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[Informer] Unlocking Full Manual: Spell book Swap and...
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Author:  kabru [ December 4th, 2018, 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  [Informer] Unlocking Full Manual: Spell book Swap and...

In this article I aim to continue analyzing small things that can be added to combat rotations and gear to take kill success and speed to the next level. Perhaps the most effective way to dramatically improve your performance at high levels of PvM is to slowly add these small little changes - for example weaving in extra auto-attacks and taking advantage of the tick system which I wrote about previously. While each of these might seem insignificant by themselves, taken together they can completely change your experience.

One method, which has become more viable than ever given the recent update to rune pouches that allow players to dye them in order to use multiple pouches at once, is spell book swap. The spell book swap spell, available while on the ancient magic book allows players to switch to either the lunar book or normal book for two minutes of time or one spell use, whichever happens first. This gives players a tremendous amount of flexibility in combat in exchange for a bit of extra effort. This method also became far easier this year when the ability was updated to allow players to swap books by right clicking on the ability when on a bar and much more fluidity switch. Prior to this update a dialogue box came up that could be interrupted by combat, which made things feel clunky. This lets players use ancient magic spells - blood spells (passive heal), ice spells (freezing), and intercept for group content (functionally required in some places such as bomb tanking Hardmode Vorago) and swap spell books to normals in order to cast vulnerability (the spell that gives a massive +10% damage for one minute), or lunars for disruption shield (completely blocks the next hit taken) - a huge help in many places. In order to give yourself the full range of options to case ice/blood spells, vulnerability, disruption shield, and spell book swap players need to bring 10 runes: fire, water, earth, air (can swap steam and dust for a big increase in cost), cosmic, body, astral, soul, chaos, and blood. With only the single large rune pouch, the 7 inventory slots required was very significant, although this is so advantageous that I would always bring them anyways, but can now be taken care of with only 3 slots - 3 large pouches in the inventory. The additional 4 slots let players bring extra food, weapon switches, or combat dummies. Additionally, the rune pouch update solved the annoying issue of constantly having to swap out runes/change presets, which led to many instances of people forgetting something vital. Furthermore, players will often bring vengeance and heal other as well, which becomes much more convenient with the pouches.
Swapping spellbook via action bar

Vorago Bomb Tanking Hardmode Loadout featuring Dummies and Rune Pouches

At Vorago, especially for hard mode, the phase transition gives players ample time to drop a dummy and have the team build back to 100, massively increasing kill speed and consistency since players can begin every single phase with a Sunshine/Berserk/Deaths Swiftness or an onslaught. Additionally, it's become common practice to drop a dummy at the start of the phase so players can pre-Sunshine during the animation, which lets you begin the phase with a wild magic inside of your Sun, which is hugely beneficial. During the phase 10/11 animation, utilizing shield dome breaks the animation, letting players drop a dummy and start phase 11 with 100% (or close to it) adrenaline, which is a hard counter to the phase 11 mechanic of draining adrenaline to 0 at the start. (This is arguably bug exploitation, but has become so common to the point of being standard practice). The use of dummies has become so ubiquitous among high level PvMers that rotations are built with their use assumed.

For me, the best part about the rune pouch update hasn't really been that players can bring extra food, but that they can bring extra dummies. It might seem like extra effort, but if you begin to utilize one or both of these small additions when you PvM, I am confident you'll notice results very quickly.

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