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 Post subject: [OSRS] Red Blade Hunters Community - Est. 2005
PostPosted: March 13th, 2018, 5:56 pm 
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Clan Name: RBH

The clan world isn't what it once was. Half the people you encounter in game are assholes, servers are getting ddosed, clans can't or won't have fights anymore. If you find yourself looking for a strong community to make some friends and *gasp* have fun on RuneScape check out the Red Blade Hunters. We are the perfect community to join if you: want to make long-lasting friendships with others who play runescape, want to partake in weekly and monthly events in a controlled yet relaxed atmosphere, want to take advantage of the resources we have to offer, such as an account to get into NMZ, teamspeak, and others to PVM with, or if you simply want to have more fun while playing runescape. Already in a clan? No problem! We allow you to multi-clan while in the Red Blade Hunters Community!


RBH formed in 2005 and built a strong core of members which allowed it to thrive for 7 years. Through those years we primarily focused on warring other clans, but never took ourselves too seriously and never lost sight of the things that made RuneScape fun. Whether it's making the fall in leader rage by binding him on PK trips, our primary caller taking a speed dump as the CWA timer ticks down before a war, spending countless nights in tinychat, or god wars and corp trips where the primary goal was to have a good time, since the day we started we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the time our members spend on Runescape.

RBH is a community clan that will prioritize having a fun, laid-back atmosphere at various events which will include PVP, PVM, Skilling, and whatever else we and our members want to do. If you're too low combat to fully enjoy any events, don't despair! We have a nightmare zone boost account that members can use free of charge. In the 3 years since RBH closed its doors, our members have remained unusually close with over 20 members in our whatsapp group (talking way too much), and many continuing to play RuneScape and other games together. This is what we will be bringing to RBH 2.0: a tight-knit but inclusive community that will forge bonds that last far longer than this game.


As of now, RBH has no requirements and welcomes members of all levels. We only require that you play OSRS and intend on contributing to the community by actively posting on the forums, chatting in teamspeak, hanging out in IRC, and not being a tool.


Since RBH has such a diverse number of players from different places, we have events at varying times to cater for all our members. We also have many forum based games, which help bring our community together, and month long skilling competitions.

We currently own a private Teamspeak server that we encourage our members to use; this helps ease the pain of training click intensive tasks. We like to communicate with each other in every way possible to create a responsive atmosphere, which is why we regularly use an in-game clan chat, irc, and teamspeak.

I'm sure after reading that, you're probably thinking "this is unlike any other recruitment topic I've ever read", and that's because we have a community unlike any you've ever witnessed. The reason we're re-opening is because we want to extend our community, and build upon what we've already established. If this sounds like the clan for you, then please, don't hesitate, and join today! We have no combat or total level requirements, so whether you're a killer or a skiller, whether you're a veteran or new to OSRS, whether you're an ironman, pure, or anything in between, you're welcome in RBH. We allow multi-clanning, and we hope that you decide to become part of the Red Blade Hunters clan today!


Though this recruitment video may be old, it helps one to understand the events we had in the past, and the type of community we're trying to build in the future. (NOTE: The website URL at the end of the video has been replaced; we can now be found at )

Our old recruitment video -

Other videos from clan events:

RBH Karaoke Trip

RBH vs. BK

RBH vs BP [Jagex Cup 20v20]


High Council: Sk8erpunk193, JLR
Lower Council: Omgwtfnvm, Truebeaver, Silent C, Arbae
Event Organiser: Tuna Samich, Barbie v3

We look forward to meeting you!
Please feel free to drop by our IRC channel (#rbh) and chat. You can also check out our boards at

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 Post subject: Register and login to get these in-post ads to disappear
PostPosted: March 13th, 2018, 5:56 pm 
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