minutes. do not get too close to it or it will drain you health. when it does go after you go to any of the soft soil and dig a hole. the dark core will fall inside and after 3 times you will enter the final area.

8. stock up again if you need to. the goal of this area is to bless the graves depending on the color of the spell the beast is using. pay attention to the graves for the souls will keep jumping around. if you are low on prayer there is an altar in the area. use the soul power 3 times and the beast will die.

9. you will then head back out and talk to the spirits and you are done.



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