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Looking for game recommendations of this type!
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Author:  kitoskeris4 [ September 17th, 2020, 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Looking for game recommendations of this type!

Hey all. I have traversed the internets and have been looking for a specific type of game or games. I have a hard time describing it because it fits a couple of genres.

What I am looking for is something that is somewhat similar to State of Decay (1 & 2) A community survival game where you build a base/kingdom, whether it's a predetermined base or one you have to build your own. I have played ARK, Phantom Pain, Survivalist, Azure Dreams, the Dark Clouds, Kingmaker, etc. Games like that. They can be RPGs or just straight survival or a mix of both.

Dead in Vinland is another kind of example. Even Darkest Dungeon with the hamlet upgrades. I just want a game that will scratch that itch. Something that allows you to head back to your homebase after scavenging and stuff.

I am trying to avoid PVP games. I want something preferably single player. Something I can just plug in for a few hours solo. It doesn't have to be zombies or anything. It can be post apocalyptic. Just something that let's me build and upgrade a base and look after my people I rescue or recruit. Can be an RPG, etc. I just want the base and community to be on the forefront rather than "Oh. you have a castle now." and it's just in the background the rest of the game with no benefit/interaction.

Preferably on the PC ! Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated! Cheers!

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