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 Post subject: Kal'gerion Demons: Quickish Guide
PostPosted: June 10th, 2014, 12:19 pm 
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Note: This guide refers to the demons found in the Kal'gerion Demon Resource Dungeon, not inside Daemonheim

Basic Information
Combat Level: 180
Lifepoints: 33,750
Combat XP: 2,376 (total)
Attacks With: Melee
Weaknesses: None

To enter the Resource Dungeon, one must have at least 90 Dungeoneering. In order to have this assigned as a slayer task, one must also have 90+ Slayer, but this is not required to slay the creature off-task.

The Levels
90+ Magic
90+ Defense
87/96 Summoning
96 Herblore
95 Prayer (and Temple at Senntisten quest)

The Gear
Head: Superior Seasinger's Hood
Body: Superior Seasinger's Robe Top
Legs: Superior Seasinger's Robe Bottom
Gloves: Static Gloves
Boots: Ragefire Boots
Weapon: Chaotic Staff
Ring: Sixth Age Circuit/Seer's Ring/RoW
Aura: Penance/Vampyrism/Reverance
Pocket: Sign of Life (just in case ;) )

Now, some may disagree, but I feel as though mage is the optimal style to use against these guys. Wonder why? Here's why: Melee defense and mobility. First of all, some may take the route of drygoring these poor things to death. Brute force ftw, right? No. Although melee armour is technically neutral in weakness to melee attacks, it is not strong against them, and you'll find yourself tanking quite a few of their accurate 1k+ hits, even with Tetsu. Now for ranged, you're just right off. Ranged armour, even Superior Death Lotus, is very weak to melee attacks. Doing this is just gonna cost you food, and overall decrease the length and efficiency of your trips. Additionally, using mage obviously allows you to attack from afar, helping you tactically avoid their Special Attacks, which I will soon cover.

In any case, this gear setup can be altered to fit your current status in-game. Maybe you're loaded and can afford Seismics... Will these be better? Hell to the yes. Higher accuracy against these mothers is the name of the game as their defense is crazy high. However, Chaotic Staff does just fine, as would Abyssal Wand/Orb and Virtus Wand/Orb. With regards to the gloves and boots, I'd honestly just use Ganodermic for each of those. MUCH cheaper and only marginal difference in stats, but do whatever you want. :)

The Familiar(s):

Ice/Smoke Nihil (87 Summ)
  • 5% boosted accuracy (yes, this makes a big difference)
  • Hidden Debuff to Defense and Accuracy of the Demon
  • Lead to a crowding of the inventory and, if you're bad at avoiding the Special Attacks, you may find yourself running low on food
  • Require Magic notepaper to pick up Rune drops to optimize profit/hour
  • Can potentially be killed if allowed to tank the Demon

Pack Yak (96 Summ)
  • Carries tons of food, pots, and other things to extend your trip
  • Winter Storage Scrolls will take things like Rune items to the bank and help you free up invent space for food and other things
  • "Not a fighter so you know he don't a-ttack"... Sorry, I'll avoid quoting any more Yak City :D
  • No increased DPS
  • Lasts only 1 hour, Nihil lasts 1 1/2

This is all down to a personal choice. I, personally, like to stick with the Nihil familiars as they have significantly increased my kill speed, but yaks do help for much longer camping trips. Try it out, and see what's best for you!
**Ye be warned, Nihil pouches currently sell for over 100k each on the GE... I advise going to Freneskae and killing a few to make your own**

The Inventory
Ring of Kinship (for both a quick bank and the closest tele to the Resource Dungeon except for the....)
Hoardstalker Ring (a rare reward from Sinkholes, but it gives 8 teleports to the dungeon of your choice and may be recharged for a mere 10k tokens. Very worth avoiding the 2 minute run, in my opinion)
Overload Flasks: 1-2 (these are vital; having boosted mage AND defense in one pot is a MUST)
Prayer Renewal Flasks: 1-2 (you're going to be using a LOT of prayer, so these are very nice to slow the drain)
Super Prayer Flasks/Regular Prayer Flasks: 6 (yup, it's a lot, but you'll need prayer to kill them efficiently)
Runes: Fires/Airs
Magic Notepaper with Nihil or Winter Storage Scrolls with Pack Yak
Food: Sharks/Rocktails

The Curses
Set Quick Curses to both Soul Split and Torment. You'll be dealing enough damage to justify the SS, and Torment greatly helps with accuracy and damage output.

The Specials
This is the one part of the fight you'll need to really watch for if you want to speed up kills and lengthen trips. Once per fight, the Demon will stop using its normal attack animation and will begin to raise one of its hands as Yk'Lagor does with his "Come Closer" Special. The Demon will then pull you in, moving you from where you where, damaging and stunning you, and healing itself for over 5k lifepoints. Not good.

Also, the Demon may raise its hand and jump up as Yk-Lagor does with his "TRUE POWER!" special. If not averted, this special deals an unblockable damage of about 1k.

The two specials detailed above only occur ONCE per fight, but if you fail to avoid it, you are likely to be comboed with the flame portal special. This only happens if a special has already hit you. In this case, a tiny flame portal will open above your head and drop little red balls on you, dealing 400-500 damage each, for a few seconds. Move a few squares away to get away from these. If you're really pro, you might even be lucky enough to polish one off before it does one of its moves. However, this is pretty rare, and thus you should try to avoid the specials.

The Great Escape
You may be thinking, "these specials sound like they hurt, maybe I should avoid them... But how?" Well, I'm here to tell ya, the answer is: Rocks. Yup.

Just like the pillars in the boss room for Yk-Lagor, the rocks placed around the room are places to hide to that you can avoid the "Come Closer" and "TRUE POWER!" specials. Whenever you see the animation for a special attack, quickly run to the other side of a rock and wait for the animation to end. Then you may come back out, unscathed, and begin to taunt the demon with your painful fire spells.

The Strategy
Here we go. Let's start a fight. Take a sip of overload, a sip or prayer renewal, make sure your familiar is all good, make sure you have your spell on auto-cast (and haven't forgotten your runes... :P ), activate your aura, and position yourself next to a rock.

Now, take your pick of any demon in range, and ATTACK! Begin the fight with basics using Revolution. You want to build up your adrenaline to ultimate, and then immediately use Sunshine (if you haven't done TWW, then Metamorphosis). However, the demon will quite often use its special in the opening stages of the fight, so be watching and ready to move behind the rock of safety. Once you've Sunshined, stay inside and use basics until you're at threshold level, and use both Asphyxiate and Wild Magic for MEGA DAMAGE. Once the monster is down, either flick off prayers and pray for the loot, or move straight on to the next demon in the vicinity.

Often you'll find you can't Sunshine right away, so just keep using thresholds until it's off cooldown. Don't worry, you'll start to get a rhythm. And if you're lucky, you might run across a Kal'gerion Battle Commendation, yielding a shiny loot beam and a fancy new title upon reading if you've defeated the corresponding boss in Daemonheim since the update 27/05/2014.
**Note: It doesn't matter what color variant of demon you kill, the scrolls and other drops are universal for all 5. Additionally, you may still receive the Commendation drop if you have not defeated the boss, but you may only store one at a time before reading**

Good luck, and kick some Infernal hindquarters :)




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 Post subject: Re: Kal'gerion Demons: Quickish Guide
PostPosted: June 11th, 2014, 8:08 am 
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Mm, good guide. Explains why I keep getting my butt kicked here. Better check my strategy (and my skills) I guess. Thanks!



 Post subject: Re: Kal'gerion Demons: Quickish Guide
PostPosted: June 11th, 2014, 3:20 pm 
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Nice guide. Can certainly testify that range is poor against these and does, as you say, use up loads of food. As I tried that initially. Mage is much better.




 Post subject: Re: Kal'gerion Demons: Quickish Guide
PostPosted: June 13th, 2014, 10:24 am 
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yea mage is the only way to go. seen people hitting constant 3k's with top gear with mage vs 500 - 1k's dmg on them with ranged or melee.

Should note you can unlock the titles with the scrolls even if you haven't killed the demon boss just cannot activate the title without having killed the specific boss. And they only unlock in the set order that you would find the demon bosses in daemonheim.

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