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RS Name: Pyrnassius
RS Status: P2P
Start Point: Speak to Zhuka on Waiko

Requirements: Full access to the Wushanko Isles
All Arc miniquests
90 Woodcutting (suggested only)
95 Crafting (for creation of scrimshaws)
90 Agility (suggested only)

Items Required: Food and combat equipment

Enemies to Defeat: 10 x Level 110 jiangshi
3 x Level 125 jiangshi guards

Starting Out:
Speak to Zhuko on Waiko, who asks you to help find his father, Jhuko. He disappeared years ago, while travelling to Goshima to collect certain mushrooms needed to create special scrimshaws. Zhuko tells you that only his father knows the secret of creating these scrimshaws and that, if you help him and return his father, they will give you access to theses scrimshaws as a reward.

Return to Goshima:
Head east the mushroom patch near the entrance to the city. Investigate the mushroom patch to find a secret map drawn on an old piece of sailcloth. Read the map to discover a secret entrance on the north wall of the city. Search the patch again to find an edible Immorel mushroom and a Corpsebloom mushroom. Head north and search the wall to discover the carved stones. Push these stones in the correct order and a secret door will open, allowing you access to the city.

Entering the City:
Make sure you have your combat gear and food and enter the secret doorway. Once inside, the door will close behind you, locking you inside. Head south and begin searching the buildings inside. Your presence awakens the jiangshi, a type of undead, zombie-like creature, created by the Khan when Cora bound her body and spirit. Use the edible Corpsebloom mushroom to give yourself protection against infection from the jiangshi. You must now fight your way through through several jianshi, keeping your eye on the protection the Corpsebloom mushroom gives you. Its effect wears off after 30 seconds, and you will need to use it again to remain protected. Failure to remain protected results in rapid-fire hits to your health of between 2,000-4,000 points, as the jiangshi suck your soul's energy. Once you have killed 10 jiangshi, a key is dropped. Pick the key up and head to the largest building toward the east wall. Be careful not to open any other buildings, as this will result in more jiangshi being released and you will need to defeat them before continuing.

The Palace:
Use the key on the door of the Palace. Enter the main hall, where you will be confronted by 2 jiangshi guards. Be careful, as these are more powerful than the jiangshi outside and have the ability to stun you. Once defeated, walk to the golden doors at the end of the hall. Investigate to find a series of gems embedded in the doors. Push them in the correct order to unlock them. Once you have opened them, head inside and find the golden altar. Lying on top of the altar is Jhuko, his body perfectly preserved, but unbreathing. Use the Corpsebloom mushroom on Jhuko, to awaken him and then talk to him. He tells you that he was researching scrimshaws, when he came across writings telling of a book that contained secret recipes to creating powerful scrimshaws in the city of Goshima. His research led him to the palace, but he was trapped there by the jiangshi. While he had found the book, he could not escape. One of his abilities was to be able to enter a state of hibernation, where his body would sleep, but not require food or water until he was awoken by a corpsebloom mushroom. Thanking you for rescuing him, he promises you access to his scrimshaws if you can return him to his son on Waiko.

Leave the palace and head toward the northern wall and the secret doorway. Push the stones in the correct order (opposite to the combination on the outside) and exit, heading to the docks and board your ship. Once back at Waiko, talk to Zhuko, who thanks you for finding his father and freeing him. Jhuko promises to provide you with a range of scrimshaws as long as you cover the costs of them as a reward for his rescue.


Access to Jhukos Scrimshaws (Aggression, Sacrifice and Corruption)
Some xp drops

Perhaps we could also have the ability to either unlock recipes to create our own special scrimshaws, examples of which are:
Scrimshaw of Noting; a scrimshaw that works for 30-60 minutes and notes bones, if you have unlocked the bonecrusher upgrade on Waiko. This will be created using 100 Blisterberries, 2 seashells and 1 driftwood
Scrimshaw of Thieving; a scrimshaw that lowers the chance of being stunned by 25%. Created using 100 sourberries, 2 seashells and 1 driftwood
Scrimshaw of Prayer; lowers prayer point usage by 25%. Created using 100 jitterberries, 2 seashells and 1 driftwood
Scrimshaw of Summoning; a chance to save 10% summoning shards when creating pouches. Created using 100 Musaberries, 2 seashells and 1 driftwood
Scrimshaw of Farming; a chance to gather extra resources at tree, cactus, berry and mushroom allotments. Created using 100 Cocoaberries, 2 seashells and 1 driftwood

There are also 2 option to do this. One could be to unlock the recipes through the Arc ourselves and be able to create them, buying a new ancient bone fragment from the Arc store. A second alternative is to give the items required to Jhuko and have him make them for us.
This would also open up the opportunity for other scrimshaws as rewards for other quests in the future, perhaps tying in pirates and the Arc and making it ongoing content and not an area that will be dead content after completing the Completionist requirements.

We could also perhaps have 2 types of scrimshaws, similar to what we have in our Ports. One could be a superior non-tradeable version and a second standard tradeable version able to be sold on the G.E.

Would love to here players thoughts on this!

Thanks for reading

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I love the berry use in the rewards!

I think questing in the arc is the next logical step.


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shoot... aside from collecting some stuff, i barely scrached the surface on the arc stuff. Haven't done any of the mini quest.


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