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 Post subject: Questions for RSBANDBUpdate! 710
PostPosted: February 4th, 2019, 5:32 pm 
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This week your favourite Master Farmer combined with Tanis will bring you all the discussion you need on Player Owned Farmhands and the surrounding improvements. Also patch notes and live stream discussion. If you have questions about that or anything else, post!

If you want to send us questions in any other way:
- Twitter: @rsbandb
- Email:
- Call or text: 571-57-BANDB (571-572-2632)


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PostPosted: February 4th, 2019, 5:32 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: Questions for RSBANDBUpdate! 710
PostPosted: February 5th, 2019, 8:09 am 
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Hey guys, here is my proposed idea for the Comp cape rework, lemme know what you think:

FIRST CHANGE: The Untrimmed Completionist Cape
Jagex should remove all extra requirements and boil the cape down into something much simpler, and create essentially what would be an untrimmed Comp cape. One big argument bandied around by the community is that the step from Maxing to Completion is too large, so an untrimmed version would create a nice stepping stone for further achievements to come. To achieve this proposed Untrimmed Comp cape, one would need to have:

- Achieved Max
- Achieved 120 Dungeoneering, Invention and Slayer
- Completed all Quests
- Completed all Tasks

The Untrimmed Completionist Cape would have no extra stats on top of Max, however the reward for reaching Completion, aesthetics aside, would include the cape slot rewards from Questing and Task sets like Ava's Alerter and the Ardougne Cloak 4 for example.

Ironically, this simple change is more in line with what Completion of Runescape should be, without confusing players with;

- Lofty requirements, such as completing all Ports trios
- Random requirements, such as 1,111 Big Chinchompa score
- Dated requirements, such as unlocking the Bones to Peaches spell
- Half-measure requirements that aren't full completion of content, such as finishing 33% of the Memorial of Guthix

The simplified nature of the cape would eliminate any real need for grace periods after updates.

SECOND CHANGE: Decluttering
A large portion of the existing Completionist and Trimmed requirements could be placed into the more suitable category of Master Quest Cape. The Master Quest list will always be cluttered as the nature of it is pretty much the tying up of loose ends. A light scroll through the current list of Completion/Trim requirements and you'll find at *least* half of them could be shipped over to the Master Quest Cape category, such as attending Clarence's Funeral, hunting Thalassus and completion of Fremennik Sagas.

The Arc, Menaphos and New Varrock, sit within the Exploration achievements section without having their own respective achievement diaries. Ports achievements should also be included in the Exploration section. These, what I would call "Pseudo-Diaries", should have their current requirements removed from the current completionist list and placed into their respective categories within the Exploration achievements, for now.

The requirements that I would deem "random" include scoring 1,111 in Big Chinchompa and constructing a Tuska mask. These are random because they don't offer any long term benefits to the game. The Elder Rune ore box req fits perfectly for example, as it grants the player the very best of a certain item, whereas constructing a Tuska mask is repeatable and offers just a small amount of XP and Slayer Tokens. These smaller requirements should be removed entirely from Completion and placed simply as normal Achievements.

Half measure requirements, such as the afore mentioned Memorial to Guthix, should simply be squished into the one longer achievement. Requirements such as these were made to appease Completionists who lost their capes and want them back ASAP, but hopefully changes such as the ones I'm outlining would stop this issue.

To summarise this section, I propose we reallocate a large portion of the requirements into more appropriate categories, which would whittle the current Comp/Trim requirements down to about 50 achievements total.

THIRD CHANGE: The issue of Reaper
Like it or not, defeating every boss including Solak is part of the game and should be considered part of actual Completion. One of the many reasons the current Comp cape in game is so desireable to PVMers is because it combines all of the most powerful capes convieniently into one. I would propose that the remaining PVM requirements such as completing the Slayer Codex, Reaper Crew and even Killing the Penance King should be swept into their own PVM category.

FOURTH CHANGE: The remaining requirements.
Akin to the proposed PVM changes, every requirement left over, such as building Dahmaroc and Rhiannon, unlocking full Agile and prestiging the memorial should be swept into a category of their own. These would include current Trim requirements like Chompies. For now, let's just call this new category "Extra credit".

FIFTH CHANGE: Completion branches
So here is the meat of my suggestion. People have suggested a form of this in the past, but I'll reiterate it with my Untrimmed cape idea.

- White Particles: To unlock the cape we know and love today, players would be required to obtain the Untrimmed completion cape, to have completed the "Pseudo-diaries" which would effectively mean 100% completion of the Exploration category and finally, to have completed the "Extra credit" category as listed in the change above. This cape, aside from the benefits bestowed by the Untrimmed cape, would effectively be a cosmetic change, unless Jagex sees fit to release new non-combat cape slot perks.

- Black Particles: This new cape would again require players to obtain the Untrimmed completion cape, but would only have to complete everything listed in the new PVM category. Unlike the white particled cape, this cape would have the combat benefits that the current cape possesses, again, until new combat orientated capes become available.

- Gold Particles: Trim would now effectively have no requirement category with this new structure. To unlock this proposed Trim cape, players would need to have the White Particled cape, the Black Particled cape AND the Master Quest Cape. The inclusion of Master Quest Cape is important because it represents completion of enormous amounts of content that the current system ignores.

Apologies for the length of this ;)!

 Post subject: Re: Questions for RSBANDBUpdate! 710
PostPosted: February 7th, 2019, 6:54 am 
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Audio question sent :)

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