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 Post subject: RSBANDBUpdate! 611 - The Courage is Lit
PostPosted: March 24th, 2017, 2:59 pm 
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New RuneSpan rewards: Is unstable essence over-powered? A discussion on courage versus laziness when it comes to game design and balancing. And further discussion on the Master Quest Cape!

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Hosts: Shane and Cireon
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 Post subject: Re: RSBANDBUpdate! 611 - The Courage is Lit
PostPosted: April 1st, 2017, 12:43 am 
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I am exicted to see what people get at the end of the year for 2nds / 3rds and so on.

I have said this to a few people, my goal this year is to gain the MOST XP in the skill of the month comps this year. I do hope you guys take hope in the fact I have 3 200ms and can get locked out, which is part of why I have had to power through this year so far, to make sure there is enough of an xp wall to prevent any disappointments -cough 2 dung + 1 cons comp in the same year lol- toward my goal.

I know, and hope you can see too, that I am very close to completing several 200ms at the beastly xp gains [fish + thv] displayed and Also wanted to win this because I know with every 200m I get closer and closer to the day I cannot compete in the same way.

The competitions keep me motivated and help me make some cool friends, so please challenge and do really well because nothing is funner than a competition, such as the fishing one we had, where we enjoyed a really close race :)

Also, I have never held the title for longer than 3 months in a row before so... I am looking forward to a new streak ;) Cmon, try and steal my pink title ;)

I can't wait to check out the new runespan rewards either. My least favorite skill is RC at this time in my life. I have always hoped for new/better rewards in the shop since finishing rank 1 esteem and getting the rue pet. :)

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