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 Post subject: within the light
PostPosted: January 22nd, 2010, 1:23 pm 
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Description: The Plague City series of quest continues with Within the Light. You will find yourself adventuring back to the Temple of Light where a strange new force is present. Can you figure out where this strange power is emanating from?

Difficulty: Master

Length: Medium

Quest Requirements:
Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light)

Skill/Other Requirements:
69 Agility
70 Fletching
75 Woodcutting
75 Ranged

Items Needed: steel key ring/ new key & tarnished key ( can be found again if you lost them) Crystal trinket and 2 complete Mourner's outfits (Boots, Cloak, Gloves, Top, and Trousers.)

Items Recommended for Quest: Good food, Weapon, Armor, Restore/Super restore potion, Ardougne and Lletya teleport methods.

Start Point: Eastern side of Lletya, just north of the bank.

To Start: Speak to Arianwyn.

if you kept your mourner set from the the quest, go to the bottom floor of ardougne and # kill a level 108 Mourner for another set. (part of quest)

If you do not already have a Mourner set then you will need to go Arandar to fight the level 11 Mourner which will lower all the combat stats to 20. The gear will be intact. recommend using super restore.

1. speak to arianwyn and he lets you know the death altar is in trouble again and you need to go there to help him out. grab a crystal trinket from him if you lost it. you'll need it later during the quest.

2. teleport to ardougne and put on your mourner outfit and head down the trap door to the north of the gate.

3. if you haven't already, kill one of the guards and grab their uniform and then head to the head mourner's office for a new key and a tarnished key. you may already have these from mourner's ends part II.

4. open the door and talk to the gnome about creating a distraction.

after that head into the dungeon and head south west after the dark beast. when you're close to the temple take off your gas mask and enchant the blank teleport crystal. when you're done teleport back to lletya.

5. before you go stock up on food and prayer potions. when you're ready talk to him again and get teleported to the temple.

6. okay now enter the temple and go up the stairs. once you get up run all the way south and climb up the ladder. then head due north and down a flight of stairs and then west into a light door.

7. you may need to rotate the red light pillar to allow access to the altar. once you get him inside the ruins, he wants you to investigate the pillar outside. use a crystal trinket on it.

it will cause a release of energy. talk to arianwyn again and he wants you to go inside the death altar. talk to him again if you do not have a death talisman on you.

8. talk to thorgel and you'll be charged up.

9. you must do this before your charge runs out. head out of the altar and go back to the light door. rotate the altar so that the red light lets you out and then go up the north stairs. when you get up there, run east toward the huge crystal investigate it and then back to the pillar where you used the crystal trinket on.

10. search the dead slave body for notes, color wheel, knife and hatchet.

11. find the pillar with the blue light hitting it and chop it and fix the pillar.

you can now rotate that light to change its direction. aim for the yellow receiver on the west wall. it is different for everybody so this is about trail and error. when you get them to meet more of the lights on the east wall will appear, when you have gotten them all a ladder will appear. climb up for the next area.

12. the next has a lot of jumping. there is only one path here just watch out for the spikes that come out. make your way to the end with the ballista and shoot the target.
13. once you've hit it, head back to the previous room and there will be a door opened for you.

14. search the elf messenger head back through the portal and talk to thorgel.

15. find a way back to lletya and talk to arianwyn.

16. all done Image


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 Post subject: Re: within the light
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Oh Anson don't forget we need PNG images - I just noticed you were saving as JPGs. Do PNGs for future guides if you can.


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