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 Post subject: Ninja Strike 25 & Senntisten Archaeology
PostPosted: August 16th, 2021, 5:19 pm 
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Ninja Strike 25: Action Bars

The Ninja Team are back, and this week they've been honing their attacks on Action Bars.

To kick things off, all RuneScape members will receive two free Action Bar Presets when they next enter the game, bringing the total to 15.

But how will you ever keep track? By naming them, of course - another thing you'll be able to do from today's update. Oh, and if you're so inclined, you can also save the toggle states of your additional action bars with custom interface layouts now. Nice!

Lastly, the Ninjas have made tons of QoL improvements regarding how Action Bars are named, saved and described in-game. For full details, check the Patch Notes!

Senntisten Archaeology

Our newest Archaeology mini-digsite is now open! If you have RuneScape Membership and level 60 Archaeology or higher, you'll be able to explore the hidden mysteries beneath the lost Zarosian capital of Senntisten.

In Senntisten, you'll explore six excavation spots across four different sites throughout the city. With a little bit of luck and perseverance, you'll get your hands on 18 new restorable artefacts, uncover three new mysteries, and power up with the awesome Aurelius' Mask Relic.

This powerful Relic will let you tap into the power of the shadows to zoom all over Gielinor by granting you all the benefits of the 'Mobile' perk. For reference, that means you'll be able to use 50 Energy to get a 50% reduction on the cooldown of movement abilities like Surge or Barge. The catch is that you won't generate Adrenaline on these abilities as you would normally - but that's a small price to pay for speedy skilling!

Speaking of skilling, Senntisten will also provide you with the opportunity to gain some Crafting XP while repairing a few stained-glass windows around the city. That ought to brighten the place up a bit!

Premier Club 2021: Summer Sale

Premier Club is back! If you missed out on Gold Premier Club back at the start of the year, you'll have a second chance to purchase it - and get your hands on all the same goodies - from August 16th (today!) to September 14th (not today!).

To reiterate, you'll get all the same benefits as you normally would, including:

  • 12 Months of RuneScape Membership
  • Ozzie the Osprey pet
  • Ceremonial Guard Armour
  • Yak Track Premier Pass rewards
  • And loads more!
Please note that the Premier Club Summer Sale offer is not available to past 2020/21 Premier Club Gold, Silver, and Bronze members. However Active Silver Premier Club subscriptions are eligible for upgrade to a Premier Club Gold Membership from the shop. But you won't duplicate any items - so, for example, you won't get any of the monthly drops you've already received for a second time.

For full details, check out the Premier Club page.

Game Balancing


Teleport restrictions have been removed from the following boss encounters:

  • Vorago
  • Solak
  • Nex: Angel of Death
  • Rise of The Six
  • The Liberation of Mazcab raid
  • Araxxor
Note: The teleport restriction remains in place for Telos due to the nature of the loot streaking system.

Hopefully, this will allow for a smoother boss experience for new and returning adventurers, as it removes the need to visit Death, or return to the lobby when you or a teammate make a minor mistake! We will continue to monitor as we actively look at ways to remove the friction from your endeavours.


  • Divine storm now deals correct damage. (previously passed level 60 it gained 6 damage per level rather than 9.6
  • Surge spells now scale to T99 damage (was T92).
  • Smoke/Shadow Blitz spells now scale to T92 damage to match ice and blood.
  • Barrage spells now scale to T99 damage.
  • Aurora spells now scale to T99 damage.
  • Increased the range of the 'ruby aurora' effect from 2 tiles -> 5 tiles.
  • Spell tooltips now state which damage tier they scale up to.


We've taken steps to power down the Greater Concentrated Blast ability upgrade slightly so it fits where we feel a 'Greater' basic ability should sit. Below, we've broken down all the core information on where this sat and now sits within the magic ability set.

A live 4 tick* concentrated blast, on average deals 147.6% ability damage.

Due to taking 4 ticks, players would often cancel before the final hit for an average of 94.2%.

In live a Greater Concentrated Blast will currently deal on average 181.9% ability damage.

This is an average increase of 93% over a cancelled Concentrated Blast.

Our adjusted values bring the average damage of a greater concentrated blast down to 160.2% ability damage.

Over a standard concentrated blast cancelled, this is an increase of 70% damage.

Compared to a non-cancelled concentrated blast (2.4 seconds) this is still an increase of 8.5% down from 23% whilst still saving 0.6 seconds on the ability.

* 1 'tick' = 0.6 seconds"

As always, we'll continue to monitor how the ability performs and continue to make adjustments.


With Greater Ricochet we felt that the amount of damage it did was too strong given the short cooldown and the fact it is classified as a Greater basic ability.

Rather than target synergies with on-hit effects, we have chosen to tone down the upfront damage to a point where we feel it sits comfortably alongside our other Greater abilities.

This means in order to get the most out of Greater Ricochet you want to focus on utilising on-hit effects (e.g Split Soul or bolt effects). Furthermore to this we have changed the interaction with the Enchanted Ruby bolts to no longer downscale the damage they do with the latter hits. The first three hits remain unchanged at 20-100%, 10-50%, 10-50% ability damage respectively.

  • Any additional hits, as a result of the Caroming perk have been toned to 5-15% ability damage, down from 10-50%.
  • Enchanted Ruby bolts will no longer scale their damage down when triggered as part of Greater Ricochet.


The Staff of Armadyl's special attack - Instability.

  • Restored the ability for auto attacks critical hits to fire off extra spell casts.
  • Fixed an issue where the extra spell cast from the staff was doing offhand damage if you were using dual-wielded weapons.
  • Extra spell casts can now only fire off if the critical hit is on the player's main target.
Log-In Lockout Wishes Ending Soon

Those of you who haven't yet received your Guardian's Gift have until August 24th to log-in and do so. It's claimed automatically, so there's no need to faff about with forms and whatnot - just log-in, and you'll receive your gift. You can use this gift later.

As a reminder, this is our way of saying thank you for your patience during the Log-in Lockout back in April and making things right for those of you who were affected. The Guardian's Gift gets you access to loads of useful wishes to help you make up for lost time, so it's well worth picking up!

Find out more here.


 Post subject: Register and login to get these in-post ads to disappear
PostPosted: August 16th, 2021, 5:19 pm 
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