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 Post subject: Skilling Boss Idea: The Ailing Sea Monster
PostPosted: March 11th, 2021, 6:17 pm 
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To participate, the player will need level 80 in at least one of the following skills; fishing, herblore or hunter (perhaps cooking and/or crafting?). The player will also need access to the Fishing Guild. Once a team of between 2-5 players has been put together, the team speaks to Fisherman Jones, who tells them of a great sea monster swimming in circles in the ocean in obvious pain, moaning in its agony. He will ask the player if they would be able to help the creature. (This speech will only be required the first time and either a portal or a right-click quick load option could be added).
Upon accepting, the team will board his boat and be taken to Ailing Sea Monster (name TBA). The creature is floating on the surface and the players leap from the boat into its open mouth. Once inside, the players will need to first gather the glowing algae growing on the monsters teeth. This will need to be crushed and made into a basic salve. Once the players have enough salve, they move on deeper into the monsters throat.
It is in this next stage the player comes across molluscs clinging to the skin inside the monsters throat. Using their hunter skill, they need to carefully remove the molluscs without damaging the throat of the sea monster. Molluscs will need to be removed from their shells to create a stackable Mollusc Bait in the player’s inventory. The shells will also need to be retained for future use. Again, once the players have exhausted the supply of molluscs and gathered enough bait, they can move on.
Moving deeper into the monsters gullet, they come across a body of water. Attempting to cross this will result in the player being attacked by Piranhasites, a small but vicious fish that has infected the belly of the creature. Using the oiled fishing rod and the mollusc bait, the player must attempt to catch these and kill them quickly. Failure to kill the Piranhasites will mean the fish attacks the player, dealing between 300-600 damage per tick. Getting bitten will also result in the player taking poison damage, which deals between 500-1000 damage every 6 game ticks. To kill the fish, players must click on it within 1 game tick when it is caught and landed to stab it. Failing to do so will allow the fish to leap at you and begin its attack. To stop it attacking, the player must spam click the ground, causing themselves to fling the fish to the ground, whereupon the can stab it within the game tick; otherwise it escapes back into the pool. If it manages to escape, it becomes an enraged Piranhasite and the next time it is caught, all its damage is doubled.
Once the pool is emptied, the player moves into the final phase of this fight. Again, herblore is needed here to crush the Piranhasites and extract its poison into the empty shells of the molluscs, which is used in the next phase of the fight.
The final phase of this fight pits the player against the 5-headed Hydra Spitting Sea Worm. This toxic creature crawls out of the intestine of the sea monster as the player passes the Piranhasite pool. The players need to take this creature down using a fishing harpoon that is coated with the Piranhasite poison they have extracted. If a player in the group has only the herblore requirement to enter this fight, they can trade the poison salve to the fishermen.
The player needs to move in close to the worm and stab with the poisoned harpoon. They must also be careful to keep their eye on the poison buff on their harpoon, as it wears off rather quickly. To re-poison the harpoon, the player just needs to click on the next shell full of poison.
The worm has several attacks that the player must avoid, or risk taking significant damage. Its standard attack is thrusting forward and biting the player. This can cause between 200-1000 damage, but isn’t overly accurate, probably hitting 60% of the time.
The first special attack is a toxic bile the worm spits at the player. This seeps through the armour, and its initial hit can do between 2000-6000 damage, but is lessened with the higher tier of fishing armours. This acts like poison, with diminishing damage done over the next 10 seconds, halving the damage each time. For example, if the first hit did 6000 damage, the second splash 5 ticks later will do 3000, the third hit another 4 ticks later will do 1500 and the final hit another 4 ticks later will do 750 damage. So, risk of death is high, although, it can be avoided, if the player watches closely, as the head spitting will rear back and expand as it is about to spit the bile.
The second special attack is in the form of a body slam. All 5 of the creatures’ heads will rear up, before slamming to the ground, stunning the players for 3 seconds and hitting between 1000-4000 damage. This can be negated using defensive abilities.
The final special attack is thrash. Occasionally, the worm will begin thrashing about, its heads wildly sweeping from side to side. Any players caught within this will be knocked to the ground and stunned. There is no way to stop this stun, so the player needs to be careful and move out of range of the thrashing heads to avoid the attack.
Once the Hydra Spitting Worm is dead, the players will need to slice it up into manageable chunks and remove its corpse from the sea serpents belly. Once it has been gathered up, the player needs to smear the algae salve on the creatures’ stomach walls to soothe its pain. Once this is completed, makes their way back to the mouth of the creature, where Fisherman Jones is waiting. The sea creature has stopped its painful moaning and is now humming contentedly. In the boat is a treasure chest full of rewards from the sea creature for your success in helping it.

• Royal fish scale (possibly between 5-20). Uncommon drop
• Golden trident. Acts as a level 80 harpoon for fighting the spitting sea worm. This tool can also be used for fishing and increases the chance for catching great white sharks and a 25% stackable chance to catch 2 sharks at once when fishing. Super rare drop
• Tradeable toxic bile protector vial. This will halve the damage inflicted by the Hydra Sea Worms attack and fully block the fourth wave of damage, reducing the infliction from 10 seconds to 7.5 seconds. Common drop
• A range of other rewards, perhaps things like uncut onyx and other gems, crystal and muddy keys, battle staves, fishing brawlers, coins and salvage
• Access to HSR, if wearing the LOTD, or a chance at receiving a Red Map to unlock Tavia’s Rod
• Perhaps there could even be a special shield that could be used here that will help negate extra damage
• Reasonable XP for the skills used. Obviously not best in game rates, but decent enough to encourage players to try this out and use it as an alternative for risk vs. reward play

• A new suit of armour designed for the ocean. This will make use of either black or royal dragonhide fishing suit, which will need to be coated in a combination of crushed blue jellyfish (50?) and mixed with torstol herbs (10?) to create a special oil that will protect the player while inside the Ailing Sea Monster. This black or royal fishing suit will offer level 60 or 70 defence respectively for the player. Without this suit, the player will die very quickly inside the Sea Monster.
• Royal Fishing Suit can be upgraded to a level 80 Superior version, by an uncommon (or even rare) drop from this boss, the royal fish scales. It will require level 80 crafting to attach and is degradable. Repair costs should be more scales (around 25% perhaps of original number needed to create). The Superior version is also augmentable.
• An oiled crystal fishing rod, made with green jellyfish and Fellstalk herbs is the best choice here, as it will catch items faster, however a standard oiled fishing rod will suffice, although it will be longer and slower to complete the boss.
• A crystal harpoon, level 70, required for the final phase in attacking the spitting sea worm. Also available should be an attuned crystal harpoon as a level 80 tool, which could be augmentable.

This obviously is just a first draft and will have to be tweaked and adjusted here and there, but it is possible to have a risk vs. reward SKILLING boss in the game. Yes, many of the mechanics remain similar to combat, but we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If something works, don’t fix it. Just adapt it to new uses that will benefit other sectors of the player base. The main point is that no combat is required, but attention and focus to the boss is, otherwise deaths can happen. If skillers are adverse to a death mechanic, perhaps we could have other repercussions for failure, such as the sea monster spits out the player and they can’t fight it again for a set time, or perhaps the next attempt will be harder at some point, lowering your defense, or increasing the damage taken if you re-enter within 15-20 minutes.
Skillers have been calling for their own boss for years now, and concepts like these need to be looked at and reviewed constructively to see what can be used, what needs to be discarded and ultimately what can be done about getting a skilling boss into the game sooner rather than later.
Again, this is only a first draft, and there will obviously be many tweaks and fixes required to suit the game, but skillers are looking for a more interactive game and we would like to move beyond the AFK grind if we can get enjoyable gameplay with decent rewards.

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