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RuneScape   Old-School RS

LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
99Demonic Throne25000Throne Room25 Magic StonesYes
99Magical Cape Rack1000Costume RoomMagic StoneYes
97Marble Spiral Staircase4400Skill Hall, Quest Hall, Dungeon Room10 Teak Planks, 7 Marble BlocksYes
96Marble Wardrobe500Costume RoomMarble BlockYes
95Crystal Throne15000Throne Room15 Magic StonesYes
95Steel Dragon3162Treasure Room10,000,000 CoinsYes
95Large Orrery1420Study3 Mahogany Planks, 5 Gold LeavesYes
94Hellhound2236Oubliette, Dungeon Room5.000,000 CoinsYes
94Hanging Skeleton3Oubliette, Dungeon Room, Treasure Room2 Skulls, 6 BonesYes
94Skull Torches246Oubliette, Dungeon Room, Treasure Room4 Oak Planks, 4 Lit Torches, 4 SkullsYes
94Marble Door2000Dungeon Room, Treasure Room4 Marble BlocksYes
91Magic Chest1000Treasure Room1 Magic StoneYes
91Magic Stone1000-Magic StoneYes
90Troll Guard1000Oubliette, Dungeon Room1.000,000 CoinsYes
90Dagannoth2738Treasure Room7,500,000 CoinsYes
90Marble Cape Rack500Costume RoomMarble BlockYes
89Large Statues1500Chapel3 Marble BlocksYes
89Stained Glass5Chapel16 Molten GlassYes
89Greater Magic Cage4700Throne Room5 Mahogany Planks, 4 Magic StonesYes
88Skeleton Throne7003Throne Room5 Magic Stones, 4 Marble Blocks, 5 Bones, 2 SkullsYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
88Trapdoor700Throne Room5 Mahogany PlanksYes
88Mahogany Lever700Throne Room5 Mahogany PlanksYes
88Mahogany Ladder700Oubliette5 Mahogany PlanksYes
88Teleport Trap447Dungeon Room200,000 CoinsYes
87Mahogany Chest1000Treasure Room5 Mahogany Planks, 1 Gold LeafYes
87Gilded Wardrobe720Bedroom3 Mahogany Planks, Gold LeafYes
87Gilded Wardrobe860Costume Room4 Mahogany Planks, Gold LeafYes
86Kite Shield240Throne Room, Treasure Room3 Mahogany PlanksYes
86Huge Spider447Oubliette, Dungeon Room200,000 CoinsYes
86Mahogany Toy Box280Costume Room2 Mahogany PlanksYes
86Small Orrery1320Study3 Mahogany Planks, 3 Gold leavesYes
85Bone Cage603Oubliette10 Oak Planks, 10 BonesYes
85Tok-xil2236Treasure Room5.000.000 CoinsYes
85Gilded Clock602Bedroom2 Mahogany Plank, Clockwork, Gold LeafYes
84Mahogany Telescope580Study2 Mahogany Planks, Molten GlassYes
84Torches244Oubliette, Dungeon Room, Treasure Room4 Oak Planks, 4 Lit TorchesYes
84Marble Trap387Dungeon Room150,000 CoinsYes
84Steel Plated Door800Dungeon Room, Treasure Room10 Oak Planks, 10 Steel BarsYes
84Mahogany Treasure Chest280Costume Room2 Mahogany PlanksYes
83Infernal Chart60Study4 ClothYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
83Rocnar387Oubliette150.000 CoinsYes
83Decorative Pipe120Oubliette, Dungeon Room, Treasure Room6 Steel BarsYes
83Teak Chest530Treasure Room5 Teak Planks, 4 Steel BarsYes
82Lesser Magic Cage2700Throne Room5 Mahogany Planks, 2 Magic StonesYes
82Baby Red Dragon387Oubliette, Dungeon Room150,000 CoinsYes
82Marble Staircase3200Skill Hall, Quest Hall, Dungeon Room5 Mahogany Planks, 5 Marble BlocksYes
82Mahogany Armour Case420Costume Room3 Mahogany PlanksYes
81Gilded Throne1700Throne Room5 Mahogany Planks, 2 Marble Blocks, 3 Gold LeafYes
81Posh Fountain1500Formal Garden3 Marble BlocksYes
81Archery Target600Games Room6 Teak Planks, 3 Steel BarsYes
81Balance Beam1000Combat Room10 Teak Planks, 5 Steel BarsYes
81Gilded Cape Rack860Costume Room4 Mahogany Planks, Gold LeafYes
80Marble Portal1500Portal Chamber3 Marble BlocksYes
80Scrying Pool2000Portal Chamber4 Marble BlocksYes
80Tall Box Hedge316Formal GardenBagged tall box hedge, Watering CanYes
80Spiked Cage500Oubliette25 Steel BarsYes
80Tangle Vine316Dungeon Room100,000 CoinsYes
80Kalphite Soldier866Treasure Room750,000 CoinsYes
80Mahogany Costume Box280Costume Room2 Mahogany PlanksYes
79Marble Wall4000Formal Garden8 Marble BlocksYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
79Oak Chest340Treasure Room5 Oak Planks, 2 Steel BarsYes
79Marble Attack Stone2000Games Room4 Marble BlocksYes
78Trapdoor450Throne Room5 Teak PlanksYes
78Teak Lever450Throne Room5 Teak PlanksYes
78Hobgoblin Guard316Oubliette, Dungeon Room100,000 CoinsYes
78Teak Ladder450Oubliette5 Teak PlanksYes
78KBD Heads1103Skill Hall2 Mahogany Planks, Stuffed KBD, 2 Gold LeafsYes
78KQ Head1103Skill Hall2 Mahogany Planks, KQ Head, 2 Gold LeafYes
78Large Map591Quest Hall4 Mahogany Planks, Large MapYes
78Mahogany Wardrobe540Costume Room4 Mahogany PlanksYes
77Flame Pit357Oubliette20 Tinderboxes, 125,000 CoinsYes
77Bench with Lathe140WorkshopBench with Vice, 2 Oak Plank, Steel BarYes
77Magical Balance 3356Games Room2000 Air, Water, Earth and Fire RunesYes
77Armillary Sphere960Study2 Mahogany Planks, 2 Gold Leaves, 4 Steel BarsYes
76Square Shield360Throne Room, Treasure Room4 Teak PlanksYes
76Roses122Formal GardenBagged Roses, Watering CanYes
76Bluebells122Formal GardenBagged Bluebells, Watering CanYes
76Tall Fancy Hedge223Formal GardenBagged tall fancy hedge, Watering CanYes
76Man Trap273Dungeon Room75,000 CoinsYes
76Mounted Shark350Skill Hall2 Mahogany Planks, Stuffed SharkYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
75Gilded Altar2230Chapel2 Marble Blocks, 2 Cloth, 4 Gold LeavesYes
75Magic Tree223GardenBagged Magic Tree, Watering CanYes
75Large Fountain1000Formal Garden2 Marble BlocksYes
75Garden Fence940Formal Garden10 Teak Planks, 2 Steel BarsYes
75Steel Cage400Oubliette20 Steel BarsYes
75Demon707Treasure Room500,000 CoinsYes
75Wooden Crate143Treasure Room5 Plank, 5 NailsYes
75Mahogany Wardrobe420Bedroom3 Mahogany PlanksYes
75Gilded Dresser582Bedroom2 Mahogany Planks, 2 Molten Glass, Gold LeafYes
74Trapdoor770Throne Room5 Mahogany Planks, 10 ClockworkYes
74Guard273Oubliette, Dungeon Room75.000 CoinsYes
74Oak Door600Dungeon Room, Treasure Room10 Oak PlanksYes
74Mahogany Throne2200Throne Room5 Mahogany Planks, 3 Marble BlocksYes
72Fancy Hedge158Formal GardenBagged fancy hedge, Watering CanYes
72Opulent Table3100Dining Room6 Mahogany Planks, 4 Cloth, 4 Gold Leafs, 2 Marble BlocksYes
72Decorative Blood4Oubliette, Dungeon Room, Treasure Room4 Red DyeYes
72Candles243Oubliette, Dungeon Room, Treasure Room4 Oak Planks, 4 Lit CandlesYes
72Spike Trap223Dungeon Room50,000 CoinsYes
72Mahogany Cape Rack560Costume Room4 Mahogany PlanksYes
71Icon of Bob1160Chapel4 Mahogany Planks, 2 Gold LeavesYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
71Small Fountain500Formal Garden1 Marble BlockYes
71Marigolds100Formal GardenBagged Marigolds, Watering CanYes
71Daffodils100Formal GardenBagged Daffodils, Watering CanYes
71Picket Fence640Formal Garden10 Oak Planks, 2 Steel barsYes
71Tentacle Pool326Oubliette20 Water, 100,000 CoinsYes
71Ranging Pedestals720Combat Room8 Teak PlanksYes
70Marble Altar1030Chapel2 Marble Blocks, 2 ClothYes
70Dungeon Entrance500GardenMarble BlockYes
70Oak and Steel Cage800Oubliette10 Oak Planks, 10 Steel BarsYes
70Skeleton Guard223Oubliette, Dungeon Room50,000 CoinsYes
69Marble Burners1600Chapel2 Marble Blocks, 2 Steel BarsYes
69Organ680Chapel4 Mahogany Planks, 6 Steel BarsYes
69Medium Statues500ChapelMarble BlockYes
69Decorative Window4Chapel8 Molten GlassYes
69Carved Teak Wardrobe540Costume Room6 Teak PlanksYes
68Steel Cage1100Throne Room5 Mahogany Planks, 20 Steel BarsYes
68Trapdoor300Throne Room5 Oak PlanksYes
68Oak Lever300Throne Room5 Oak PlanksYes
68Topiary Hedge141Formal GardenBagged topiary hedge, Watering CanYes
68Oak Ladder300Oubliette5 Oak PlanksYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
68Teak Toy Box180Costume Room2 Teak PlanksYes
68Celestial Globe570Study3 Teak Planks, Gold LeafYes
67Teak Throne1450Throne Room5 Teak Planks, 2 Marble BlocksYes
67Teak Shelves 2930Kitchen3 Teak Planks, 6 Soft Clay, 2 Gold LeafsYes
67Iron Railings220Formal Garden10 Iron Bars, 6 Limestone BricksYes
67Spiral Staircase1040Skill Hall, Quest Hall10 Teak Planks, 7 Limestone Bricks, Dungeon RoomYes
67Mahogany Eagle/Demon Lectern580Study2 Mahogany Planks, Gold LeafYes
66Crystal of Power890Study2 Mahogany Planks, Unpowered Orb, 2 Gold LeavesYes
66Round Shield120Throne Room, Treasure Room2 Oak PlanksYes
66Sunflower70Formal GardenBagged Sunflower, Watering CanYes
66Rosemary70Formal GardenBagged Rosemary, Watering CanYes
66Banner Easel510Workshop8 Oak Plank, 2 ClothYes
66Teak Treasure Chest180Costume Room2 Teak PlanksYes
65Opulent Rug360Parlour, Bedroom, Dungeon Room, Skill Hall, Quest Hall, Chapel4 Cloth, 1 Gold LeafYes
65Mahogany Burners600Chapel4 Mahogany Planks, 2 Steel BarsYes
65Mahogany Portal420Portal Chamber3 Mahogany PlanksYes
65Greater Focus500Portal ChamberMarble BlockYes
65Gazebo1200Formal Garden8 Mahogany Planks, 4 Steel barsYes
65Spikes623Oubliette20 Steel Bars, 50,000 CoinsYes
65Oak Cage640Oubliette10 Oak Planks, 2 Steel BarsYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
65Karamja464Quest Hall3 Mahogony Planks, Karamja PaintingYes
65Isafdar464Quest Hall3 Mahogony Planks, Isafdar PaintingYes
64Teak Telescope181Study2 Teak Planks, Molten GlassYes
64Limestone Altar910Chapel6 Mahogany Planks, 2 Cloth, 2 Limestone BricksYes
64Small Box Hedge122Formal GardenBagged small box hedge, Watering CanYes
64Mahogany Dresser281Bedroom2 MahoganyPlanks, Molten GlassYes
64Teak Armour Case270Costume Room3 Teak PlanksYes
63Astronomical Chart45Study3 ClothYes
63Marble Fireplace500Parlour, Dining Room, BedroomMarble BlockYes
63Stone Wall200Formal Garden10 Limestone BricksYes
63Teak Wardrobe270Bedroom3 Teak PlanksYes
63Marble Block500-Marble BlockYes
63Teak Cape Rack360Costume Room4 Teak PlanksYes
62Bench with Vice140WorkshopSteel Framed Bench, 2 Oak Planks, Steel BarYes
62Teak Costume Box180Costume Room2 Teak PlanksYes
61Incense Burners280Chapel4 Oak Planks, 2 Steel BarsYes
61Floor Decoration700Throne Room5 Mahogany PlanksYes
61Gilded Bench1760Dining Room4 Mahogany Planks, 4 Gold LeavesYes
60Mahogany Altar590Chapel4 Mahogany Planks, 2 ClothYes
60Yew Tree141GardenBagged Yew Tree, Watering CanYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
60Oak Throne800Throne Room5 Oak Planks, 1 Marble BlockYes
60Nice Hedge100Formal GardenBagged nice hedge, Watering CanYes
60Posh Bell-Pull420Dining RoomTeak Plank, Gold LeafYes
60Gilded 4-Poster Bed1330Bedroom5 Mahogany Planks, 2 Cloth, 2 Gold LeafsYes
60Teak Wardrobe360Costume Room4 Teak PlanksYes
59Guthix/Saradomin/Zamorak Icon960Chapel4 Teak Planks, 2 Gold LeavesYes
59Wooden Fence280Formal Garden10 PlanksYes
59Attack Stone200Games Room10 Limestone BricksYes
59Hangman1200Games Room12 Teak Planks, 6 Steel BarsYes
59Lunar Globe570Study3 Teak Planks, Gold LeafYes
58Bells480Chapel4 Teak Planks, 6 Steel BarsYes
58Kurask Head357Skill Hall2 MahoganyPlanks, Stuffed KuraskYes
58Abyssal Head389Skill Hall2 Mahogany Planks, Stuffed AbyssalYes
58Medium Map451Quest Hall3 Mahogany Planks, Medium MapYes
57Gold Candlesticks46Chapel6 Gold Bars, 6 CandlesYes
57Magical Balance 2252Games Room1000 Air, Water, Earth and Fire RunesYes
57Teak Eagle/Demon Lectern180Study2 Teak PlanksYes
56Cloth Covered Altar390Chapel4 Teak Planks, 2 ClothYes
56Teak Shelves 1330Kitchen3 Teak Planks, 6 Soft ClayYes
56Thorny Hedge70Formal GardenBagged thorny hedge, Watering CanYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
56Gilded Decoration1020Dining Room, Combat Room3 Mahogany Planks, 2 Gold LeafsYes
56Fancy Teak Dresser182Bedroom2 Teak Planks, 2 Molten GlassYes
56Mounted Swordfish230Skill Hall2 Teak Plank, Stuffed SwordfishYes
55Boundary Stones100Formal Garden10 Soft ClayYes
55Armour Stand500Workshop8 Oak Planks, Limestone BrickYes
55Tool Store 5120WorkshopTool Store 4, 2 Oak PlanksYes
55Teak Clock202Bedroom2 Teak Plank, ClockworkYes
55Miscellanians311Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, Misc. PortraitYes
54Mahogany Prize Chest860Games Room4 Mahogany Planks, Gold LeafYes
54Dartboard290Games Room3 Teak Planks, Steel BarYes
54Extra Weapons Rack440Combat Room4 Teak Planks, 4 Steel BarsYes
54Oak Cape Rack240Costume Room4 Oak PlanksYes
54Elemental Sphere580Study3 Teak Planks, Unpowered Orb, Gold LeafYes
53Steel Candlesticks124Chapel6 Steel Bars, 6 CandlesYes
534-Poster Bed450Bedroom3 Mahogany Planks, 2 ClothYes
52Teak Table270Kitchen3 Teak PlanksYes
52Mahogany Table840Dining Room6 Mahogany PlanksYes
52Mahogany Bench560Dining Room4 Mahogany PlanksYes
51Teak Drawers180Bedroom2 Teak PlanksYes
51Combat Ring630Combat Room8 Teak Planks, 6 ClothYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
51Carved Oak Wardrobe360Costume Room6 Oak PlanksYes
50Mahogany Armchair280Parlour2 Mahogany PlanksYes
50Teak Altar360Chapel4 Teak PlanksYes
50Teak Portal270Portal Chamber3 Teak PlanksYes
50Teleport Focus40Portal Chamber2 Limestone BricksYes
50Oak Toy Box120Costume Room2 Oak PlanksYes
50Ornamental Globe270Study3 Teak PlanksYes
49Wooden Torches58Chapel2 Planks, 2 NailsYes
49Windchimes323Chapel4 Oak Planks, 4 Nails, 4 Steel BarsYes
49Small Statues40Chapel2 Limestone BricksYes
49Shuttered Window228Chapel8 Planks, 8 NailsYes
49Treasure Hunt800Games Room8 Teak Planks, 4 Steel BarsYes
48Guthix/Saradomin/Zamorak Symbol120Chapel2 Oak PlanksYes
48Chef's Delight224Kitchen3 Oak Planks, 8 Chef's Delight, 2 Steel BarsYes
48Teak Staircase980Skill Hall, Quest Hall, Dungeon Room10 Teak Planks, 4 Steel BarsYes
48Oak Treasure Chest120Costume Room2 Oak PlanksYes
47Sink300Kitchen15 Steel BarsYes
47Anti-Dragon Shield0Quest Hall3 Teak Planks, Anti-Dragon ShieldYes
47Amulet of Glory290Quest Hall3 Teak Planks, Amulet of GloryYes
47Cape of Legends300Quest Hall3 Teak Planks, Cape of LegendsYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
47Eagle/Demon Lectern120Study2 Oak PlanksYes
46Steel Framed Bench440Workshop6 Oak Planks, 4 Steel BarsYes
46Teak Dresser181Bedroom2 Teak Planks, Molten GlassYes
46Oak Armour Case180Costume Room3 Oak PlanksYes
45Oak Altar240Chapel4 Oak PlanksYes
45Steel Torches80Chapel2 Steel BarsYes
45Maple Tree122GardenBagged Maple TreeYes
45Oak Shelves 2240Kitchen3 Oak Planks, 6 Soft ClayYes
45Carved Teak Table600Dining Room6 Teak Planks, 4 ClothYes
45Large Teak Bed480Bedroom5 Teak Planks, 2 ClothYes
44Wooden Telescope121Study2 Oak Planks, Molten GlassYes
44Carved Teak Bench360Dining Room4 Teak PlanksYes
44Tool Store 4120WorkshopTool Store 3, 2 Oak PlanksYes
44Teak Prize Chest660Games Room4 Teak Planks, Gold LeafYes
44Weapons Rack180Combat Room2 Teak PlanksYes
44Lumbridge314Quest Hall3 Teak Planks, Lumbridge PaintingYes
44The Desert314Quest Hall3 Teak Planks, Desert PaintingYes
44Morytania314Quest Hall3 Teak Planks, Morytania PaintingYes
44Oak Costume Box120Costume Room2 Oak PlanksYes
43Alchemical Chart30Study2 ClothYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
43Teak Larder750Kitchen8 Teak Planks, 2 ClothYes
42Fancy Range160Kitchen8 Steel BarsYes
42Crafting Table 4120WorkshopCrafting Table 3, 2 Oak PlanksYes
42Silverlight187Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, SilverlightYes
42Excalibur194Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, ExcaliburYes
42Darklight202Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, DarklightYes
42Oak Wardrobe240Costume Room4 Oak PlanksYes
42Crystal Ball280Study3 Teak Planks, Unpowered OrbYes
41Shield Easel240Workshop4 Oak PlankYes
41Rune Case 1190Skill Hall2 Teak Plank, 2 Molten Glass, Air, Earth, Fire, Water RuneYes
41Rune Case 2212Skill Hall2 Teak Planks, 2 Molten Glass, Body, Cosmic, Chaos, Nature RuneYes
41Fencing Ring570Combat Room8 Oak Planks, 6 ClothYes
41Globe180Study3 Oak PlanksYes
40Opulent Curtains315Parlour, Dining Room, Bedroom3 Teak Planks, 3 ClothYes
40Mahogany Bookcase420Parlour, Quest Hall, Study3 Mahogany PlanksYes
40Teak Bed300Bedroom3 Teak Planks, 2 ClothYes
40Mahogany Plank140-Mahogany PlankYes
40Oak Lectern60StudyOak PlankYes
39Oak Wardrobe180Bedroom3 Oak PlanksYes
39Clay Attack Stone100Games Room10 Soft ClayYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
39Jester360Games Room4 Teak PlanksYes
38Teak Table360Dining Room4 Teak PlanksYes
38Teak Dining Bench360Dining Room4 Teak PlanksYes
38Crawling Hand211Skill Hall2 Teak Plank, Stuff HandYes
38Cockatrice Head224Skill Hall2 Teak Plank, Stuffed CockatriceYes
38Basilisk Head243Skill Hall2 Teak Plank, Stuffed BasiliskYes
38Small Map211Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, Small MapYes
37Bell-Pull120Dining RoomTeak Plank, 2 ClothYes
37Oak Dresser121Bedroom2 Oak Planks, Molten GlassYes
37Magical Balance 1176Games Room500 Air, Water, Earth and Fire RunesYes
36Dragon Bitter224Kitchen3 Oak Planks, 8 Dragon Bitters, 2 Steel BarsYes
36Teak Decoration180Dining Room, Combat Room2 Teak PlanksYes
36Mounted Bass151Skill Hall2 Oak Plank, Stuff BassYes
35Teak Armchair180Parlour2 Teak PlanksYes
35Whetstone260Workshop4 Oak Plank, Limestone BrickYes
35Tool Store 3120WorkshopTool Store 2, 2 Oak PlanksYes
35King Arthur211Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, Arthur PortraitYes
35Elena211Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, Elena PortraitYes
35Giant Dwarf211Quest Hall2 Teak Planks, Keldagrim PortraitYes
35Teak Plank90-Teak PlankYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
34Oak Shelves 1240Kitchen3 Oak Planks, 6 Soft ClayYes
34Crafting Table 32WorkshopCrafting Table 2, 2 Molten GlassYes
34Large Oak Bed330Bedroom5 Oak Planks, 2 ClothYes
34Oak Prize Chest240Games Room4 Oak PlanksYes
34Glove Rack120Combat Room2 Oak PlanksYes
34Steel Range120Kitchen6 Steel BarsYes
33Stone Fireplace40Parlour, Dining Room, Bedroom2 Limestone BricksYes
33Oak Larder480Kitchen8 Oak PlanksYes
33Cat Basket87Kitchen2 Planks, 2 Cloths, 2 WoolYes
32Oak Table180Kitchen3 Oak PlanksYes
32Oak Workbench300Workshop5 Oak PlankYes
32Boxing Ring420Combat Room6 Oak Planks, 4 ClothYes
31Carved Oak Table360Dining Room6 Oak PlanksYes
31Carved Oak Bench240Dining Room4 Oak PlanksYes
30Willow Tree100GardenBagged Willow TreeYes
30Oak Bed210Bedroom3 Oak Plank, 2 ClothYes
30Hoop and Stick120Games Room2 Oak PlanksYes
29Oak Bookcase180Parlour, Quest Hall, Study3 Oak PlanksYes
29Large Oven100Kitchen5 Steel BarsYes
29Oak Shaving Stand61BedroomOak Plank, Molten GlassYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
28CW Armour 1135Skill Hall2 Oak Planks, Red Decorative Helm, Plate, KiteYes
28CW Armour 2150Skill Hall2 Oak Planks, Silver Decorative Helm, Plate, KiteYes
28CW Armour 3165Skill Hall2 Oak Planks, Gold Decorative Helm, Plate, KiteYes
28Mithril Armour135Skill Hall2 Oak Planks, Mithril Full Helm, Plate, SkirtYes
28Adamant Armour150Skill Hall2 Oak Planks, Adamant Full Helm, Plate, SkirtYes
28Runite Armour165Skill Hall2 Oak Planks, Rune Full Helm, Plate, SkirtYes
27Pump and Tub200Kitchen10 Steel BarsYes
27Oak Drawers120Bedroom2 Oak PlanksYes
27Oak Staircase600Skill Hall, Quest Hall, Dungeon Room10 Oak Planks, 4 Steel BarsYes
26Oak Armchair180Parlour3 Oak PlanksYes
26Greenman's Ale184Kitchen3 Oak Planks, 8 Greenman's AleYes
26Rope Bell-Pull64Dining RoomOak Plank, RopeYes
25Tool Store 2120WorkshopTool Store 1, 2 Oak PlankYes
25Crafting Table 21WorkshopCrafting Table 1, Molten GlassYes
25Oak Clock142Bedroom2 Oak Plank, ClockworkYes
24Small Oven80Kitchen4 Steel BarsYes
23Wooden Shelves 3147Kitchen3 Planks, 3 Nails, 6 Soft ClayYes
22Oak Table240Dining Room4 Oak PlanksYes
22Oak Bench240Dining Room4 Oak PlanksYes
21Shaving Stand30BedroomPlank, Nail, Molten GlassYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
20Wooden Bed117Bedroom3 Plank, 2 Cloth, 3 NailsYes
20Shoe Box58Bedroom2 Planks, 2 NailsYes
19Oak Chair120Parlour2 Oak PlanksYes
19Cat Basket71KitchenCloth, 2 PlanksYes
18Curtains225Parlour, Dining Room, Bedroom3 Oak Planks, 3 ClothYes
18Asgarnian Ale184Kitchen3 Oak Planks, 8 Asgarnian AleYes
17Firepit with Pot80Kitchen3 Steel Bars, 2 Soft ClayYes
17Wooden Workbench143Workshop5 Plank, 5 NailsYes
16Oak Decoration120Dining Room, Combat Room2 Oak PlanksYes
16Pluming Stand120Workshop2 Oak PlankYes
16Crafting Table 1240Workshop4 Oak PlanksYes
15Imp Statue150Garden5 Limestone Bricks, 5 Soft ClayYes
15Oak Tree70GardenBagged Oak TreeYes
15Repair Bench120Workshop2 Oak PlanksYes
15Tool Store 1120Workshop2 Oak PlanksYes
15Oak Plank60-Oak plankYes
14Rocking Chair87Parlour3 Planks, 3 NailsYes
13Rug60Parlour, Bedroom, Dungeon Room, Skill Hall, Quest Hall, Chapel4 ClothYes
12Fern70GardenBagged Fern, Watering CanYes
12Reeds100GardenBagged Reeds, Watering CanYes
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LevelNameExperienceNumberRoomMaterials NeededMembers
12Tall Plant100GardenBagged Tall Plant, Watering CanYes
12Huge Plant100GardenBagged Huge Plant, Watering CanYes
12Wood Table87Kitchen3 Planks, 3 NailsYes
12Wooden Shelves 2147Kitchen3 Planks, 3 Nails, 6 Soft ClayYes
12Cider Barrel91Kitchen3 Planks, 3 NailsYes
11Firepit with Hook60Kitchen2 Steel Bars, 2 Soft ClayYes
10Pond100Garden10 Soft ClayYes
10Nice Tree44GardenBagged Nice Tree, Watering CanYes
10Wood Dining Table115Dining Room4 Planks, 4 NailsYes
10Wooden Bench115Dining Room4 Plank, 4 NailsYes
9Wooden Larder228Kitchen8 Planks, 8 NailsYes
8Wooden Chair87Parlour3 Planks, 3 NailsYes
7Pump and Drain100Kitchen5 Steel BarsYes
7Beer Barrel87Kitchen3 Planks, 3 NailsYes
7Steel Bar20-Steel BarYes
6Small Fern44GardenBagged Small Fern, Watering CanYes
6Thistle70GardenBagged Thistle, Watering CanYes
6Bush70GardenBagged Bush, Watering CanYes
6Large Leaf Bush70GardenBagged Large Leaf Bush, Watering CanYes
6Wooden Shelves 187Kitchen3 Plank, 3 NailsYes
5Decorative Rock100Garden5 Limestone BrickYes
5Tree31GardenBagged Tree, Watering CanYes
5Firepit40KitchenSteel Bar, 2 Soft ClayYes
5Cat Blanket15KitchenClothYes
5Iron Bar10-Iron BarYes
5Limestone Brick20-Limestone BrickYes
4Wooden Bookcase115Parlour, Quest Hall, Study4 Planks, 4 NailsYes
3Clay Fireplace30Parlour, Dining Room, Bedroom3 Soft ClayYes
3Soft Clay10-Soft ClayYes
2Brown Rug30Parlour, Bedroom, Chapel2 ClothYes
2Torn Curtains132Parlour, Dining Room, Bedroom3 Planks, 3 Cloth, 3 NailsYes
1Crude Wooden Chair58Parlour2 Planks, 2 NailsYes
1Exit Portal100Garden10 Iron BarsYes
1Plant31GardenBagged Plant, Watering CanYes
1Dock Leaf31GardenBagged Dock Leaf, Watering CanYes
1Fern31GardenBagged Fern, Watering CanYes
1Short Plant31GardenBagged Short Plant, Watering CanYes
1Plank & Nail29-1 Plank, 1 NailYes