Experience required at Desired Lvl:
Experience Needed:

What are you doing?
Converting Memories to XP without Boon
Converting Memories to XP with Boon
Converting Memories & Energy to XP without Boon
Converting Memories & Energy to XP with Boon
Converting Memories to Energy
Your Divination Experience:
RuneScape Name:

5Attuned Portent of Restoration I1 (Pale)Yes
18Attuned Portent of Restoration II2 (Flickering)Yes
27Attuned Portent of Restoration III3 (Bright)Yes
37Attuned Portent of Restoration IV4 (Glowing)Yes
87Attuned Portent of Restoration IX10 (Radiant)Yes
47Attuned Portent of Restoration V5 (Sparkling)Yes
57Attuned Portent of Restoration VI6 (Gleaming)Yes
67Attuned Portent of Restoration VII7 (Vibrant)Yes
77Attuned Portent of Restoration VIII8 (Lustrous)Yes
98Attuned Portent of Restoration X12 (Incandescent)Yes
10Convert Enriched Memory2 (Flickering)Yes
95Convert Enriched Memory12 (Incandescent)Yes
20Convert Enriched Memory3 (Bright)Yes
30Convert Enriched Memory4 (Glowing)Yes
40Convert Enriched Memory5 (Sparkling)Yes
50Convert Enriched Memory6 (Gleaming)Yes
60Convert Enriched Memory7 (Vibrant)Yes
70Convert Enriched Memory8 (Lustrous)Yes
90Convert Enriched Memory11 (Luminous)Yes
80Convert Enriched Memory9 (Brilliant)Yes
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85Convert Enriched Memory10 (Radiant)Yes
1Convert Memory1 (Pale)Yes
60Convert Memory7 (Vibrant)Yes
95Convert Memory12 (Incandescent)Yes
90Convert Memory11 (Luminous)Yes
10Convert Memory2 (Flickering)Yes
30Convert Memory4 (Glowing)Yes
40Convert Memory5 (Sparkling)Yes
50Convert Memory6 (Gleaming)Yes
70Convert Memory8 (Lustrous)Yes
20Convert Memory3 (Bright)Yes
80Convert Memory9 (Brilliant)Yes
85Convert Memory10 (Radiant)Yes
73Divine Adamantite Rock8 (Lustrous)Yes
24Divine Bird Snare3 (Bright)Yes
64Divine Box Trap7 (Vibrant)Yes
3Divine Bronze Rock1 (Pale)Yes
31Divine Coal Rock4 (Glowing)Yes
34Divine Deadfall Trap4 (Glowing)Yes
12Divine Herb Patch I2 (Flickering)Yes
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51Divine Herb Patch II6 (Gleaming)Yes
82Divine Herb Patch III9 (Brilliant)Yes
19Divine Iron Rock2 (Flickering)Yes
4Divine Kebbit Burrow1 (Pale)Yes
83Divine Magic Tree9 (Brilliant)Yes
44Divine Maple Tree5 (Sparkling)Yes
61Divine Mithril Rock7 (Vibrant)Yes
21Divine Oak Tree3 (Bright)Yes
94Divine Runite Rock11 (Luminous)Yes
7Divine Tree1 (Pale)Yes
31Divine Willow Tree4 (Glowing)Yes
62Divine Yew Tree7 (Vibrant)Yes
60Harvest Enriched Spring7 (Vibrant)Yes
85Harvest Enriched Spring10 (Radiant)Yes
90Harvest Enriched Spring11 (Luminous)Yes
95Harvest Enriched Spring12 (Incandescent)Yes
70Harvest Enriched Spring8 (Lustrous)Yes
50Harvest Enriched Spring6 (Gleaming)Yes
10Harvest Enriched Spring2 (Flickering)Yes
20Harvest Enriched Spring3 (Bright)Yes
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30Harvest Enriched Spring4 (Glowing)Yes
40Harvest Enriched Spring5 (Sparkling)Yes
80Harvest Enriched Spring9 (Brilliant)Yes
90Harvest Spring11 (Luminous)Yes
95Harvest Spring12 (Incandescent)Yes
85Harvest Spring10 (Radiant)Yes
60Harvest Spring7 (Vibrant)Yes
10Harvest Spring2 (Flickering)Yes
80Harvest Spring9 (Brilliant)Yes
1Harvest Spring1 (Pale)Yes
20Harvest Spring3 (Bright)Yes
70Harvest Spring8 (Lustrous)Yes
30Harvest Spring4 (Glowing)Yes
50Harvest Spring6 (Gleaming)Yes
40Harvest Spring5 (Sparkling)Yes
92Portent of Item Protection11 (Luminous)Yes
99Portent of Life12 (Incandescent)Yes
2Portent of Restoration I1 (Pale)Yes
15Portent of Restoration II2 (Flickering)Yes
25Portent of Restoration III3 (Bright)Yes
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35Portent of Restoration IV4 (Glowing)Yes
86Portent of Restoration IX10 (Radiant)Yes
45Portent of Restoration V5 (Sparkling)Yes
55Portent of Restoration VI6 (Gleaming)Yes
65Portent of Restoration VII7 (Vibrant)Yes
75Portent of Restoration VIII8 (Lustrous)Yes
97Portent of Restoration X12 (Incandescent)Yes
69Sign of Item Protection7 (Vibrant)Yes
78Sign of Life8 (Lustrous)Yes
8Sign of Respite I1 (Pale)Yes
23Sign of Respite II3 (Bright)Yes
38Sign of Respite III4 (Glowing)Yes
6Sign of the Porter I1 (Pale)Yes
28Sign of the Porter II3 (Bright)Yes
48Sign of the Porter III5 (Sparkling)Yes
68Sign of the Porter IV7 (Vibrant)Yes
88Sign of the Porter V10 (Radiant)Yes
99Sign of the Porter VI12 (Incandescent)Yes
76Transmute Items to Adamantite Ore8 (Lustrous)Yes
29Transmute Items to Coal3 (Bright)Yes
39Transmute Items to Gold Ore4 (Glowing)Yes
17Transmute Items to Iron Ore2 (Flickering)Yes
93Transmute Items to Magic Logs11 (Luminous)Yes
49Transmute Items to Maple Logs5 (Sparkling)Yes
63Transmute Items to Mithril Ore7 (Vibrant)Yes
13Transmute Items to Oak Logs2 (Flickering)Yes
46Transmute Items to Raw Bass5 (Sparkling)Yes
66Transmute Items to Raw Monkfish7 (Vibrant)Yes
16Transmute Items to Raw Trout2 (Flickering)Yes
36Transmute Items to Raw Tuna4 (Glowing)Yes
96Transmute Items to Runite Ore12 (Incandescent)Yes
22Transmute Items to Silver Ore3 (Bright)Yes
42Transmute Items to Uncut Diamond5 (Sparkling)Yes
58Transmute Items to Uncut Dragonstone6 (Gleaming)Yes
26Transmute Items to Uncut Emerald3 (Bright)Yes
33Transmute Items to Uncut Ruby4 (Glowing)Yes
32Transmute Items to Willow Logs4 (Glowing)Yes
72Transmute Items to Yew Logs8 (Lustrous)Yes