Experience required at Desired Lvl:
Experience Needed:

Your Crafting Experience:
RuneScape Name:
RuneScape   Old-School RS

1Spin Ball of Wool2.5No
31Emerald Amulet70No
20Sapphire Ring40No
27Emerald Ring55No
34Ruby Ring70No
43Diamond Ring85No
22Sapphire Necklace55No
29Emerald Necklace60No
40Ruby Necklace75No
56Diamond Necklace90No
24Sapphire Amulet65No
50Ruby Amulet85No
70Diamond Amulet100No
16Holy Symbol50No
19Clay Plant Pot37.5No
43Cut Diamond107.5No
27Cut Emerald67.5No
11Leather Vambraces22No
7Leather Boots16.3No
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8Clay Bowl33No
9Leather Cowl18.5No
14Leather Body25No
18Leather Chaps27No
34Cut Ruby85No
28Hard Leather Body35No
1Clay Pot12.6No
7Clay Pie Dish25No
5Gold Ring15No
6Gold Necklace20No
8Gold Amulet30No
20Cut Sapphire50No
1Leather Gloves13.8No
10Weave Strip of Cloth12Yes
10Crossbow String15Yes
13Cut Jade20Yes
13Miscut Jade5Yes
36Weave Fruit Basket56Yes
13Cut Red Topaz25Yes
13Miscut Red Topaz6.3Yes
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19Magic String30Yes
7Gold Bracelet25Yes
1Miscut Opal3.8Yes
35Make Broodoo Shield100Yes
53Snakeskin Body (need 15 hides)55Yes
61Lunar Torso35Yes
15Crab Claw/Helmet32.5Yes
61Lunar Trousers30Yes
61Lunar Gloves25Yes
61Lunar Boots25Yes
1Cut Opal15Yes
211 Silver Bolt (unf)5Yes
20Lightning conductor50Yes
84Onyx Bracelet125Yes
87Dorgeshuun Light Orb70Yes
87Add Copper Filament to Light Orb104Yes
90Onyx Amulet165Yes
89Crystal Flask150Yes
89Potion Flask100Yes
79Hydrix Ring130Yes
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99Hydrix Amulet180Yes
90Hydrix Necklace135Yes
82Onyx Necklace120Yes
67Onyx Ring115Yes
23Sapphire Bracelet60Yes
30Emerald Bracelet65Yes
42Ruby Bracelet80Yes
46Yak-hide Body32Yes
46Yak-hide Legs32Yes
46Fremennik Roundshield34Yes
58Diamond Bracelet95Yes
67Cut Onyx167.5Yes
94Hydrix Bracelet140Yes
38Leather Coif37Yes
54Water Staff100Yes
58Earth Staff112.5Yes
62Fire Staff125Yes
66Air Staff138Yes
57Green Leather Vambraces62Yes
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60Green Leather Chaps124Yes
63Green Leather Body186Yes
66Blue Leather Vambraces70Yes
46Unpowered Orb52.5Yes
1Beer Glass17.5Yes
41Studded Leather Body65Yes
44Studded Leather Chaps69Yes
55Cut Dragonstone137.5Yes
55Dragonstone Ring95Yes
72Dragonstone Necklace100Yes
80Dragonstone Amulet150Yes
17Unholy Symbol50Yes
3Molten Glass20Yes
68Blue Leather Chaps140Yes
71Blue Leather Body210Yes
4Candle Lantern19.5Yes
12Oil Lamp25Yes
49Bullsye Lens55Yes
11 Wolfbone Arrowtip2.5Yes
21Weave Vegetable Sack2Yes
45Snakeskin Boots (need 6 hides)30Yes
47Snakeskin Vambraces (need 8 hides)35Yes
48Snakeskin Bandana (need 5 hides)45Yes
25Pot Lid40Yes
18Silver Sickle50Yes
20Carve Limestone Brick6Yes
73Red Leather Vambraces78Yes
75Red Leather Chaps156Yes
77Red Leather Body234Yes
79Black Leather Vambraces86Yes
82Black Leather Chaps172Yes
84Black Leather Body258Yes
10Bow String15Yes
15Snelm (Snail Helmet)32.5Yes
51Snakeskin Chaps (need 12 hides)50Yes

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